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Illuminati Mosque: Divide & Conquer

August 28, 2010

obamaRS-247x300.jpgby ANDREW LANYARD


Barack Obama knew exactly how people would react to his Aug. 13 endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque, and created a firestorm of controversy by design.

Obama is not your usual politician. He does not function within the framework of bourgeois politics, which encourages compromise, deal-making, and finding common ground, especially when a majority of the electorate seems to be lining up against you.

Obama is a community organizer
i.e. a Communist.

Basically, they are revolutionaries.
Obama's mentor and teacher was Saul Alinsky, a Marxist radical. His book, Rules for Radicals, is the "Bible" of that movement. And the basic operating philosophy is the Marxist principle of class struggle. 

But "class" now has a wider meaning than the traditional Marxist category of economic class. In the current stage of revisionist, Gramscian Marxism, "class"  also includes cultural dimensions, such as race and gender. 

Thus, Marxism now promotes a cultural revolution, involving the "deconstruction" -- i.e., destruction -- of traditional  (and natural) gender identities, and their reconstruction along radical egalitarian lines. Within this new Gramscian/Alinskyite framework, we can aptly describe Obama as a "racial Marxist."

Thus, the community organizer does not seek to find common ground.
On the contrary, he wants to increase and intensify the conflicts, divisions and tensions within the community. To employ a Marxist phrase, he wants to "heighten its contradictions."

The revolutionary may accuse his opponents of being "divisive," but that is precisely what he seeks to do.


Obama, the president, is the same as Obama the community organizer. Only now his "community"  is the United States as a whole. (And given the international power of the presidency, it is also the world as a whole.) 

He may accuse his opponents of being divisive, but he himself seeks to polarize America and create conditions for a civil war.

Through the establishment (and some "anti-establishment") politicians that it controls -- and through the various organizations (such as the CFR) that it uses -- the Illuminati seek to create division wherever they can.

They play both sides of every issue, which is what gives the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy its incredible sense of contrivance. 

The Illuminati was ultimately behind the decision to construct the mosque in the first place, knowing this would offend many people. Advertised as a gesture to "build bridges," it was in fact designed to create conflict.

The head of the Cordoba Initiative, which decided to build the mosque, is  Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, well known for his global connections. He has been closely associated with the Aspen Institute, funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and head-quartered in Washington, D.C.

It is active worldwide in "fostering enlightened leadership" for the new global order. (Aspen's chairman, Walter Isaacson, former CEO of CNN, was recently appointed by President Obama to be head of the Broadcasting Board of Governors which oversees all of the U.S. government's international broadcasting.) So the Imam is not just a local Muslim cleric; he is well networked with those who are planning and carrying out the global agenda at the highest level.

sharia.jpg(left, "You can build a mosque at ground zero when we can build a synagogue in Mecca." Note-"synagogue" not church. Americans are supposed to identify as Jews.)

Once the decision to build the mosque was made, the Illuminati got politicians like Mayor Bloomberg to support it and politicians like Newt Gingrich to denounce it. The controlled media played it up and soon the country was angry and divided. And then they got Obama to throw more fuel on the fire. 

What gives this whole controversy its greatest sense of unreality, however, is that Ground Zero is itself an Illuminati creation using their Mossad, CIA and other assets. The controversy over the mosque is designed to cement the bogus notion that Muslims were responsible for this heinous act.   

Divide and conquer is their modus operandi. Divide men and women, parents and children, straights and gays, Muslims and Christian, nations and races.

The ground zero mosque controversy falls into this category.


Ground Zero Mosque May get Public Financing


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Comments for "Illuminati Mosque: Divide & Conquer"

Marty said (September 1, 2010):

Hi Henry - your article about Obama, the mosque at ground zero, and conquer and divide, is correct. 90% of the articles I have been reading about this issue have Zionist influence because the themes are the same, in the fact that they are based on the lie that 'Muslims did it', concerning 911. There are some who have been connecting the dots and those dots always lead back to DC and Tel-A-Viv. Obama has publicly claimed that he is a Muslim, but he is still a puppet for the money elite. Another thing that SHOULD make it obvious to people is his refusal to do his Constitutional duty to secure our border with Mexico. This has also created division in the US. (I am anti-illegal all the way) All of this created chaos is meant to stir up so much trouble that he can then, declare martial law. This has been the goal since he has been carrying on with Bush`s lead in creating unConstitutional laws that totally ignore the Constitution itself.

Bob said (August 31, 2010):

If you’ve not yet read it, there is an article at Online Journal (link to follow) that shows yet one more of the myriad of mind games the NWO Elite use to “Flock” we the sheople.

Have a glorious day, keep up the good work, and thank you for all you do.

Link to Article (Ground Zero Islamic center’s funding leads to CFR):

Fahad said (August 30, 2010):

Excellent article. Do you know that The Quran also warns the believers about such mosques:

Chapter 9 / verse 107: And there are those who take a mosque (for the purpose of causing)damage, rejection/concealment(of the Truth) and division between the Believers - and as an outpost for those who have been waging war against (the system of)God and His messenger since past times. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; while God bears witness that they are liars indeed.

9/108: You shall not stand therein ever. The mosque which has been founded from the first day on God-consciousness, is more deserving that you stand therein. In it are men who love to be pure; and God loves those who are pure.

9/109: Is he, therefore, better who lays his foundation on God-consciousness and (His) good pleasure, or he who lays his foundation on the edge of a cracking hollowed bank, so it broke down with him into the fire of hell; and God does not guide the unjust people.

9/110: The building which they have built will ever continue to be a source of doubt in their hearts, except that their hearts get cut into pieces; and God is Knowing, Wise.

Judy said (August 29, 2010):

Hi Henry: Thanks for the excellent article on the mosque at the 9ll site. The poor dear souls that I know think it is a matter of "freedom of religion." It is all very frustrating.

C said (August 29, 2010):

Thanks for a great article. While I agree with the writer, I would add that the crises of Obama's rule are a distraction from the fact that he is a fraud, usurper, and probably an illegal immigrant.

The political meetings here in the USA don't even discuss it. The Hans Christian Anderson fable of the "Emperor's New Clothes" come to mind. In the story, crooked weavers persuade an Emperor that they will weave him a suit that is invisible to those who are incompetent and unfit for their jobs.

When the Emperor parades in his long johns, the only person to cry out that there is no suit is a child.

Too bad that we have no bright children to note that Obama is ruling a country he is not eligible to govern.

This is the weirdest political situation I've ever encountered. Have never heard of anything like it.

Brother Nathaniel said (August 29, 2010):

Great analysis.Thank you dear Dr Makow for this penetrating commentary on the Obama presidency.

From my point of view, not only is Obama engaged in dividing our nation as your article points out, but he has deliberately working to destroy our economy so as to usher in a socialist/communist/centralized federal government where his enablers, George Soros & Company, will have total control.

Dan said (August 29, 2010):

Andrew Lanyard is perceptive and I'm glad someone brought this out. Locally I've been getting unsolicited feedback (buzz) from neighbors talking in reaction to the the daily news. Average people are way behind the curve on what's really going on with these non-event news sagas.

The 'Ground Zero' Mosque dialectic is highly sophisticated media consent manufacture on multiple levels. A week before the announcement of the intention to build a Mosque at the provocative location, I heard church people reacting to a statement Obama made about America having 'freedom of worship' rather than freedom of religion. They were parroting what they'd just heard Glen Beck bitch about on his radio show. Beck told listeners that “freedom of worship” equates to not practicing your religion in public and that it really means “you can speak out against [religion] but you don’t really have a right to speak out for it.”
So I heard people complaining that Obama was against freedom to use religious arguments in public.

Glen Beck was in fact providing a setup in advance of the media broadcasting MUSLIMS PLAN TO ERECT MOSQUE ON OUR AMERICAN SHRINE TO THE HEROES MURDERED BY ISLAMIC TERRORISTS ON 911!
Or something to that effect..........

Next thing I heard was an Obama sound byte several times a day for a week clearly supporting and saying "freedom of religion".

The whole thing was designed to trip up the slow on the uptake ''Tea Party" level public - who on cue and predictably have been ranting against Obama's saying that Muslims have a right to religions freedom in the United States. In doing so they've fallen for a pretty transparent media trap. I don't think they've realized even yet that howling against Obama because he acknowledged one group of US citizen's right of religion to build a place of worship where ever they want. What do they want Obama to do? Violate the First Amendment of the US Constitution?

It pains me that they can't see they're letting a team of Satanists set them up to fumble the ethical high ground by showing them up to be hypocrites. Mat 7:1 "Judge not lest ye be judged".. Those who consider themselves Christians need to turn away from toxic shills like Glen Beck and stick to reading the Gospels, and the Constitution. Over and over again till the GET IT RIGHT.

Amber said (August 28, 2010):

Great article, Henry!

I was wondering why Muslims simply did not come forward with the truth that 9/11 was not orchestrated by them -- to end all the hate and violence that was generated by this building of the mosque -- and now Andrew has connected the dots with this well-connected Muslim who is going along with the Rothschild-Rockefeller globalist agenda. It saddens me to know that they will let the 9/11 wars continue on their fellow Muslims so only wealthy, modernized Muslims remain in the world? It just all boggles the mind with what justifications have been made in their own minds to allow the slaughter, torture and the locking up of their fellow Muslims for life.

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