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The Gulf Gusher & the NWO Agenda

June 19, 2010

ixtox1.jpeg"It's clear where they're heading: forced evacuation to FEMA camps of millions of Gulf residents. In this way the NWO will be grabbing an opportunity to unleash martial law on a grand scale in the Southeastern USA, so that we'll all get used to it, like we got used to airport security and torture."

by Richard K. Moore

(Posted on Yahoo groups)

As the NWO project has progressed, it has been very difficult to anticipate accurately how things are going to unfold.

9/11, for example, caught us completely off guard, and who could have predicted how rapidly the entire Constitution could be dismantled, along with international law, and have it all accepted by most Americans?  Some things happen faster that we expect. With Iran, on the other hand, it seemed attack was imminent many times in the past few years, and yet it still hasn't occurred. Some things happen slower.

And then they throw things at us like the swine flu non-pandemic, and we still don't know what it was about. It certainly had nothing to do with public health, and pharmaceutical profits just doesn't seem like a strong enough motive for such a vigorous global campaign of disinformation. Perhaps it was all just to keep us off balance and confused, as we tried to find some rational scheme behind the fiasco. Or perhaps it was to test our various social defenses against vaccine warfare.

There is a lot of documentation about the New World Order, from the elites themselves, and other kinds of evidence. There are a few outcomes that are definitely included in the plans, even if we don't know the timing. These include world government (in essence if not in name), centralized control of currencies, drastic depopulation, and a major nuclear war. 

spillcard.jpg(Illuminati Plays Its Cards, as in 1995 Card Game)

We need to recognize that this is no longer something in the future, something that might happen or might not happen. We are now in the midst of the switchover process. The toxic-bubble- collapse- bailout project was a clear sign that the switchover process has now been launched. With that one move, essential sovereignty was transferred from national governments to the financial elite. Greece is the poster child of this transfer, but it applies throughout the West. The Greece 'crisis' was a psy-op event aimed at giving other governments an excuse to tighten down austerity. It was like whipping one slave in front of the rest, so the rest will behave.

Once we recognize that the switchover process has begun, then we have no reason to expect it will proceed piecemeal, or at a slow pace, like an unfolding TV series. Instead we are seeing parallel assaults from different directions. And in any assault, it usually makes sense to get it over as quickly as possible, as we saw with the 9/11 assault on the Constitution.

Daniel Estulin and his friends tell us, from the very latest Bilderberger meeting, that the folks there are in a bit of disarray, and they're worried about people losing their fear, and beginning to resist. We need to remember however that Bilderberger is not a decision-making group. It is a place where filtered elite plans are discussed with secondary puppet elites... politicians, media moguls, and the like. 

Bringing Bilderberger into line is simply one of the threads of the switchover process, not yet completed. Meanwhile, other threads of the switchover process can continue in parallel. The Soros article (below) gives us, more or less, a status report on the progress toward world government and global currency control. The attack on Iran will be the stepping stone toward a major nuclear war. Meanwhile, apart from the ongoing mega-genocide in Africa, what progress are they making toward depopulation? It is in this context that we need to consider the events in the Gulf. 

9-11card.jpgWhen the Valdez spill occurred in Alaska, there was no reason to suspect that it was an intentional act, designed to destroy the local environment. It was clearly an accident, due to inadequate safety measures, and everyone involved wishes it had never happened. There was no motive for intentionality, even though there were means and opportunity. 

But now in the Gulf, in the midst of a switchover process that calls for drastic depopulation, motive clearly enters the picture. What better way to move the project forward? Whatever toxic brew they cook up in the Gulf will be spread by the Gulf Stream all over the Atlantic Ocean and coastal areas, and into the global current system. And when the hurricanes begin, which they soon will, the toxic brew will be sprayed all over the Gulf region, making large areas of the coastal states, and probably all of Florida, uninhabitable and toxic to crops and creatures. 

And it is indeed a toxic brew. They tapped into a major migration channel of abiotic oil, deep down at the level where volcanos originate, and all kinds of toxic gases are being released along with the oil, under enormous pressure that cannot be contained and is leaking out from many places in the Gulf. And in case that's not toxic enough, they're adding all that Corexit, a neuro toxin banned in Europe because of bitter experience with its toxicity. 

None of this can be chalked up to accident. The geological properties of the area, and the nature of the deep oil system, were well known to the experts. The Gulf is one of the oldest and most studied drilling areas in the world. Any legitimate attempt to tap into that deep oil system would have called for better-than- usual safety measures, not systematically shoddy safety measures. Deep Water Horizon was an accident meant to happen, and the witnesses have been scared into silence.

Consider in addition these points, from the 'BP Oil Spill False Flag' article above:
  - Sales of shares and stocks in days and weeks beforehand
  - Halliburton link, acquisition of cleanup company days before explosion
  - BP report cites undocumented tampering with well sealing equipment

So we have motive, means, opportunity, and an abundance of circumstantial evidence, all pointing to an intentional depopulation project. In conclusion, let's consider the modus operandi of the NWO, the parallels between this operation and some of their other operations.

First of all, there's the 'shock and awe' tactic: a decisive and unexpected first-strike into new apocalyptic territory: first 9/11, then the financial collapse, and now the gusher. Each one, in its own way, changing the world instantly and forever, and each covered over by a systematic disinformation campaign in the global mass media, and a confusion campaign in the alternative media and in conspiracy circles.

Second, there's the 'shock doctrine' tactic: grabbing as much apocalyptic territory as possible, after the first strike. With 9/11, they grabbed the Constitution and the justification for two wars. With the financial collapse, they got by with the bailout scam, and grabbed the West's national treasuries.  

They haven't starting grabbing yet in the case of the gusher, but it's clear where they're heading: forced evacuation to FEMA camps of millions of Gulf residents. In this way the NWO will be grabbing an opportunity to unleash martial law on a grand scale in the Southeastern USA, so that we'll all get used to it, like we got used to airport security and torture. It's not that elites like martial law particularly, it's just that the switchover project can't succeed without martial law being readily deployable wherever needed. 

The folks who will be evacuated from the Gulf region can expect the same kind of 'relief' that was experienced by the folks in New Orleans and Haiti, which were practice exercises for the NWO's disaster-relief protocol. This protocol is an expression of the shock doctrine, and what it means is that disaster victims are treated more or less as insurgents, and the investment bankster vultures come in to lay claim to whatever assets have been freed up by the forced relocations. Each disaster is a new redevelopment opportunity, and those who die contribute to the depopulation agenda. That's why relief supplies were blocked by the US military from being distributed in Haiti during the first few critical days, to make sure those trapped by the earthquake wouldn't survive.

To bring about the financial collapse, they injected toxic derivatives into the global investment streams. To bring about a major ecosystem collapse, they injected a toxic soup into the global ocean streams. Their fingerprints are everywhere. 

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Comments for "The Gulf Gusher & the NWO Agenda"

Joe said (June 20, 2010):

I couldn't agree with Richard Evans more. He is on spot in my opinion. What would be the purpose of supposed martial law ? Comrade Obama is getting everything he wants on the timetable that Henry Kissinger implements daily in his briefs to Hilary and Barry.

As usual, the disinformation and hoopla about this terrible environmental disaster is paranoia rants about taking over America, when the PTB could have put martial law down anytime it wishes in the USA. For the underinformed, the PTB will do all it wishes under the color and "rule of law," just like Hitler did in Nazi Germany. The Fuhrer never broke the law in enslaving millions of the "master race." The same is going on in the United States.

Back in late March, a friend asked me what I thought of the 2012 "end of the world" preparations in the United States based on Mayan Prophecy dates, such as building survival bunkers and storing food and other commodities. I replied it sounded like another Y2K over-the-top reaction. I also said that I would be more concerned about April 19, 2010 as that was an occultic date for nefarious activity for the PTB.

I was wrong about the April 19 date... it was the next day.

I think the whole situation is an exercise in Hegelian Dialectics and expect a similar scenario in which Mr. Evans described.

Glenn said (June 20, 2010):

It never ceases to amaze me, how quickly we forget the past. On Dec 26th, 2005, there was a massive shift in the tectonic plates in the Indonesian Ocean, which triggered a whale of a Tsunami, killing over 300,000 people. There was some ' speculation ' that this Tsunami was brought about by Oil Company's - namely Exxon & Mobil , using various ' method's ' , accidently triggering a tectonic plate shift ? Oh Really. You don't say...

Ladies & Gentleman...put the pieces of the puzzle together. Who cares how they fit. As the saying goes, if the shoe fit's...


Michael said (June 19, 2010):

Henry, Hope all is well. I've been following different scenarios and keeping up on current activities [as I'm sure you have been also] on this Gulf oil disaster. You know, connecting the dots, this has the markings and makings of a domestic "Chernoble" !! This can be a monster and short of a miracle it will manifest. People should get this in perspective NOW. The dispersals used by Chevron and BP only sink the oil [not neutralizing] and are being sprayed on residents at night which will have effects. The chemical problem is bad enough...even a hurricane picking up this stuff and dispersing it , is bad...real bad. I think the monster, the PTB want ,will be in the nature of water hitting sub-terrainian high temps in semi contained figure it out. If an explosion takes place, the oil and elements that deep are partially radioactive and would be spread [along with the goo] over the entire Gulf area...mostly North and East though. They cannot contain it now and nuking could go either way [opening or closing the hole]...if nature runs her course my scenario looks realistic and a month or three down the road we may find out. Oh, where is the Government with neutralizing agents that work??? Just my take on it. Take care

Ken (oil insider) said (June 19, 2010):

I was just reading the article you have posted today, The Gulf Gusher & the NWO Agenda, I think that it very well updates the situation. I wholly endorse what the author is claiming, their tracks are all over this one. I was so disgusted with the fact that not one world leader has had any backbone whatsoever to get this intrusion into our oceans stopped immediately. It takes a young girl like Rachel Corrie or the nineteen year old killed on board the Maramara to show some courage, and they have shown the world that beyond the shadow of a doubt, every single world leader today is a complete coward or puppet buffoon.

I wonder if they might use this as the reason to get "help" from some "higher civilization" (like the nephillim), to give Lord Matreya his entrance when they decide to crown him?

This should have been deemed a matter of "national security" from the beginning. Homeland Security never investigated the explosion as a potential terrorist act. They must have known. Who would put a pipeline down in 5000 feet of water via a floating platform, right in hurricane alley?

Richard Evans said (June 19, 2010):

No, there won't be 'martial law'. Don't be distracted.

Living here I've seen how they operate and I know their goal. I mean the whole energy department of the Global Mafia (aka n.w.o.). None of the 'accidents' and 'disasters' of the last eight years are hard to figure out. My formula is simply to ask 'cui bono?' then look at the bottom line result.

Skip ahead past all the drama and'new revelations' and accusation that will stir the rest of the summer on Gulf oil plus man added toxin dumping they're doing out there.

Most certainly will happen:

- With Obama taking the lead, governments all over the world will declare that deep drilling for abiotic oil is too dangerous to the environment and will ban it.

Why? The Russians blew the cover on the old lie that petroleum comes from decayed primeval forests which is the basis for the 'Peak Oil' excuse to cap 2/3rd of the wells in the US since 1983. The cat's been out of the bag on abiotic renewable oil for a decade though most Americans never heard of it yet. So they had to come up with a reason to forbid deep drilling before the public finds out Peak Oil is a lie and demands it.

Probably will also happen:

- Capitol Hill will get away with putting the EPA in charge of regulating and ticketing for de facto carbon taxes. Probably Obama will create another agency/bureaucracy just for that as Bush created the HOMSECA ('homeland security") equipped with a uniformed, waffen ATF type enforcer squad.

Conclusion - I still place my bet that the BP Deep Horizon project was deliberately sabotaged. They NEEDED this disaster to get the above results.

My reasoning goes to:

1. the decision to perform experimental deep drilling in the most risky place they could find. Why not do it on land like the Russians do? They could have drilled in West Texas.

2. Deep drilling isn't even yet necessary because most of Americas oil is capped by Federal order as 'reserve' since 1983. The excuse for that action was fossil fuel 'peak oil' theory.

The thing about lies is they tend to become a tangled web of lies. Energy policy has been based on lies for over 30 years. The arrangement that creates our 'dependence on foreign oil' is that's the DEAL with OPEC that we buy their oil and keep the price high to keep them rich and their part of the deal is they have to carry 33% US Treasury bonds to prop up our FIAT money as the world dollar.

I didn't put this together from websites -- this is what people in the energy business here in Houston have told me since 1983. Geologists, rig personnel, investors. How it works is well known in Houston.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at