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I'm Wary of Anti- NWO Groups Like LaRouche's

March 27, 2010


by Don Bradley


Every six weeks or so, our local post office has an ad-hoc outdoor kiosk setup with a few Lyndon LaRouche hawkers decrying the state of affairs, and oh, please sign up ASAP and join the fight against every wrong in the world.

These folks always try to corral me and tell how bad things are when I need to go inside the post office. They setup right next to the door; there's no escaping them.

One day, I stopped to hear the pitch. As the lady droned on, she pretty much said what I expected her to say. She and this other fellow had clipboards where people could sign up--name, address, phone, email addy.

I was told that LaRouche and company were the ONLY ONES fighting the NWO and all that. This was repeated a few times, especially as I protested the facts to the contrary. I was also informed that the only way to defeat said NWO was to organize under LaRouche leadership and his battle standard. No other option possible was the repeated mantra.

There's a few problems with that attitude and perception. First and foremost, outfits like LaRouche are what is known as "lightening rods." They are put out to the public--online, in the mail, and now, post office outlets--to attract those souls who are unhappy.

The purpose? To get their names. These then become created data sets which the intelligence agencies to update their databases with information as to those people who are finding the status quo not too much to their liking.

When Bush was president, the LaRouche kiosks had posters of GW Bush with a Hitler mustache. Now, it's Obama.

When I told the woman that although this country and the world had problems with the so-called NWO, but that organizing into groups that could be easily surveyed and infiltrated (think Co intel pro) was a classic mistake made far too often, as history has taught us, she got downright angry with me, closed up, and wouldn't look me in the eye. Her tone became militant and angry.

I informed her that the true solution would come from the individual, not the group that could be taken over, used, discredited, and then setup as a patsy for some future ill yet to befall this country. At that point she literally turned her back to me and ended the conversation.

I see.

The answer is with the individual. It's the person who sees and can act, doing what is within their power and preview to forestall the efforts of the established network of evil that has taken over this planet. The individual can do and be, saying nothing to anyone, but just doing what needs to be done as it presents itself to them on a day to day basis. If the aware souls of the world acted alone and without concert with others in any organized fashion, we really do then have a chance at winning. By organizing into easily penetrated and infiltrated groups by intelligence assets, each group then quickly becomes a nothing which ends up serving the purposes of the very system it was designed to defeat. History has taught us this lesson, if we've been paying attention at all.

Think about it. You too, will see that this is so.

It's the person, rather than the group, who makes change. Each according to our own measure, skills, perceptions and aspirations to have a better world that is within our grasp.



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Comments for "I'm Wary of Anti- NWO Groups Like LaRouche's"

Don said (March 29, 2010):

Regarding your article on LaRouche he advocates multiple principles which make him an automatic enemy of out national and world Plantation Masters -

1) He states that the so-called " over-population " problem does not exist and that in fact there are too few people. Hence he directly challenges the anti-human/humanity themes of the New World Order which justify abortion and any other population reduction programs ( which in my opinion includes creation and disseminate of the AIDS bioweapon ).

2) He challenges the fraud of radical environmentalism which manifests in the lies regarding so-called " global warming " and other frauds. He correctly states that such frauds are part of the comprehensive Plantation Master ( my term ) program for, and to justify, population reduction; in this case via the smashing of industrial production and manufacturing.

3) He advocates technological progress. Just this idea brings out the foaming-at-the-mouth environmentalists who recognize that such progress makes all people around the world more prosperous; a completely unacceptable action to the Plantation Masters whose religion is Social Darwinism. It is this religious belief that justifies mass murder ( abortion, AIDS, etc. ) in order to stop those considered " Inferior " from outbreeding their self-considered Superior overlords.

4) He advocates a complete overhaul of the educational system from its current primary ( and truly only ) Social Engineering function of indoctrination and dumbing down of the populace to produce a greater ease of their control by the Plantation Masters ( bankers, etc. )

Hence while his followers may or may not be justly accused of " cult " actions his philosophical base of ideas is in complete agreement with the advancement of humanity overall and of its victory over those who would enslave our nation and humanity as a whole.

I have my own disagreements with aspects of his political positions but overall I believe that his perspectives are those upon which our nation was founded and which must be returned to if we are to escape the permanent slavery of our nation.

Lisa said (March 29, 2010):

Wow, the LaRouche people really came out in droves to defend themselves due to this article, & this doesn't even say the worst about them! My brother & some people from my 911 group had some run-ins with the LaRouche people.

While my brother was at a Tea Party-like event in San Diego, some LaRouche people approached him & began their schpiel. He had a question for them--he asked one of them to explain the LaRouche economic opinions, & instead of answering the question, they all broke out into song, together. He said the song was almost like a religious hymn or LaRouche-themed motivational song.

My 911 group had some LaRouche people come to meetings & street actions. Our organizer discovered that one of them was mixing LaRouche "educational" materials with the 911 dvds & fliers we were handing out & asked him to stop. He had also asked him to not mix the messages from the very beginning of our tour, but the guy did it anyway. He even continued after being asked nicely the second time, not to do it. We didn't want to be associated with any particular "parent" group. He left the street action early that day, once his materials for LaRouche were all gone, we assumed. After that event he didn't come to meetings anymore.

Another member of our 911 group had some bad experiences with them too. Years ago he wanted to see what it was all about & went to one of their conferences out of state. At the conference they explained that if they wanted to be part of LaRouche they would be giving up their residences, jobs, & personal lives, to live in a LaRouche commune & work entirely for spreading info about LaRouche. He didn't like that idea & says he ended up thinking it was cultish & wanted to leave early but almost got stranded because none of the LaRouche people would help him leave. He ended up meeting someone who was understanding & was able to get out of there.

Too many strange stories.

Tom said (March 29, 2010):

Oh, Henry! What a ridiculous article.

Don, how do you know the LaRouche organizers turn our names and addresses over to intelligence agencies? If you’re just *assuming* they do, then admit that! Otherwise you are damaging their chances to bring needed information to a sadly misinformed Patriot movement.

The LaRouche organization is one of the most important political movements in modern American history. They have to set up kiosks on the street because no one in the media – mainstream or otherwise – is talking about the American System of Economy or pushing for a return to the policies that made us a powerful independent nation in the first place.

LaRouche stresses the importance of invention – of using science-driven projects (e.g. the the moon landing, development of high speed rail systems inter-connecting our cities and industries, etc.) to rebuild our infrastructure and encourage the intellectual development of our youth. Scientific projects become challenges to our society and our students, creating new technologies that fuel the growth of our domestic economy. NASA, for example, returned 10 times its cost in new innovative industries.

Other news sources may talk about the Constitution and a return to freedom – but how do they propose we finance this freedom and quality of life for all Americans? We won’t manage it with laissez-faire policies that allow banksters to keep all of our money, nor will we survive with massive spending cuts that hurt the population (the only type being proposed). Any flavor of continuation of the current globalist free-tradism will ultimately lead to another economic crisis.

LaRouche’s economic policies would cut our dependence on the City of London banking circles, getting us out from under their usary model. Daniel Estulin and Webster Tarpley are two of the few additional people who have courageously attempted to open a dialogue with the American people about these economic solutions.

Why isn’t everyone in the alternative press discussing these solutions? Perhaps because every economic system that *isn’t* the American System ultimately places the money back into the hands of the Globalists, and to them – that’s all that matters.

Every criticism imaginable is thrown at LaRouche – including the “operates at a cult” line – to keep us looking elsewhere for information. LaRouche himself may be an odd duck, but his solutions for our nation are on target.

I challenge every American to give LaRouchePAC’s solutions a chance. Tune in daily for one week to the informative 6-minute video series “Off The Cuff” at If it doesn’t help you understand how to fight the enemies of the nation in a constructive way, by all means, go back to acting alone.

P said (March 28, 2010):

You have opened a can of worms with LaRouche. The best most organized historical presentations of the problem in its economic, cultural, and
scientific manifestations are a result of his organization's work.

There is a lot that needs to be said and I imagine that you will now be bombarded by responses.

One point in particular that should not be ignored, although it likely will be: Psychotronic weapons and satellite and other directed weapons
to alter mood and psychological well being. I believe that these were deployed against the LaRouche movement and especially LaRouche. They
have become deranged by it all. Any group that follows the good parts to their example will fall under this kind of attack. That is my


P- This is Don's opinion. My correspondents are not my clones. My policy is to avoid disparaging other activists. But Don made some points that go beyond the Larouche movement.


Irish Dan said (March 28, 2010):

NWO...... infiltration is a fact of life, it is not going to go away!.
We have all learn to live with it, if we are opposed to these forces then they are hostile to us, there is no middle ground.

An open organization may be uncohesive , argumentative, difficult to keep focused, energy dissipating and unclear in how to achieve it's goals. There is a word for that sort of thing, it is called Democracy! We should all learn to make more effective use of it.

I know little of the La Rouche's organization but it is almost impossible to operate clandestinely in modern electronic surveillance society, if the I.R.A. could not prevent infiltration and control by hostile agencies despite almost one hundred years of experience in this area, then new 'from the ground up' organization have none at all.

Since the early seventies the North of Ireland Low Intensity War has been used as a laboratory for Nato Intel Forces on how to deal with this activity. Our problems of yesterday are yours of today and tomorrow. Secret or semi-secret groups of citizens can waste so much energy in 'security' that it becomes an end in itself absorbing too much energies and making the organization unfit for purpose. And all of this is even before considering the false flag or decoy aspects.

Arik said (March 28, 2010):

individuals against NWO? that's a joke right?
and how?
by ignoring the greatest history teacher we have? (La Rouch)
maybe by fabricating dirt about Alex Jones?

alex don't like Lyndon...
Lyndon loughs at all the rest...
what's next? go for poor Roy Tov?

I however,
learn some more from each of you...non of you "fighters" can
cover all aspects of, NWO-tyrrany-history-agenda...

you all scream at us, WAKE UP! i woke up in 1973-1982
and i can't sleep since then, i was an israeli citizen untill 1987,
i saw enough, long ago.

"we better all hang together, or we surely shall all hang separatly"



I appreciate LaRouche's historical work but I do think he runs a cult. I post different views which are not necessarily my own.


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