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Hitler & Stalin Colluded in Operation Barbarossa

January 27, 2016

When the Wehrmacht raced toward Moscow in the summer of 1941, 
their Panzer tanks were running on fuel supplied by Stalin. 

Our leaders are all Freemasons. 

Wars are a charade 

designed to enslave and destroy

the goyim and non Zionist Jews.

"The real battle is between the Illuminati and the human race. The Illuminati bankers are a relatively small group. They need humanity to destroy itself. They do this by putting their pawns in power and using the mass media to conjure the illusion of conflict."

(Updated from Jan 26, 2010)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Stalin's inaction despite foreknowledge of  "Operation Barbarossa", Hitler's 1941 invasion of Russia, is one of the great mysteries of World War Two.

Like the improbable Dunkirk, where Hitler allowed the evacuation of 330,000 Allied soldiers, the explanation lies in the collusion of the wartime leaders: Hitler, Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

The Illuminati bankers manufacture war to advance a satanic world government agenda. The wartime leaders belonged to the (Masonic Jewish) Illuminati and were chosen to impose another catastrophe upon the human race. Their incongruous behavior was designed to ensure maximum slaughter and prolong the war.

According to author David Murphy, Stalin had precise intelligence regarding Barbarossa yet  "rejected it and refused to permit his military to take necessary actions to respond lest they 'provoke' the Germans." (What Stalin Knew: The Enigma of Barbarossa, 2005, p.xix)


Russian intelligence had thoroughly penetrated Nazi ranks. There were hundreds of accurate reports as early as August 1940 pointing to the future Nazi invasion.  One of the most definitive came from spy Victor Sorge, a journalist on intimate terms with the German ambassador to Japan.

On May 5, 1941, Sorge sent Moscow a microfilm of a telegram from Foreign Minister Ribbentrop saying, "Germany will begin a war against the USSR in the middle of June 1941." Ten days later, Sorge reported the exact date, dawn, June 22. (87)

For his reward, Stalin castigated Sorge as  "a little shit," a pimp and war profiteer. After Sorge's arrest, the Japanese proposed a prisoner exchange with Russia. Stalin let the gifted spy die. Why? Because he was a witness of Illuminati collusion. 

1 cavalry red army swastika (USSR  1919-1920).jpg(left, Red Army Cavalry Swastika 1919-1920)

On April 17, 1941, "Starshina" an agent in Luftwaffe Intelligence reported that bombing targets had been selected and the occupation authority organized. (100) On April 18, a Nazi NCO deserted with the exact hour of the Nazi attack: 4 a.m. June 22. The next day Churchill also warned Stalin of the Nazi plan. (262)

How could Stalin ignore all these warnings when the Nazis had nine Armies consisting of 150 Divisions amassed on his border? Four and a half million soldiers. 650,000 vehicles.

Are we supposed to believe that Stalin, a ruthless criminal, accepted Hitler's "word of honor" that this troop concentration was intended for an invasion of England, and was being kept out of bomber range? (258) He refused to authorize countermeasures even after the invasion and bombing had begun saying Hitler was just testing defences! 

Stalin's refusal to permit a mobilization or take countermeasures contributed to the loss of 20 million Russian lives.


In 1937, Stalin purged the Red Army, murdering Marshall Mikhail N. Tukhachevsky and decimating the officer corps. Murphy writes: "Thousands of officers with combat experience and higher education were executed, sent to the Gulag or discharged from the service. These actions ...continued right up to the early days of the German invasion." (xvi)

stalin_clown1.jpg(Stalin thumbs his nose)

Significantly, the pretext for executing thousands of patriotic Russian officers was  "treasonous" letters forged by Reinhard Heydrich, Deputy Chief of the Gestapo, another example of Illuminati collusion.

Moreover, for a year prior to the invasion, Stalin allowed the Luftwaffe to make hundreds of reconnaissance flights over western Russia, forbidding his air force from interfering. Why on earth would he do that?

In addition, Nazi Germany received millions of tons of raw material  from Russia in return for armaments. This is from Wikipedia:

"Germany received one million tons of cereals, half a million tons of wheat, 900,000 tons of oil, 100,000 tons of cotton, 500,000 tons of phosphates and considerable amounts of other vital raw materials, along with the transit of one million tons of soybeans from Manchuria.These and other supplies were being transported through Soviet and occupied Polish territories. The Soviets were to receive a naval cruiser, the plans to the battleship Bismarck, heavy naval guns, other naval gear and thirty of Germany's latest warplanes, including the Me-109 and Me-110 fighters and Ju-88 bomber. The Soviets would also receive oil and electric equipment, locomotives, turbines, generators, diesel engines, ships, machine tools and samples of Germany artillery, tanks, explosives, chemical-warfare equipment and other items."

Trainloads of iron ore passed from Russia to Nazi occupied Poland on the night of the invasion. Wikipedia concludes, "The imports of Soviet raw materials into Germany over the duration of the countries' economic relationship proved vital to Barbarossa."

Once under way, Hitler and Stalin took command of their respective armies making disastrous decisions that may have been deliberate.

For example, by the end of July1941, Army Group Center was poised to take Moscow, only  200 kms away. But Hitler insisted that that critical panzer units be diverted to the Ukraine. It wasn't until Oct. 2 that the offensive against Moscow was resumed, and by then the weather had turned. (233)

2b 250 ruble swastika (USSR, 1917).jpg
(Left, Soviet 250 Ruble Note, 1917)

Similarly, during this diversion against Kiev, Stalin refused to allow his troops to withdraw to a defensive position. The battle ended Sept. 26 with the destruction of five Soviet armies, the capture of 665,000 men and an enormous amount of equipment. (233)

On the other hand, Hitler allowed Bormann to feed top secret information to the Russians. 
Louis Kilzer estimates this was worth 50 Russian divisions. 


Judging from their actions, both Hitler and Stalin were determined to extend the war and make it as costly as possible. I suspect the battle was not between the USSR and Nazi Germany.

Communism and Fascism were evil twins, conceived in the same Illuminati womb, made from interchangeable parts, practically mirror images.  Both were fronts for monopoly capital, the same monopoly capital.

No, the real battle was between the Illuminati and the human race. The Illuminati bankers are a relatively small group. They need to divide and conquer, so humanity will degrade and destroy itself.  They do this by putting their pawns in power and using the mass media to conjure the illusion of conflict.



Bromance - Stalin Funded Hitler 
Stalin Blocked Plans to Assassinate Hitler 

First Comment by James C:

Another factor that lends great credence to your opinion are the well-documented books by Antony C. Sutton:  The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution, and Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler.  As Sutton so ably documents, both Communism and Fascism were creations of Western banks and corporations.  They are the only ones who prosper from this obscene business.

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Comments for " Hitler & Stalin Colluded in Operation Barbarossa"

Bill said (January 28, 2016):

I have always believed this. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows the same forces are working in the Middle East with the Russian, Isis, Saudi, Turk, Turkey and US wars...death and destruction...killing, stealing and murdering in the the name of their Satanic god. It is also what is behind the takeover of the US...they want it all! Satan wants to sit king by himself on a smoldering planet comforted by his multitude burning with him in the hell they created and dug.

CN said (January 28, 2016):

Good to see you guys are finding your way. Wars going back to at least the civil war have been about getting as many people killed as possible. Look at Gettysburg, why would Lee throw away his troops on a strategically worthless position, even after his own officers advised strongly against it? Why would the British force their soldiers to charge the machineguns, or be shot by their own officers in the Somme, WW1? It's really the leaders against the troops/people in these wars. Remember the English nurse in WW1 that reported that the British were supplying the Germans with coal and was executed for it?

In modern times, that clearly wasn't Saddam Hussein that they hung. Just take a moment to look at pictures of that guy and pics of Saddam from prior to the American attack. There was a report at the time, that I'm sure has been lost down the memory hole now, by an Iraqi officer who was tasked with defending the Baghdad airport. While he was doing so, a few unmarked transports landed and a series of limousines/SUV's arrived and drove onto the transport planes, which then took off. I'm sure that was the real Saddam being moved to safety once he had sunk the Iraqi people.

I doubt that was Muammar Gaddafi that was killed in Libya either. It was well known that there was a Gaddafi impersonator who happened to live right in the town where they "got 'im".

You always have the most interesting discussions, Henry!

P said (January 27, 2016):

Regarding your last article. You’re absolutely right, Stalin knew. The Soviets had many spies based in Switzerland who delivered very accurate information the Centre.
As the opposite example, Stalin knew everything about operation Citadel and deployed large troops near Kursk. The operation was supposed to surprise the Russians and only Hitler knew the exact date and yet the Russian found out roughly the date of the offensive.

JG said (January 27, 2016):

I do believe that it was never the intent of the German people to rule the world by military conquest. They rejected Communism and wanted back the territories that were taken from them by the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.
Russia was the capitol for World Communism so that particular invasion made sense to a degree.

What doesn't make sense to me was the German invasion of Greece and Africa. My only guess is that they were silent Marxist Occupied Governments under a nefarious identity.
As for Hitler I do believe he could have very well received Illuminati support to become Fuhrer of Germany. However, when Germany started printing their own debt free currency Hitler's honeymoon with the Illuminati was soon over. He was now their number one target and adversary. He went from Time magazines 'Man of The Year' to world enemy number one in record time.

As far as Stalin aiding Hitler during Germany's invasion of Russia to increase his own soldier's body count this also is possible with such an insane man that Stalin was.

DREW said (January 28, 2010):

One of the main reasons that Stalin did not heed the intelligence reports that he was getting concerning Operation Barbarossa can be best understood by reading two important books on WWII Soviet espionage: "The Red Orchestra" by Gilles Perrault and "A Man Called Lucy" by Pierre Accoce. Both books make it abundantly clear that Stalin, despite all the accurate information about the Nazis being fed to the Kremlin, was incredibly paranoid and skeptical, believing that the information could actually be Nazi and/or British disinformation.

For example, the main source of Nazi plans concerning Barbarossa came through an anti-Nazi living in Switzerland named Rudolf Roessler aka "Lucy". Stalin never completely trusted information from this network pre-1941 because Roessler refused to divulge to the Kremlin who his sources were in the high eschelons of the Nazi government, thus not allowing Stalin's other spy networks, such as The Red Orchestra to corroborate this information.

And Stalin had every reason to not entirely trust this information--the Nazis in the Abwehr were incredibly effective at infiltrating Soviet spy networks and feeding the Soviets disinformation using Funkspiel counter-espionage games. Remember, the accuracy of intelligence reports can be proven only after an operation is launched. Prior to Barbarossa, the Kremlin had received hundreds of false and misleading reports from their own spy networks.

Also, keep in mind that through their own spy networks, the Nazis had discovered that some Barbarossa plans had been fed to the Soviets, but the Germans went ahead with the attack anyway, believing correctly that even with foreknowledge, the Soviets did not have the defensive ability to stop the attack anyway, which proved correct.

On the other hand, had those Soviet intelligence reports on Barbarossa been false, and had Stalin acted on them believing them true, the Nazis would have crushed the Soviet pre-emptive strike in no time (which, despite the Molotov-Rippentrop Pact, they were preparing for since 1939)--and it very well could have changed the entire outcome of the war.


Thanks Drew

You don't ignore the evidence of 4.5 million soldiers on your border.


Fausto said (January 28, 2010):

Henry, thank you for that incisive article on Joseph Stalin's complicity in Russia's destruction during WW2.

I don't know if the Illuminati controlled Hitler directly, but they listened to his speeches and read his book, and knew that Hitler promised war with Russia, so that's why helped him into power.

He never cared about the Russian people and ran USSR as one giant death/slave camp, so it's no surprise that he would allow Hitler's armies to sweep in and destroy, while he retreated his industrial base to the Urals and received generous help from his American/Capitalist pals (lend-lease act). What followed that? Why the cold war hoax or course! With an artificial split of East/West, Communist/Capitalist so that each scared their respective populations with the bogeyman of the other side, each sides controlled by the one making a charade of it all.

I don't know if Putin is Illuminati, I suspect he is not, but in any case he is boxed in by them and can only do so much. He is boxed in by history too.

Hugo Chavez is not Illuminati, but he is boxed in and can only do so much. He's survived at least one coup attempt, most are not so lucky.

Keep up the great work.

Cancel all debts.
Freedom is the side of which I am on.

Dmitri said (January 28, 2010):

Here is my understanding of what happened during 1941. Britain had at least great influence in North America, and European Russia had taken Asian Siberia. So, Britain and Russia at either end of Europe were able to do this in the past. With Germany located in the middle of Europe, however, Hitler's advisers urged the taking of Africa. Germany could then have recovered their pre-WWI colonies of Angola, Mozambique and Namibia, and more. Ironically, Hitler did send Rommel to Africa, after Rommel's success in France, whereas he could have logically had Rommel handle the next, forthcoming campaign against Russia.

Hitler then appears to have made his worst two mistakes during December, 1941. Here is the timeline:

December 6 - Russia commences a devastating counterattack against German forces approaching the Moscow district. Stalin then offers Hitler Belarus and Ukraine if Hitler ends the war. Hitler refuses.

December 7 - Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. Six months earlier, Japan reneged on its treaty when Hitler invaded Russia.

December 8 - The U.S. Congress declares war on Japan, but refuses FDR's demand for war against Germany as well.

December 9 - Hitler astonishes his advisers by declaring war against the United States. Hitler says that he wants to honor his treaty (above) with Japan.

December 10 - The U.S. Congress then quickly changes its mind and declares war against Germany.

So there we have it. All Hitler needed was an average IQ, and he could have easily avoided war with both the United States and the USSR, and those two countries would then have grudgingly allowed Hitler to take Africa. The only country in the whole world against Germany would then have been Britain, a pinprick by comparison.

pjrs said (January 28, 2010):

You got it right Henry, as Karl Liebknecht explained in 1915 that the actual function of war is to subordinate the mass of ones own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class.

Now think for a minute about the decision made by these same people who created and directed Hitler and Stalin, also gave the go ahead for a massive build up of nuclear weaponry, connect a few dots, and the long running intervention by the high level powers appears.

The trigger was pulled on us decades ago.

WE are the living dead.

Paul A. Drockton uses the term in his writings "Musings of a dead man"

Dietmar said (January 27, 2010):

I've just read your latest article on Hitler and Stalin. You certainly make a convincing argument that both of them were Illuminati agents working against Humanity. I wonder how much evidence can be gathered showing that not only did gentile bankers like Joseph kennedy and Prescott Bush support the Nazis but also Jewish bankers like the Rothschilds.

If that could be documented, then it undermines the whole basis for the Jewish vilification of Germans for the Holocaust because if Hitler and his top Nazis were knowingly supported by Jewish interests, then the Nazi takeover of Germany can be argued to be equivalent to entrapment for the German people in the same way that an otherwise honest individual can be lured into committing a crime with the appropriate inducement, that they would otherwise not commit.

Even if that case can't be made, Rothschild financial support either directly or indirectly for Nazis, especially if it continued after the Nazis openly oppressed German Jews, would be hard for Zionists to defend against the accusation that Zionism indirectly played a key role in making the Holocaust possible and therefore Jews should shoulder some of the blame for the Holocaust themselves.

On a related note, remember some while back we discussed two book ideas, one of which was a book that took the view that Zionism was itself a danger to all Jews? Alan Hart seems to have written just such a book. Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews Volume One: The False Messiah. The link below is a review of it.

Andrew said (January 27, 2010):

I bet that if you are correct, then you will find that just like Stalin allowed the NAZIs to sweep Russia, the French allowed the NAZIs to sweep France around the Maginot Line in 1940. In a speech to the House of Commons ("We shall fight on the beaches"), Winston Churchill called the events in France "a colossal military disaster", saying that "the whole root and core and brain of the British Army" had been stranded at Dunkirk and seemed about to perish or be captured. He hailed their rescue as a "miracle of deliverance."[1]

I bet they wrote Churchill speeches before the war began.

David said (January 27, 2010):

On June 22 1941 Adolph Hitler,saved Western Europe from a massive Soviet Assault.The German military heavily outnumbered, brilliantly encircled whole armies because Stalin had them in attack positions,not defensive ones.

Wing tip to wing tip their Air force was exposed. See Book ICEBREAKER by Soviet Defector. Massive tank parks were hit. HItler properly moved the Panzer offensive south to capture Soviet resources,and destroy the Soviet army that was positioned on Moscow's southern flank. Napoleon captured Moscow but lost the war,and Hitler felt getting bogged down in a fight for the city while huge enemy forces where still on the field was wrong.

IRVING HITLERSWAR As for Hitler's business deals,of course. Britain under Churchill was still refusing to make peace. Germany needed the resources.Evil twins? Old John Birch kosher conservative stuff. Communism believes in mass. Equality of result. The lowest common denominator. Not Hitler. He believed in private property. The power of personality,the Greco-Roman ideals of the West.Beauty,the natural aristocracy of nature.

Oh yes,according to you ,Hitler was a Rothschild,fighting Rothschild's,so we needed to back Rothschild's to fight Hitler to save Rothschild's. He intended for war,so we needed a war to stop a war ,we started to save the world from war!Thats so Talmudic,and Judeo-Christian,so JEWISH. Communism is the same as Fascism, than what was Churchill and FDRs enthusiastic support for Stalin than? Henry,your facts don't add up.But that's what false flags are.Anything to confuse,anything to run from the fact that Hitler fought for the preservation of western man and of western culture,and was refused all negotiation,all talk of peace by the Judeo run Allies.

Keep the lies going,and the hate,to hide who the enemy is.The game is obvious to all of us who study real history,and have any common sense. Throw up a smokescreen.Your latest article is so wrong,despite the facts,despite what you read,and what I and others recommend to you.You are not a dumb man,and its very disappointing and revealing to what your mission is.



Since the red Army was in offensive formation, how hard would it have been to launch a preemptive attack? Nothing you have said explains why Stalin exposed his nation to this brutal onslaught.

I do offend Nazis like you, and for that I do not apologize. But I try to show Germans, as well as Communists and Jews, and everyone else that wars are fabricated by central bankers who believe in Lucifer and hate mankind.


Vano said (January 27, 2010):

Henry, I hope you are genuinely being misinformed about Stalin and not on the bandwagon of paid disinfo artists. Your attempt to learn about Russian history by using MSM media will always lead to disinfo. Every Russian knows about Sorge and the accusation of Stalin letting Hitler concentrate a huge amount of troops and attack first etc. The reason for us sending Hitler huge amount of RAW materials was to exchange them for German heavy machinery which we desperatly needed because we didn`t have any industry up until the beginning of WW2. Stalin knew that Hitler would attack but he tried to postpone it by any means neccessary, even 1 extra day counted. Also possibly he let Hitler attack 1st instead of attacking himself so we didn`t look like aggressors in the eyes of the world opinion.

He purged all the traitors,not the patriotic officers,don`t repeat NWO lies. If Stalin was a traitor his name would have been Gorbachev,look at his results and Gorby`s results.

David said (January 27, 2010):

Both Stalin and Hitler were Illuminati. Lenin was too. The Illuminati will destroy their own. Saddam Hussein was Illuminati as is Ahmadinejad and Chavez. Maybe Osama and Saddam were rescued and given new identities. There are reports of Saddam (original) being spirited out of Iraqi airports leaving his doubles to represent him. It seems that great chess players(like Hitler) are given extended lifetimes...while the media celebrate their deaths. Only the Rothschilds can give the necessary evidence. Guillotines could force the truth out!

Mark said (January 27, 2010):

great post as usual

Stalin worked for the Rothschilds at one point
he was ecstatic about the job he landed at one of their refineries.

this was in addition to his bank/train robbing and bomb making hobbies.

he graduated from a catholic seminary and said the only thing they ever produced were atheists and revolutionaries.

you'd be interested in the two-volume bio of Stalin by Simon Montefiore....

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