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Canada, Australia & NZ Are Still Colonies

December 12, 2010

flags.jpgTruthers hounded by thugs.

by Henry Makow, Ph.D

On November 30, Satanist insider Aloysius Fozdyke wrote "I have been busy hosing down an event which could have turned into a disaster for our plans and mission that relates to an alleged solicitor and an interview on American and Internet radio. Fortunately hardly anyone noticed it."

Aloysius graciously provided links to the interview disbarred solicitor Wayne Levick had on the Vinny Eastwood show in NZ.  He believes the "sheeple" have demonstrated their impotence and more disclosures won't make any difference.

The interview confirms that former British colonies, Australia, New Zealand and Canada never actually achieved independence. World government is an extension of the "British Empire" and independence would have been a step in the wrong direction. So they faked it.

This means that the laws, corporations and currencies of these countries have no legal foundation, and that the governments do not represent the people, nor are they in a position to defend their interests. 

As Ken Shaw writes on his website,, their "elected Government and entire Judicial Systems are totally unlawful, fraudulent and invalid...This has enormous ramifications when considering International Treaties entered into by the these Governments, any political appointments, the banking laws, the whole Court System, taxation, just to name a few, have NO legitimacy and are totally null and void."

"The governments participating in this fraudulent cover up, do not want the general public to know the true situation, as it is part of their overall hidden agenda to manipulate and control the citizens of these countries.

"Also consider the global ramifications against Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family who have knowingly participated greatly in this massive fraud.

"Regarding the New World Order, are then the UN Treaties signed by these Countries valid, as they are not Nations??"

Aloysius Fozdyke, senior member of the satanic Alpha Lodge of Sydney, which controls the Australian government, asked to  "make contact with [Ken] as he obviously has special knowledge."

Ken refused saying Aloysius was an agent of the Australian government.

Aloysius continued: "The people behind the website  are irritants, that's all. We've already destroyed them. There is not a journalist in the world who will publish their boring material. Shortly their website will cease to exist. Accidents happen! Indeed, sometime ago I was attempting to lure journalists, checking the water temperature, so to speak. No one was interested then or now. QEII is controlled by our people; as is her system."

Ken wrote today, Dec 12:
We have been really in a state of shock and were fearful for our safety after being targeted by ruthless thugs, who I can only believe are employed by the Australian Government or big business to threaten and intimidate with the view to keep us quiet. After our website was literally destroyed, our computers hacked, then being followed by supposedly inconspicuous people, unfamiliar cars parked directly across from our homes with 2 occupants within and our home suspiciously infiltrated by professionally skilled thieves, we thought it was time to go underground and to be honest we have until very recently been in hiding.

However it gets to the point when you need to decide what is more important, being fearful of your values and beliefs especially if you are Patriotic and love your country. I know that over the years many thousands of people have given up their lives fighting for injustice within their own Nation. At some stage someone has to stand up to stop these fraudulent criminals from destroying this Country and the lives of the citizens living here. In Australia, even though these evil people control and run this country, whether it is through the Politicians, the Judicial System or the Banks and Multi-National Corporations, they have to be prevented from the continual and blasé actions of their deceptive and despicable behaviour and their hidden greedy agendas.

This article by Ken Shaw is from Aug. 8, 2010.

I have now taken the opportunity to read some of the Fozdyke material and although I am unable to comment on the Satanism aspects of it, I can say that he appears to have a very good understanding of the political situation in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. He also seems to know about the workings of the British Royal Family and government.

For many years a number of Australians and others have been working to rectify some fundamental constitutional, political and therefore legal problems in Australia. These problems, with minor variations, also exist in New Zealand and Canada. I wish to stress that even with the website being down, there is still abundant information available via the Internet to prove all of my assertions. It now appears that maybe it was the Alpha Lodge that had something to do with our website being taken down.


When the Commonwealth of Australia came into being on the 1st of January 1901 the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (UK) defined it "as a self governing colony." (See clause 8). The monarch of the now defunct United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was sovereign. That monarch gave vice-regal authority to an unelected, monarchy appointed Governor-General.

Prior to the end of WWI American President, Woodrow Wilson began pushing for an international body of nations to attempt to prevent any future global bloodbaths. The British at the time still had a sizable empire. The British government decided that if it kept its colonies these would not get a vote in what became the League of Nations. For purely political reasons they decided to grant their colonies freedom, independence and sovereignty knowing that their former colonies would vote with Mother Britain in the League of Nations.


Ninety years ago the British were still the mightiest kingdom on Earth. Their navy surpassed all others. The peoples of Australia, New Zealand and Canada felt safe with the protection of Britain. Australia and New Zealand were on the other side of the world surrounded by non-white foreigners and Canada was living next door to an America already formulating its own colonial ambitions (by any other name).

Truth be told, with the exception of South Africa, Britain's former colonies didn't want their freedom and they didn't want it for very practical military, political, economic and cultural reasons. It was forced upon them for cynical but again, practical reasons.

World War II or The Great War: Part II

When WWII broke out the Americans were not officially involved, however after America orchestrated itself into that war, there was a problem. At a time when international law still meant something, the American Administration was worried that if its troop fought with Australians, New Zealanders or Canadians, they could be hauled before the League of Nations for fighting with colonists who didn't have the ability to declare war (with the exception of wars of independence only nations can declare war. This is basic international law.). Despite what is often stated, the Statute of Westminster, 1931 (UK) recognized what was the continuing colonial status Britain's Dominions; otherwise why pass it into law? Australia was forced to pass the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act, 1942 (Cth) so that the Americans felt comfortable fighting with us!

At the conclusion of WWII the United Nations was born. As its name makes clear, only nation states could be full members. The Commonwealth of Australia was a founding member.

Now certain pressing questions arise:

   1. How can Australia be a free, independent and sovereign nation state if Australia's Federal and State parliaments can't pass laws without the vice-regal signature of an unelected Governor-General or State Governors, all of whom are appointed by a Queen, herself appointed by the Parliament at Westminster? The same question applies to New Zealand and Canada!

   2. On the 11th of November, 1975 a democratically elected government of the Commonwealth of Australia was dismissed by a Governor-General appointed by a foreign Queen! The titles 'Queen of Australia', 'Queen of Canada' and 'Queen of New Zealand' are titles for the same woman appointed by the same foreign parliament. The 'Queen of Australia' is not a title found anywhere in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900 (UK)!

Some Examples of How This Information is Used

Most people think that these issues are esoteric at best, but ask the Japanese government (whaling in Australian Antarctic waters); the American government (with bases on Australian Antarctic territory searching for resources); the government of Sri Lanka (which slaughtering Tamils in the full knowledge that if the truth be told they held a devastating international secret) or the government of Burma (content to securely breach all manner of human rights whilst they hold close their knowledge)? Ask the Israeli government how it can act like a pariah with immunity? Examine the Chinese government's record on dissidents, minorities or the Tibetans and wonder why the governments of the western world kowtow. (The Chinese government has long been aware of the situation but nonetheless copied the website several times.)

There is a lot more information and documentation which is held throughout Australia. We merely await a journalist of integrity who believes that they can get this story and these documents published. Once published, we maintain that the United Nations as a front organization for the coming New World Order will collapse. After the economic and political fallout the leaders of the world will be forced to either commit to freedom, democracy and the right to self determination as expressed in Articles 2, 4, 6, 102 and 103 of the Charter of the United Nations or come clean and demonstrate how the world really works.

Our story includes easily provable forgery of the signature of Queen Elizabeth II on an Appointment document for at least one Australian Governor-General, correspondence by Charles the Prince of Wales, lies told by Tony Blair, the complicity of many major British politicians (including David Cameron), interference in the Judicial system of the United Kingdom by Australian Prime Minister, John W. Howard and the unmistakable nature of the United Nations.

Unfortunately we still await a journalist of integrity.

Any further help you or any of your supporters can provide would be greatly appreciated not only by myself, but by all the citizens of Australia, New Zealand and Canada!!

Perhaps Fosdyke is more on the money than any of us initially thought.

Regards and thanks,


For further information whilst the websites are still up please refer to:


The Charter of the United Nations

Australia: The Concealed Colony.

Transcript of the film Young & Free

A Constitutional Timebomb: Is New Zealand's Government and Court system unlawful?

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Comments for "Canada, Australia & NZ Are Still Colonies "

Irish Dan said (December 14, 2010):

It should be remembered that most of Ireland was too part of this sham Independence and diplomatic shenanigans from 1922 when Ireland was given Free Start ' Dominion Status' and pseudo independence, which remained the situation up to 1949 when Ireland declared itself a Republic.

Ireland's rebellion in 1916 was a minority enterprise that was easily crushed but in the 1918 election, to the British consternation, Sinn Fein carried all twenty-eight out of thirty-two counties for the proposition of ending the Act Of Union of 1804 and establishing a Full Irish Republic.

England ignored the wishes of the Irish people, intensified the war of repression and hijacked two counties into the loyalist voting four to make the Six County Statlet that caused both the Civil War and the on/ off wars since include the recent Low Intensity War that while very much scaled down, is still ongoing since 1970 with a significant section of the IRA still involved in armed action against Crown Forces.

England eventually negotiated a settlement and forced Ireland to accepted it under threat of 'immediate and terrible war'. The result was a Civil War between those who accepted a 'Free State' and Republicans. Britain gave 10,000 rifles, tanks and field pieces to the Free State, no marks for guessing who won.

In 1932 Republicans took electoral power and began constitutionally using the Free State to move towards a Republic, moves that were resisted by Governor General. First the oath of allegiance required from Parliamentarians was ditched and the Governor Generals powers restricted or ignored. Once the office fell vacant The Irish PM appointed a small town Republican shopkeeper that deliberately used his bicycle instead of the State car to ridicule and negate the pomp of the office.

In 1949 at the Common Wealth Conference in Ottawa Ireland formally left the Common Wealth and when the Premier came home, declared a Republic over the 26 counties pending re-intregation of the other Six Counties into National territory.

Australia, New Zeland and Canada can take the Irish route, all it takes is the will of the people in these countries to act as the Irish did.

Tom said (December 14, 2010):

I also read or heard somewhere (William Cooper??)that USA is also still technically a colony of the British Crown. The legal argument is somewhat similar to this Australian thing: The Declaration of Independence was just a declaration of the American colonies, the British Crown didn't necessarily acknowledge that Declaration legally. Also anyone who has ever signed a paycheck in which Social Security and income tax is deducted and itemized that we have in essence signed a contract that we are all responsible for the national debt for all the services they have supplied. I think that translates into over $200,000 for each person right now.

Jenni said (December 13, 2010):

regarding ken's wish to find a journalist to help him publish his material etc, i would say to try john pilger. he is beyond reproach in regards to telling the truth about all these dirty little secrets, and he's an aussie to boot! by the way, i really enjoy your site - many of the articles you post, whether written by yourself or others - have opened my eyes and mind even further.

Charles said (December 13, 2010):

The whole E.U. is fraud and illegal. If you haven’t already, please refer to Christopher Story website: for further information under the archive section. He has written a book on the subject as well. As you probably know, Christopher died under mysterious circumstances last July.

Kay said (August 10, 2010):

Hi Henry, I'd like to update you on a point made regarding the invalidation of Australia; good article by the way!

I don't think Ken realises that the Queen has NEVER appointed the Gov Gen of Australia, the crooked federal govt has been doing this for some time!!

I have been following this for quite a few years and I know for a fact that there was a few people in Australia who had written to the Privy Council in London with the question:

"Has the Queen ever appointed the GG in Australia?"
The answer was,"No, the Queen has never appointed the Gov Gen."

I have been told that there is suspicion that the current Gov Gen, Quentin Bryce, "forged" documents to indicate that she was appointed by the Queen. There has been massive fraudulant activity here to forge documents that the Queen never consented to!

We have the British Constitution in Australia that has never been changed and doesn't belong to us! You cannot have two Prime Ministers under the same consitution! There will be changes taking place shortly for the common good.

The Queen has addressed the UN on 6th July 2010 as Queen of 16 nations of the UN, which includes NZ, Canada and Australia. Now, how can it be that we now have two "heads of state" and not one! Bryce has the gall to call herself "head of state" of Australia and seems to fail to recognise the Queen and deliberately ignore her speech.

I strongly urge to view the Queens UN message on Youtube.
Hopefully, it clears up this important bit of info and I feel it is important to get the info right.

Patrick said (August 10, 2010):

I have no doubt that Canada is in the same situation as Australia because I have been struggling against the system for a few years now, after exposing some of the fraud in British Columbia. I had the details of this fraud-extortion on for some time and I should re-post it soon.

By a complete coincidence I recently found myself speaking to a man in the closest pub to where I live. It was a warm night and I hadn't been in a pub for years but there I was.
We got talking because he was from Australia and a bunch of people were speaking about soccer (world cup).
A while later he mentioned that he worked for government and was involved in the preparation of documentation of all kinds.
When I learned this I asked him straight out why there had to be all the need for using fictional "persons" in his documents. He seemed surprised that I knew and since I have a Scottish accent it was obvious that I was from Scotland originally.
I told him that I had researched into things and that I believed Canada was still a British colony.
At this he just calmly said "why do you care. It works out better for you".
I told him that I was concerned because of the secrecy and that most people didn't know. He said that "most people don't want to know", again very calmly.
I protested that people were being robbed. Again calmly "why do you care?"
He asked for an example and I mentioned the driver's licence. At this he seemed to panic and said "go on".
I told him that I had read it carefully and that I know how to read English. There is an apostrophe in "Driver's" meaning that "this is your Driver's licence" means "this is the licence belonging to your driver".
This of course means that there are two entities present. Either the driver isn't you and you have a driver, or a fictional entity has a driver.
He turned chalk white and left immediately.
The latter is true. The fictional entity has his name in ALL CAPITAL letters and you are his driver, albeit unwittingly.
The statutes apply to the "person" but not to the man operating the automobile.
I had exposed one of his documents for the fraud that it is. We have all been carrying false ID so that police forces can charge the fictional entity "person". I have a whole page explaining this in detail so I should put it back on the site.

The point is that we have all been deceived for a very long time. I should probably feel OK because I am Scottish, but I don't because I am honest. For me this certainly explains a lot because I know many freemasons who are Scottish who are very friendly sometimes, yet they gather at other times in obvious "closed company". It would be like them flicking a switch from being in conversation with people like me to moving into a corner as a group. Then later they would fan out and go back to talking to others. I always thought that their behaviour was weird. It happens in bars, at functions like weddings, etc.

JACK said (August 10, 2010):

I suspect Ken already knows that a journalist of integrity is like hen’s teeth; they don’t exist. And besides, journalists do precisely what their job title implies. They’re enablers of evil, daily distorting reality.

Australia, as one of the nations mentioned, essentially followed the fraud perpetrated upon the lands called Amaracu aka America. One might be able to trace the US Constitution to the Babylonian Talmud, the latter a product of The Magi of ancient Bavel and the regions of Perat-Maishan.

The modern world of man is a Zionist construct. But Zionism is not an inference to the biblical Mt Moriah. Zionism is a loan word conveniently borrowed by European Moloch worshipers. Zion means ‘sunny’ and refers to the Light of Illuminism. In the pre-Flood earth this Light was a visible phenonomen that stretched into the heavens, but later adopted as metaphor for the dark spiritual light of the spirit creature, Nachash (The Serpent).

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at