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Satanist Insider: Hillary Promised Inflation

November 30, 2010


(left, Satanist confab in mid November - Hillary & Oz PM, toilet vampiress, Julia Gillard)

"Hillary said that the process of the American dollar's destruction had started some time ago and was 'proceeding nicely'. Because the American economy was deflating they debased the American dollar, thereby keeping the price of food and fuel high."

by Aloysius Fozdyke


I apologize for not being able to communicate with you further concerning Hilary Clinton. I have been in Canberra liaising and dealing with another constitutional problem that arose out of an overseas radio interview. That particular issue is causing immense problems but suffice to say that we have it under control.

My primary source of information has been unwell. I spoke with him by telephone on the afternoon of Sunday, 28th inst.

I put to him what I'd been told about the Hilary Clinton visit and he responded. I asked him about Hilary's sapphism and he laughed and agreed both that she has strong lesbian tenancies and that she was particularly affectionate towards Kevin Rudd.

He said that Hilary was very forthcoming because she was amid friends. She did speak of starving her people, primarily through inflation. She said that the process of the American dollar's destruction had started some time ago and was 'proceeding nicely'. Because the American economy was deflating they debased the American dollar, thereby keeping the price of food and fuel high. She said that although this hurt every 'robotic American' it would destroy the 'serfs' first. Apparently there are to be riots in cities which the American government is orchestrating and will put down with extreme force. [My informant didn't provide any sort of time table for these riots, but if it were me organizing I'd have these happen during winter and then freeze and starve the sheeple.]

She said that George Walker Bush increased credit and terrorism allowed for greater market interference, both of which lead to a misallocation of resources. Obama continues these policies. The market is now trying to correct this misallocation, but every time it does the Reserve Bank and American government make it worst by providing more credit - 'a little bit more heroin to help you fight your addiction' (laughter).

When you couple with this the baby-boomer aging population, the pension and superannuation 'Ponzi schemes' that misinvested during the government induced international credit boom and the massive inflation to come from Quantitative Easing, she was sure it would be a perfect storm facilitating societal change. [This is pure Alpha Lodge stuff!]

Hilary did mention full body scanners in all government buildings and that these were currently being manufactured. She said that American schools 'are to become more prison like' and that a repeat 'Virginia massacre' would be used to justify integrated profiling of more Americans.

She spoke of agreements reached under her husband's administration between the Democratic and Republican Parties to the extent that 'the side salads vary but the it's the same main course'. She did have nothing but praise for George Walker Bush and advised that allowing freedom to the people is like giving stones to children when you live in a glasshouse. 'If you keep talking Liberty and Freedom you do what you like. Action. Reaction.'

Apparently she spoke about upgrading Pine Gap and other American bases around the world. I wasn't told the details.

She said that 'when you're fighting a war against a verb you can do what you like and the war never ends.' [I questioned my informant but he maintained that she said 'a verb'. It's actually a noun.] To fight terrorism, enhanced interrogation techniques will be employed domestically. When water-boarding was mentioned she laughed but didn't comment.

The Tea Party movement will be used by the American government to further its aims. Julian Assange is 'a dead man walking'. Julia Gillard spoke of various groups in Australia promoting constitutional change and Hillary was aware of two American universities who had provided their help to such groups but were no longer doing so. I'm told that this was only raised in passing.

There was talk about the media, Internet filtering, the government monopolizing all health care and a number of countries were discussed as escape zones for 'America's best and brightest' in case the need arose.

I asked about the teenage girls who left with Hilary and my informant laughed and said that he knew one of them but he would not be drawn. He said that they looked 'scrumptious'.

I asked about new IRS laws designed to destroy American business but my informant didn't remember anything being said about that.

Please note that I wasn't at the meeting and I'm relying on the advice of two informants.

Also, I have been busy hosing down an event which could have turned into a disaster for our plans and mission that relates to an alleged solicitor and an interview on American and Internet radio. Fortunately hardly anyone noticed it.


Editor's Note:

Aloysius graciously provided the interviews he was concerned about .

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Comments for "Satanist Insider: Hillary Promised Inflation"

Pat said (December 4, 2010):

Regarding R.A.P., a person who had intimate knowledge of RAP indicated that Glenn Beck was to make an announcement at the D.C. rally 3 months ago. According to this person, this was to be a huge boost that the Corporate United States is over and the Constitution would be dusted off, etc...well what that satanist bragged about just maybe factual, in other words they got to Beck.

(all due respect to Mr.Drockton, but that radio announcement just did not have enough punch for the satanists to go on red alert globally)

anon said (December 1, 2010):

Regarding the latest Satanist Insider: Since he mentioned it twice, the radio broadcast/interview was most likely Renew American Plan- RAP. Tim Turner has a nationwide program, and allegedly with military backing. Just guessing since Wikileaks is suspect.

Debbie said (December 1, 2010):

Satanist Insider, I am surprised that you have not mentioned Mr Kevin Bracken [a trade union leader who went public saying 9-11 was inside job]. Top Bloke!!!

What about that the poll taken by the Herald Sun, where by 77% of its readers agreed that Kevin Brackens comments were reasonable. Seems as though the Sheeple (as you refer to them) are certainly waking up.

Texas Dan said (December 1, 2010):

I raise an eyebrow at Fozdyke's remark that Hillary Clinton said Julian Assange [of Wiki leaks] is 'a dead man walking. Assange is featured in an MSM political theater reality skit this week cast as a rogue who is actually leaking secret information without authorization. Today BBC reported Assange 'leaked' that he's applying for political asylum in Switzerland, and if turned down there may end up in Havana for protection.
In my opinion Assange is just another actor in the virtual reality script called 'news'. I mean that I think he's a storefront for leaking authorized leaks. This week's soap opera about his being 'on the lam' is public relations. So the image of Hillary saying he's a 'dead man walking' in private seems like disinformation to lend Assange's character credibility.
Everyone who followed the 'reality shows' of Valerie Plame, Sybil Edmunds, Monica/Bill, Watergate, and "the Pentagon Papers" should recognize Wikileaks and Assange as exactly that genre of counterintelligence.

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