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The Decline of Love

April 26, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

There is a heartbreaking scene in the movie "definitely, maybe"
where Sarah (Elizabeth Banks) caresses Will's head affectionately. It epitomizes the love women were born to express, which men and children naturally crave and return.

The gesture is witnessed by their 11-year-old daughter  Maya, who like
all children longs to live with her natural parents as a family.

But it is not to be. Will (Ryan Reynolds) and Sarah are just finalizing their divorce.

The anger welled up in me. How did we let social engineers working for Illuminati banksters sabotage Love? How did men allow lesbianism disguised as "feminism"  to gull and steal their women? Why didn't we realize that  "women's rights" is a typical bankster scam. They also pretended to champion workers and  minorities in order to divide and control society.

In order to transform humanity for its own purposes, the financial elite must first destroy the  Old Order, i.e. marriage and family. The hidden agenda behind feminism is neutering the sexes by empowering women and thus emasculating men. The goal is to exchange heterosexual norms (marriage, family, fidelity) for homosexual ones (promiscuity.) Then everyone can be controlled by sex.

The strength of  "definitely maybe," which came out in February, is that it faithfully records the Illuminati's new norms.We are now to take female bisexuality and promiscuity for granted. And its OK for parents to tell their children they indulged in both.

Written and directed by Adam Brooks,who wrote "Bridget  Jones", the movie is a polished, intelligent, and enjoyable if somewhat superficial affair. A more serious look at what has happened to women is  "The Business of Strangers."


One reviewer said "definitely maybe" depicted a young man's dilemma deciding between three young women. No. It is about women's loss of the ability to love. He was ready to marry each one of them, but in their current confusion, each one shot him down.

Real women naturally seek love. Love for a woman means sacrificing for husband and children. Femininity is defined by this. Her self-lessness holds marriage and family together.

However, feminism has brainwashed women to seek power instead of love. Power = penis. It defines masculinity. Now both sexes are confused about their identity and cannot connect and stay together.

Psychologically, men naturally seek power. Women seek love. Marriage is the exchange of  woman's worldly power for man's love and protection. Thus women should empower men and men should use this power for the benefit of wife and family. Of course women also have intellectual, spiritual, emotional, moral and aesthetic power.

Will is a very handsome & eligible young man. But he has no luck with today's women. First, he proposed to Sarah in spite of a lesbian affair and another infidelity with a male  roommate.  He still can't take the hint so she just rebuffs him.

Then Will was about to propose to "Summer" (Rachel Weisz) but she torpedoed that by putting her career before his.

Finally, he declared his love to "April" (Isla Fisher) who rejected him because he was weak at the time.

Later he meets Sarah again; they marry and have Maya. But for some unexplained reason, they are now divorcing.  Perhaps it's because Sarah never learned to put a man first (love), and so William never learned to take responsibility and become a man.

Love is women's work and obsession. It's what makes them tick. If they lose this knack, they are lost and so are we all.


Women's "career" used to be wife and mother. The financial elite brainwashed them to seek career because it didn't want them to have families.

I'm not against women having careers. That's not the point. Women have been betrayed by society.  It's not too late to thwart the real enemy. It's not too late to put love first again.

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Comments for "The Decline of Love"

Jo said (April 28, 2008):

My husband was very romantic. He was all male and very strong. He never missed going to mass. He took a leadership role in our home. He and I talked out all things that were important but in the end he made the final decision. He use to go overseas for 13 months at a time, he was a Marine Corps pilot.

Before I picked him up every time, I had on lovely new clothes, the children were the same, we all were so excited when we saw him, I had a lovely dinner planned for that first night home and the kids were told that the first night home was his and mine. They lovingly knew to disappear into their rooms or outside to play.
I never bought the woman's movement. My mom did work out of the home and I had to raise her family and care for her home. I wanted all things different for me and my children.

I loved staying home and caring for my husband, children, animals and then me. It was my career and my profession. We were married for 50 years when he died last year. Our marriage was not a perfect one.

We did work at it every day and he and I grew up together. I think women today haven't got a clue on how to be happy or to keep their man happy. Pitiful I think.

Margaret2 said (April 28, 2008):

I think your article "The Decline Of Love" is right on. The only line that sticks out is that Love is women's work and obsession. I think that Love is the goal of both men and women, through their personal spiritual journeys.

All the social engineering from the Illuminati that you talk about definately is an attempt to spread hate and other evils. With Love we can heal and overcome the Illuminati's evil, so their work is to bring us into their shadows and isolate us from each other.

Don't worry that you're not getting it perfect, as you have discovered so much on your own without a Heavenly angel transcribing messages to you.

Sandy said (April 28, 2008):

Shesh, Henry, I must admit it is rather odd that all this homo sexuality has come about in the last forty years ,not that I care how people live their lives .But I see an obvious growing trend and dern I have to wonder if humanity has been affected by the plastic milk jugs ,baby bottles and soda bottles they have been sucking on the last 40 or so years.please note not unlike ( the salmon who have also taken up interest in same sex( whom scientist claim is because of plastics in their environment)I see a relationship here. And an obvious similarity too.

"Nancy" said (April 27, 2008):

I attend the law school at the University of --. I just read your touching article about the disappearance of love, and was about to send a reply, when I discovered that your website has been filtered out, the reason being that it is a "racism and hate" website.

University of -- Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

Reason: The Websense category "Racism and Hate" is filtered.


The good folks at Websense, which is apparently in the business of censoring out information, have made sure that nobody here at U- can ever read well, goddamn it, THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING. Excuse my French, but these horned buggering motherfuckers have got me spitting bullets. I am so glad that I'm graduating next month. I'm truly being let out of thought prison. Thanks to U- Law, I don't ever want to have anything to do with law, government or the academic world. I guess I'll just be an enlightened bum.

Anyway, thanks for your articles. I was actually thinking about the Blessed Virgin Mary as I was reading your love article. I think about her a lot because she is my patron saint, and I cannot understand why it is that Protestants hate her so. She is pure maternal love, and that's it. She is protection, safety, mercy, tenderness, comfort -- all the things that we ordinary bumbling sinful jerks need when we fall off the bike and skin our knees, so to speak. The Virgin Mary is also powerful, but only powerful as a mother would be in looking out for her precious babes.

Maybe that's why Protestants hate her, but it always struck me as sad that Christianity would simply cut itself off from her protective love, for no reason at all. Protestant Europe was left a very bereft and merciless place, a perfect breeding ground for despair, social dysfunction, and openness to satanic political philosophies.

Amy said (April 27, 2008):

I have to apologise for the bluntness of my comments but that article is ludicrous and one-dimensional. If that's what you really think, you are clueless. Maybe you should take some classes in women's history, women's rights, feminism, etc. You need something to help bring you back to reality on these issues because you obviously have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to women or the current state of human nature when it comes to intimate relationships, for that matter. You're lucky homosexuality is something people are born with as opposed to something they choose; your attitude could inspire women to switch teams in droves.

I'm going to go watch Gladiator and wonder where the strong, honourable, honest, loyal, protective, heroic, selfless men have gone.


Reply to Amy from a Reader:

Homosexuality is NOT " something people are born with as opposed to something they choose." Rather homosexuality is a emotional pathology which results from the breakdown of the family unit; most specifically the collapse of the proper father influence. When we see homosexual " Pride Parades " we are actually witnessing the outward physical expression of the collapse of multiple cultural and social paradigms upon which the health and continuance of humanity is irreversibly bound. These include the proper role and development of a man, his relationship to his wife and children, and his inherent role as leader of the family unit. Emotional psychosis ( a break from reality ) within the afflicted now homosexual is the result of hatred/resentment which children develop toward their father when the natural leadership of a man collapses due to the internal spiritual poisons which have corrupted them. The Bible refers to this as the passage of sin through the generations.

Don J. Grundmann, D.C., M.H., C.C.E.P., C.C.S.P., FICPA
Director - San Francisco Bay Area Freedom Law School
Director - American Warrior Ministry
member of the California American Independent Party and the national Constitution Party ( American Independent Party )
425 E. Merle Ct., San Leandro, CA., 94577
Office - (510)-8956789 Campaign - (510)-4337000 TRUTHUSA.ORG

Eric said (April 27, 2008):

I agree that feminism was used by the elite to double the workforce, reduce wages for men and destroy the unions (because women are more compliant, more 'responsible' and identify with the organisation they work for more).

Here in Scotland, women now drink, fight, swear and whatever almost as much as men but they are financially independent and can walk away from abuse. They also have much more interesting and fulfilling lives. Men have also had to discover their feminine side and care for their children in a way they didn't before.

The real problems that have arisen are a detached and resentful generation brought up by tv, bribed by materialism and brainwashed into believing all adults are child molesters. Little girls are being sexualised and dressed up like dolls by their mothers and the fact that it takes two wages to run a household so women have to work whether they want to or not.



It is feminism which seizes on the cases of domestic abuse to discredit marriage in general. Do you ever hear them talking about abuse in same sex relations which is twice as frequent? NO


Greg said (April 27, 2008):

I don't know if you would like to add something to the male bashing being paid for by the elite, but I do have something that has bothered me for a long time. Everybody here must be aware that folks like Warren Buffet are using company commercials like GEICO, which is solely owned by Berkshire Hathaway, to portray men as being worthless cavemen, just one step up from apes on the evolutionary ladder. It bothers me that they are putting these ideas constantly into peoples' heads through their humor and poking fun mentality, when in reality they are using to brainwash people.

Kevin said (April 27, 2008):

The question is not how did social engineers sell 'lesbianism disguised as feminism,' but how they recast male/female romance, intimacy and love as copulation, and a hatred of womanly femininity as feminism. Male femininity and pornography - that which exploits and twists female sexuality - it's effect, to treat men as nothing more than an appendage to be exploited for control and profit by a more powerful female sexual persona, is "O.K." Pornography expresses a deep seated hatred and contempt for the dignity of men, which is why radical anti-feminine feminists never did effectively come out against pornography. Indeed, radical "feminists" by their failure to challenge porn, show through omission a complete disregard for the emotional and spiritual well being of both men and women. It is also worth recalling and observing, how "vocational" endeavors have been reduced to a pursuit of monetarily and status defined "careers." Parenting, also a vocation in better days, has also been skewed as a monetary value and human beings and the value of all their activities reduced to human "resources" and economic units of energy. From Freedom to Fascsim Producer Aaron Russo reports how the Rockefeller faction conspired to have women "liberated" so as to become "persons" under the US tax code. The State as a LEGAL FICTION or CORPORATE ENTITY, serves only ITSELF, and by nature has no capacity to show concern for, nor respond to, the moral and ethical conscience of non-FICTION human "beings." This is likely why the Rockefeller clan found Kinsey's reductionist rendering of human "beings" into human "animals," so appealing. Whereas the FICTION is morally and ethically culpable and answerable to all free will men or women of moral conscience, conversely, Kinsey's human "animal" retains little more than brainless legal cannon fodder status for the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE. There is indeed, a method to the sexual madness of "Uncle Kinsey," a trained zoologist, and the covert purpose of his Rockefeller funded sexology labs in Bloomfield Illinois. For the American human zoo, Kinsey may be remembered as, the "Several Million Monkeys Uncle."

The Luciferic Principle, is the craft or art of concealing darkness in light, war in peace and now as always, spiritual bondage and enslavement in sexual "liberation." As E. Michael Jones explains in his book, Libido Dominundi, the purpose of State sanctioned sexual "liberation," is to facilitate more stringent and scientific forms of political control, over what has been defined by Kinsey as the human "animal." No different from the Nazi tactic of dehumanizing racial "inferiors" in the eyes of the German people before plundering, brutalizing and exterminating them, the Kinsey/Rockefeller zoological tactic of characterizing human "beings" as "animals," serves, in the final analysis, no less a scientific pretext for large scale State sanctioned abuse. In effect, the sexualization of a culture coarsens human interactions, undermines true romance, and precludes most possibilities for true intimacy and love. After all, it's pretty difficult to be intimate and romantic with one man or woman, when you're being sexual or "intimate" with the entire world. And of course, if we buy into Kinsey's animal protocol, copulation is the order of the day, and a sexualized "animal" is a "problem" just begging for a set "solution.".

By sexualizing the culture and casting human beings as animals, Plutocrats of the scientific CORPORATE COLLECTIVE, have been successful in confusing and obliterating the separation of the private verses public domains. Today, when media or the State refer to the privatization of national resources, they mean the "CORPORATIZATION" of public resources. To the writer of legal FICTION or commercial contract law, language and how something is worded becomes everything. During the Tower of Babel generation it wasn't so much people began speaking in different languages, but rather speaking the same language while failing to understand or discern what the other person meant. The Babel generation, therefore, represents a confusion of meaning - to a large extent by design, and often for the purpose of obfuscation. This type of system eventually collapses upon itself. The down side is, it usually causes a lot of "collateral" damage along the way.

Kevin E. Abrams

Anthony said (April 27, 2008):

I had the misfortune of wasting my hard earned money on "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." The main male character was portrayed as a pathetic, emasculated man who was constantly openly weeping over the fact that his cheating girlfriend had left him. He decides to take a vacation to Hawaii and runs into his ex and her new man at the same hotel where he is staying. A newly wed 'Christian' couple are also staying at the same hotel and throughout the movie the male is portrayed as an incompetent little weasel who was entirely incapable of satisfying his new wife in bed, all because they waited until they were married before they had sex rather than screwing everything in sight (as the other cast members do throughout the movie.)

After receiving some 'advice' from one of the more 'experienced' characters on the show, this 'Christian' guy is finally seen 'satisfying' his wife and is shown yelling (I feel sick even writing this) "Christ is between your legs" to his wife while they are making love.

So the general message from this movie is:
1.Guys are pathetic and hopeless and will cry like babies for weeks when their 'successful' and 'gorgeous' girlfriends leave them.
2. Couples that wait until they are married before have sex are fools and are useless in the bedroom.

Add to that scenes of male full frontal nudity that were not even in the slightest bit funny or relevant to the plot and constant filthy language and you have yourself a movie that is of the poorest possible taste along with being simply not amusing at all (the entire audience in the theatre laughed maybe 3 or 4 times throughout the movie).

Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude, but this was way beyong anything I had ever witnessed before and children at the age of fifteen are able to view it here in Australia.

The psychological warfare against Christianity (and common decency) by Hollywood has been ramped up to a whole new level if this movie is anything to go by.

A guy next to me left in disgust after about ten minutes, I'm only sorry now that I didn't join him.


Thanks Anthony,

The Jews who made this film are not winning any friends for their people.


Margaret said (April 27, 2008):

I enjoy a lot of your political articles, but sometimes your feminism articles go a bit too far. I have done a lot of careful spiritual reading, and nowhere does it say that men have power but women give sacrifice. This is unfair, and many times you have sounded misogynistic! I am by no means a feminist, but even though men and women are not the same, they have their own unique traits that can be used together to perform great works. Women and men both have their own powers, and both need to make happy sacrifices in order for their marriage to work. If not, then you may be in the wrong marriage! When God finds your True Love, it will never feel like sacrifice but healthy partnership.

I see what you are saying in many women who are promiscuous in a misguided effort to be men. Those women are stupid, I'm sorry to say. They are using the feminism argument to act crazy, but they are only as common as stupidity is. I hope you will please differentiate between the stupid and moral women. There are men who are totally abusing the idea that they should have special powers, when both genders should be equally dignified even when not in a relationship. Thank you.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at