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Sanford & Sons -- Service is a Higher Form of Love

June 28, 2009

Where Have the Grown-Ups Gone?

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Why can't we find a grown man who will put responsibility to country, wife and family above the allure of sex? 

Arrested development is widespread. It is caused by a secular religion which takes sex and romance to be real love and spiritual fulfillment.

Gov. Mark Sanford, 49, a Christian Conservative, didn't spend Father's Day with his four sons. He flew off to Buenos Aires to be with his mistress Maria, 43, starting a two-week trial separation from his wife of 20 years, Jenny, 47.

By "listening to his heart" Sanford betrayed both his family and his nation. Like Eliot Spitzer, he was considered a front-runner for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2012. Like Spitzer, Mark Sanford has damaged his career at a time when America is sorely in need of honest, competent leadership.

Sanford's personal emails to Maria from July 2008 were hacked by another of her suitors. They reveal that even at the pinnacle of his career, Sanford was seeking spiritual fulfillment in romance instead of service.

He complains that he has been dominated by his head for too long. "You have my heart," he says. Love "has become a real need of mine. You have a particular grace and calm that I adore. You have a level of sophistication that is so fitting with your beauty...Above all else I love that inner beauty about you."

Sanford is idealizing this woman, easy to do when you have limited contact.(She is a divorcee who recommends Alan Greenspan's last book, and is looking for a therapist.) By loving her, Sanford thinks he can possess her spiritual qualities and sophistication. He can't. He must cultivate these qualities in himself.

He seems to miss his mother's love: "She had the ultimate of all gifts -- and that was the ability to love unconditionally. The rarest of all commodities in this world is love. It is that thing that we all yearn for at some level -- to be simply loved unconditionally for nothing more than who we are -- not what we can get, give or become."

Love isn't a Freebie. It has to be earned. We're not babies any more. The only time we have a "soul mate" is when the woman self effaces completely. I'd never want to chain anyone to me.  God is our soul mate.

He talks about operating an earth excavator on his farm at sunrise:

 "There is something wonderful about listening to country music playing in the cab, air conditioner running, the hum of a huge diesel engine in the background, the tranquility that comes with being in a virtual wilderness of trees and marsh, the day breaking and vibrant pink coming alive in the morning clouds -- and getting to build something with each scoop of dirt. It is admittedly weird but one of my more favorite ways of escaping the norms, constant phone calls and formalities that go with the office -- and it probably fits with my weakness in doing rather than being."

"Being rather than doing."  Rather than pursue a chimera in Argentina, Sanford needs to read  Eckhart Tolle and meditate. We all try to suck our happiness from the world like vampires  when we only need to give our souls some nourishment and room to breathe.

mark-sanford-sons-and-wife-jenny-sanford-picture.jpgSex and romance belong to the courtship and procreation stage.

Once we have a reasonably successful marriage and family, commitment is more important. From commitment comes trust and from trust comes love. If we can't commit, we should end the marriage before straying.

Sanford's wife Jenny is an attractive, educated woman who served as his campaign manager. She is the mother of his four sons. The novelty goes out of any relationship. It is replaced by devotion to the people who love you, to your progeny (your organic growth) and to making a better world for them to inhabit.

When we enter into relationships, we have responsibilities: to our wives, children, voters etc. We can't blow them off for someone else's "inner beauty."

Sanford and Spitzer are not Illuminati. This may be why they have suffered these blows.
But they showed a lack of maturity by making themselves so vulnerable.

God's Will won't be done on earth unless men and women do it. The world is in the grip of a Satanic cult, the Illuminati. They are creating a world police state.  We desperately need leaders who are willing to sacrifice themselves to God, and put their family and country first. In service, they will find a higher and more fulfilling love.

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Comments for "Sanford & Sons -- Service is a Higher Form of Love"

Rex said (June 30, 2009):

Actually, Sanford was caught in an surreptitious meeting with a wealthy, high level political opponent of the current New World Order. The powers that placed him in office quickly and convincingly informed him the price of this political treason. He chose to preserve his life and the welfare of his family in delivering the political suicide revelation involving marital infidelity, a preferable story with which to end his Presidential ambitions for him and his hostile string pullers.

Robert said (June 29, 2009):

There are men out there that are trust worthy and beyond reproach. Good luck trying to get them elected to any national office. Any staunch bible-believing politician is going to be watched 24-7 till he screws up.Where these people are STUPID is that they fail to realize this. Here is one everybody missed. Mel Gibson. You don't get as hammered as he did and get busted your first time.He was in Malibu,Ca. They cut celebrities a lot of slack there. He gets busted by a jewish sherrif. You think they weren't keeping tabs on ol Mel?

Nathan said (June 29, 2009):

I have to agree that service is indeed the highest form of love. That being said, I also think that the institution of Marriage (not monogamy, which I think is an honorable and natural human state) - the Institution of Marriage is a model that is not uniform. It does not work for everyone.

The fact that divorce rates are around 50 percent is not simply the result of Illuminati planning. It is the inevitable, human result of relationships that were most likely undertaken A) Too young, and B) For the wrong reasons - one of which is the idiotic, youthful desire to possess a sex partner - the same desire that causes men and women to cheat.

I am of the mind that as our population expands, so do nature's systemic methods of control. I do not know a single man in my age group (30) with a child. It's alarming. And yes, we are a society of castrated, child-men - but could this not be viewed as simply a symptom of a sick species as well?

The propaganda, the insanity, the war, the pornography - our system is very sick. I think it is clear that Nature has decided it is time for, if not a cull, then at least a massive slowdown of births - which we are witnessing.

I see many reasons contributing to this, and the societies you work to expose are certainly part of the equation - I just think they occupy a smaller role than you ascribe them.



Eric said (June 29, 2009):

Geez,Why is the Sex Scandal making big news???


Gov.Sanford rejected Obama's Stimulus Package of 700 million or Billion.
Cause he knew that if he accepted.
That would be the fall of the dollar and accepting the new Amero.
With that,he took a stand,which the Crimmal Jewish interests don't like.
Which i applaude him for.
That's why like Elliot Spizler was blackmailed to step down.

Why are you writing about the Sexual scandel?
Why not write about the stand he took?

Your writing like you work for the Criminal Jewish Mafia as it's agent.



You can make a valid point without accusing me of a being a traitor for not having made it the same way.

I'm not as sure as you this was contrived by the forces of darkness.


Peter-Andrew said (June 29, 2009):

Perhaps it's because men like me (who was with one woman for 23 years and raised 4 kids as one of the best fathers and husbands around) are abused by our society, especially by women in the west. Our children are stolen from us, our assets are stripped from us, we are demonised and villified endlessly. No matter we have been great husbands.

After my little drama of a divorce I reinvented myself as a man who would never again pay for a woman or a child. I will enjoy myself after 20+ years of service to my God, country, family and friends. And, if course, women still demonize and vilify me because, apparently, I should be doing what I did for the last 20 years again..LOL!! Give me a break. Western women are a disgrace and western men are not far behind. Women are so stupid as to allow themselves to be brainwashed?

I'll leave them to their fate. That would be either killed by the NWO or living alone with their cats. Instead, I will date women who were raised behind the iron curtain.

Dan said (June 29, 2009):

Sanford's party and the people of his state want him to resign, which to the old way of thinking is what a man who's had a lapse of character should do, if he's got enough character left to understand sparing dragging them along through his disgrace. But Sanford's back assward thinking is that no resigning is about proving he can finish what he started, as if this is a case of 'get back on that horse' after a fall. He seems to look at being Governor as a personal 'growth experience' and his party and the people - and his family - are supposed to be supportive spectators as junior wipes the tear from his eye and gets back on that horse.

Sanford's extra-marital affair exposure is just standard procedure for bouncing unauthorized Presidential aspirants. No loss to the public - Sanford's jello anyway. He's an easily brushed aside lightweight. Anyone that ever actually has the character to challenge the the direction they've been taking us for well over a century taking us gets their brains blown out. The more character they have the public and brutal the execution just to make sure we know that. Sanford will finish his term and go home to play with his big air conditioned tractor on his tuxedo farm to brood how unfair it is that nobody gives him 'unconditional love' like his mommy did.
If he wants unconditional love - get a dog.

Lynda said (June 29, 2009):

There is a Welsh proverb that tells the young married couple: 'you don't fall in love until your first grandchild."

I like that. If you have been loyal to God, to those who belong to you to serve and help; if you have done your best for the daily duties - then you live happily ever after.

Today, the daily duties are rather stern - to save the nation from those who would turn it into a Leviathan state hell bent upon murder and mayhem. Even so - those who would save the nation still need to address the question of love and romance.

That romance is the crown of a marriage is a traditional idea. I think those who must come to the aid of what remains of our social orders should take heart. In terms of marriage and fidelity - the best of the wine is saved for the last. And as at the marriage at Cana, this was a complaint and not a cause for rejoicing. But it should be a reason for happiness.

Write On, Henry, I think you are one of the best essayists we have. You may not believe in heaven, but I do. And in the heaven I believe in, you and Henry David Thoreau get to have a great laugh together at all the old battles and a round of beers at the Lion and Lamb.

Brandon said (June 29, 2009):

I have to admit, I was highly disappointed in Mr. Sanford when I heard of his affair. I liked him and thought he was a man of integrity with a possible shot at the presidency in 2012. Oh well, I suppose I should never get my hopes up. There where a few warning signs about Sanford, though, such as his attendence of the Bilderberg Group and a picture of him flashing the "El Diablo" hand sign in a picture in the New American magazine recently.

Phil said (June 29, 2009):

The Cutting Edge have reported that Mark Sanford was at the June 2008 Bilderberg meeting.

See VIII of their newsletter -

Ken said (June 29, 2009):

Great article, I am certain that these are honey traps, deliberate ops to carry out many of the Illuminati goals:

1. To set a bad example, if the high ups do it than so can I which adds to the general decline of morality.
2. To destroy those not of their group, opening up vacancies for their increasing grip on power.
3. To invalidate the institutions of government, marriage and family and force the people into apathy.
4. To normalize adultery and immoral behavior so their own perversions won’t seem so bad.

Alan said (June 28, 2009):

I think you are right, he is not Illuminati but he was at a Bilderberger conference last year.

How could he not know Bernanke and Paulsen were there? Strange.....

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