Thailand - Retirement Paradise For White Men

September 19, 2010

Here in Thailand, I rarely see a policeman. I have no idea what the police do all day, but they don't seem to eager to prey on the freedom of the local people.

There isn't the heavy hand of government here, so you can sense a joy of living, a positive outlook, that has disappeared in our Western countries.

by: Peter Forden, [email protected]

I've been retired in Thailand six years -- from the USA.

One of your readers, "Alan" wrote:

"[In Thailand, if] ... unpopular laws are passed the populace just
ignores them until they are no longer enforced.  In the west, we could
learn a lot from this way of life as we just allow our police to ride
roughshod over us with these ever increasing attacks on our personal

So true.

In Thailand, people generally take care of themselves -- without the
heavy hand of government in every direction. As a result, people are self-reliant, polite, and helpful to each other.

I've lived in a dozen cities, in five countries, on four continents: Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and others. When I selected my place of retirement, I looked for a government that wasn't very good at governing. A generous level of corruption is an advantage, because corruption blocks governments from doing much of anything. And whatever government does always seems to turn out badly, eventually.

So somewhat incompetent, generally ineffective government is actually an advantage. And I can see the results every day here. There isn't the heavy hand of government here, so you can sense a joy of living, a positive outlook, that has disappeared in our Western countries.

Living in Thailand, everyday is fascinating. If you've only passed through as a tourist, you may find the noise, crowding and pollution overwhelming. You might wonder why any sane, normal, white man would choose to live here.

Thailand is one of the last places in the world where common courtesy, and respect for white men still exists. In Thailand, people are mostly polite, usually friendly, often kind, and, in general, they leave you alone.

That's very different than "back home" where I had to watch every word, every motion. Someone might be offended at whatever I said or did. Why? Simply because I'm a middle-age white man who is educated and prosperous. Those simple facts offend many females, Negros, Muslims, homosexuals, and other "diversities".

In Thailand, people welcome normal men; not resent and ridicule them as so often was the case back home. In Thailand, people generally take care of themselves -- and their families -- without the heavy hand of government in every direction. As a result, people are self-reliant, polite, and helpful to each other.


For a retired man, Thailand, is, by far, the best location I can imagine. Reasons are many. Here are a few. (I'll specifically focus this report on Bangkok, the capital, but there are other tempting locations

in Thailand.)

1. High quality rentals available at modest prices (but not cheap).

2. Magnificent food, also at modest prices.

3. Boundless respect and politeness from Thai people.

4. Endless variety of entertainment.

5. Everything you'd want "from home" from familiar foods to Western-size


6. Reliable and low-cost computer access: land-line or wireless.

7. Plentiful gyms and swimming pools - with reasonable membership rates.

8. Countless opportunities to meet delightful Thai women. (And,

incidentally, countless Thai women are very eager to meet retired, white


9. Far away from the sullen resentments that have become common in

Western countries in recent years.

Put the total package together, and you may never want to leave. I certainly don't.

But it's not just enough to arrive and expect all the delights served on a platter. It doesn't work that way here. As usual in Asian culture, the most attractive elements are hidden. What you see on the outside is not what is available on the inside. And that works two ways.

On the surface Bangkok is dirty, crowded, polluted, noisy, and there's no way around it: most of Bangkok is ugly. Ah, but once you find the hidden gems, then Bangkok opens its arms to welcome you, and beckons from behind the screens. That's the Bangkok I'll attempt to hint at here.

Service in restaurants, shops, trains, etc. is respectful and eager, especially to white men. As you enter a restaurant, the waiters may bow to you. In shops, the adorable, young, women working there, will smile, flirt, and be eager to assist you. In large office buildings, or at the subway stations, the security guards will click their heels together and salute as you walk past. Are you getting respectful service like that in your home country? Here you'll get it every day.

Internet service is quick and cheap in all the main cities in Thailand. The better hotels and serviced apartments have WiFi.

There are many bookstores here, with used and new books in English. If you like to read, you need never be without a good book.

In my neighborhood are travel agencies, a medical clinic, several dentists, several pharmacies, 5 locations of 7-Eleven stores, two huge super-stores (like Target, but the names are Tesco and Carrefour). Also several camera/photo shops, tailor shops, several shops selling gold, a

few barber shops, lots of massage shops, two large schools, and several dozen brothels.

Yes, you read that right: brothels, sex shops, prostitutes. Sex is a normal part of life here, like getting a hair cut. In fact, some barber shops also function as brothels (but be careful, not all).

You might wonder how you get around. After six years living in Thailand, I certainly haven't needed a car. No insurance, no oil changes, no snow tyres/tires: none of that. Just wave your hand and a taxi will stop:1-3 dollars/Euros/quid to go just about anywhere you want to go.

A smart expat will pay a bit more to live close to a skytrain or subway station in Bangkok. Quick, cheap (to us), and air-conditioned. I rarely go anywhere in Bangkok that is not close to either a skytrain or subway stop.


In Bangkok there's air pollution. In Chicago, Manchester, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Melbourne there's air pollution. I don't like it, but I'll take the whole package here, rather than endure the "cultural pollution" back there.

Medical care (including dentists) are touted as "world class", but in fact, you still have to be careful, very careful. Some doctors/dentists are good, most are just adequate, and a few are awful (and I've encountered some of those few). But you learn.

Another downside: in general, things are not clean. I like neat and clean, especially regarding the food I eat, so that has been a major adjustment. It took some getting used too, when I saw food left out in the tropical sun for hours and then served in restaurants. That's common; not an exception. Again, you learn: where to find clean, fresh, food, and what kind of medicine to take if you don't.

A further negative factor is that organization and construction here are very sloppy. Maintenance of anything seems to be a cultural taboo. The locals do any job just well enough for it to last until they get paid for the work. Most construction starts decaying as soon as the ribbon-cutting ceremony is finished.

As for cars, tools, equipment, and such, the locals run machines until the machines break - with no thought of grease, oil, tune-up, etc. That's not serious if you're riding a bicycle, but they treat buses, trains, airplanes, and elevators with the same total disregard for maintenance.

In spite of those disadvantages - and they can be serious - I'd rather take my chances with those risks here, rather than face the violent resentments and mushrooming police state back home. I don't know how many years I have left. Whatever it is, I want to live in an atmosphere of comfort and respect.

If you'd like to discuss more about retirement living in Thailand my email is [email protected] (Be sure to use "NET" in the email address.)

Comments for "Thailand - Retirement Paradise For White Men"

Dave said (September 23, 2010):

Some of us realize very well that young ladies don't throw themselves at POOR white males. No mater the location.

But you think this 55 year old hasn't had WHITE WOMEN half my age do the same? American women? French? Italian? Russian? Ukrainian? Heck, I know a few that have visited Chiangmai...*personally*, and the men and women here adored them. Treated them like visiting queens: just how they are raised. Be polite. Not loud. Show respect for the elderly and infirm. Marcia seems to have a problem with that: it is HER problem.

Put your glasses on, you are blind.

And oh yes, drag out the "child prostitution" theme...while ignoring the fact it is documented well in the US. Any talk of us "old white males" getting hugs and smiles and presents after volunteering their time to teach these poor children English. Marcia??? Baxter??? Paul??? Clueless. everyone doesn't have your dirty minds

Up here in Shangra-la, I am treated well because I do not hit on local women, I respect the fact I am a guest in their village/town/city, I do not speak loudly or act like I know everything among dummies (heeding what I say Marcia, Baxter and Paul???), I gladly eat from the local market food cooked hours before and sitting out, I am not better than my fellow village dwellers and eat what they eat (and have shed all the Western Fat I brought with me, back to what I was 38 years ago), and quite frankly, I never have to listen to idiots of the other sex tell me how to live. The tension when encountering German and American females here is quite palpable, btw. They don't control me. They don't like it when women act like...women!

The article is quite correct: corruption balances out Authority quite nicely, and I much prefer to pay a 50 baht ($1.75) bribe to the BIBs (boys in brown, out local revenue-extracting "police" units) then a huge $300 fine in California for not wearing a helmet when cruising the foothills of the Himalayas on my Multistrada.

Oddly enough, I happen to PREFER ladies from Asia, have since I met the first one in San Francisco in Jr. High School. Not exclusively, but a preference. So shoot me.

Guess that makes me a perv in some eyes...a walking ATM machine in others...and like everywhere else, "her man" in the eyes of the only one that matters, to me.

Korp Khun Korp, and grow up: please?

Chris said (September 22, 2010):

How sad that Mr Forden does not see that all Western men are viewed as dollar bills or pound signs in these countries. I find it funny that he mentions the sex aspect last, when it is the main reason men like him go there.

In a Western country and a old man is not going to get a young girl unless he has deep pockets. In Thailand I am sure they are prepared to play the game until you die and they gain all your assets, like Marcia stated.

It is so cliche for men to go to Thailand, in North America (Canada) we have the Dominican Republic and Cuba. It boils down to economics(money) and it seems to me the sex tourism is encouraged in Thailand.

Rich said (September 22, 2010):

Dear Henry, Just read your post regarding White males in Thailand. Never been there, but I live on the island of Mindano in the Philippines now. Thank god I got away from the USA and found A place where the government is not in your face. Freedom is olny a word there . Here its real. Relaxed friendly people here are never any trouble. Not to mention the fact that women here are vastly different than our corrupted stuck up species back home. I mean they are more natural and simple, friendly and inclined to be interested in white males even older ones like myself. I often meet Americans with young wives, and kids too, who live here. My wife is 39 years younger than I and very pretty. Thats not unusual here at all. Man I met yesterday has a 41 year gap, married for years. Keep getting the word out about Asia versus USA for real living....

Paul said (September 21, 2010):

Be a man and return to your own culture and civilization and sacrifice! Sacrifice your pleasure and wants and learn self-control and restraint. Be a leader in your own backyard and serve your country and people. Put these before yourself. Possibly, maybe possibly, a white women will turn her head in your direction and say, "Now that's a man I want to serve!" And if that doesn't happen, keep sacrificing and die knowing you have a clear conscience and have done the right thing and are worthy of being an example to both men and women.

You were destined to be a leader - not a wimp!

Mike said (September 20, 2010):

Why am I in Australia living under a brutal communist dictatorship? Simple, my wife thinks its to dirty anywhere else. Why wouldn't she think that way. The communist junta spends billions in marketing and advertising to keep people misinformed. She is just a victim like everyone else. I mention western places like America, Britain, Germany and the response is the same, "why would you want to live where the police just arbitrarily beat up anyone they want anytime they want?"

In her own way she gets it.
In the same way Peter tries to describe the benefits of a loose government I often try to explain to my wife and friends that within chaos lies freedom. Not many understand but Peter does. It takes being totally responsible for oneself that allows one to recognize this phenomenon.

There are magic places to live out there, but most are a secret hidden behind a veil of ignorance, ego and preciousness.

But these comments on "offended diversities" and "sullen resentments" are extraordinary as these two comments alone describe the very essence of the real problems exacerbating our societies.

Is it reasonable to think that even Los Angeles could be a paradise on earth if the offended diversities with their sullen resentments found someplace else to go? Oh my that might hurt their feelings, cant have that.

Marcia said (September 20, 2010):

I have a thirty two yr old Thai friend whose 58 yr old American husband just died . She returned home with his 401K and has been in the process of building a hotel of sorts in her farming village. She has called me and tells me that her construction is watched over by the police who check on it every hour for a fee. This is normally how they do business there .

She met her husband when he was visiting Bangkok after his divorce. The Thai father of her child having been abusive to her and a drug addict. They are very resourceful people there, having lived in poverty for most of their existance. The farming people know how to grow their own food and raise chickens and cattle for their sustenance and do not have to rely on grocery stores.

Like other countries such as Mexico, retiree men from the United States are a welcome source of income tourism .But also remember Bangkok is where much sexual perversion trafficking occurs, where farm children have been sold into brothels by parents who were assured they would be given good jobs and an education elsewhere, and where those seeking to change their sexual identity go for sex altering surgeries.Thai people have been exploited for profits and sex by international scum.

Paul said (September 20, 2010):

In addition to the comments made by Baxter, one should keep in mind that the country is heading towards fairly obvious use of the military to keep the bottom 70% down. I visited a couple of times this year in a search for a respite from the NWO, and things did not look very good to me. The anger before the bloodshed was palpable, and the military oppression now is everywhere.

The military budget has practically doubled since the 2006 coup, and Thailand now seems to have more censorship and banned websites than China, which has, of course, a much larger population. The official statistics say that civil servants have average income about 15 times that of a farmer, and that's without the corruption income. Peter thinks the tyranny in the West has gotten out of hand, while the corruption in Thailand is less tyrannical. He may be right, but that's because he has lots of cash, so he's basically in the category of those who can boss around those at the bottom.

Life was pretty good for old white guys with a bit of money in Colonial Africa or the Antediluvian South as well.

Peter said (September 20, 2010):

I read the above article with great interest.
I also read comments you posted by Baxter. He is right in his assessment of Thailand, especially about the poor and prostitution.

On my part, the exploitation of women and
children is one of the greatest crimes against
the dignity of a person. That goes for Thailand, Japan, Eastern Europe, Israel, Indian, Latin America, and Africa.

Jewish human traffickers, the Yakusa, the Tong, and Thai and Indian organized crime syndicates, and the consumer of flesh - Arabs, Japanese, White men from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, and wealthy Japanese, Chinese, and Singaporeans - are the ones who are perpetuating these awful crimes against the innocents.
It does not end with women. Small boys and girls are sold into this awful life.

If I the police wants to end this practice, these bastards are easily found. The Royal Thai Army and National Police force could easily line all of them up against the walls and shoot them. After all, we have a lot of practice shooting Communists. This is not happening. It means
that a lot of COPS and Soldiers are being paid off to look the other way.

Exploitation of the most vulnerable people are grave crimes that cry out for justice. Often times justice is not carried out in this life, but the second after life ends is when judgment
and justice begins.

Baxter said (September 20, 2010):

Sure. For us white men it's great. I've spent a lot of time down there - Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. But it seems to me that Mr. Forden is quite uninformed about how reality is for the local population, in spite of living in Thailand. I wonder if he even speaks Thai and/or has contact with the common people.

What do you think life is like for a poor farmer family in rural Thailand or Vietnam? Do you think it's paradise? No, it's not. Where do you think the prositutes in Bangkok and Pattaya come from? Do you think this is the life they really want? And that's the pretty side: the one foreigners see. The brothels that the locals visit you wouldn't even want to know about. That is, if you're more or less normal. Hundreds of thousands of girls live in slavery. Maybe millions. They have no human rights. Mama and papa simply sold them to a mamasan/papasan one day - in order to get some money for the household. Girls, and some boys too, are often being sold while very young. Yep, that's right, in a "paradise" like Thailand human beings are bought and sold like animals.

Yes, when we're wealthy white expatriates we're treated well. As long as our money last, at least. But what rights do you think the average Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer or Chinese has? Do you think he or she can file a complaint for police brutality or corruption? If he or she is poor - do you think he or she has a fair chance to improve his or her life? No, of course not. In those countries the rule is: born poor - die poor. And of course also: born rich - die rich. It's a class society where the primary, or maybe the only, concern of the ruling class is to maintain itself and care for its own. A suffering peasant or prostitute matters nothing. Has no worth. There's just so many of them, there always has been, and there always will be. So why should anyone care?

Yes, I agree - Thailand is a great place for a white man to retire. But at the same time it's a corrupt, brutal and cruel society. You just have to learn to see it from another, more objective angle. And that may be hard - with a Singha beer in your hand and a hot Thai babe massaging your feet on Paradise Beach.

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