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Is Porn Killing Sex in Japan?

June 17, 2011

Counter-intuitive as it seems, pornography may be killing sex in Japan.

by Henry Makow,  Ph.D

Normally teenage boys are obsessed with sex. So you know something is very wrong when more than a third of Japanese youths say they don't want it!

According to a government survey,  35 per cent of Japanese males aged 16-19 are adverse to sex, more than double the 17.5 per cent of men in the previous study in 2008.

The Illuminati are in favor of reducing  population. What is happening in Japan may be a harbinger for Europe and America.  Why is this happening?

Counter-intuitive as it seems, pornography may be killing sex in Japan. According to Wikipedia, "Japanese pornographic culture is more widely accepted as part of mainstream media in comparison to the west. Thus in many cases, scenes acceptable to Japanese audiences are unacceptable in other countries. Ribaldry is quite common even in child-oriented materials and expressions that in most other cultures would not be acceptable for general audiences are shown without a warning."

Pornography is a sexual turn-off. This is why the Illuminati have made it ubiquitous.

People get sick of whatever they have too much of. There's too much sex out there. The challenge and mystery are gone. Most males are jaded. They look at porn to see if there is any woman left who can turn them on.

Porn makes available women seem inadequate. It becomes a substitute for sex with a real woman. 

Many young women model themselves after porn stars. Performing in porn is not very different than their normal lives. Some males have lost respect for females in general as a result of millions of beautiful young women displaying themselves (or worse) for money. 

When you lose respect, interest wanes.

Male heterosexuality involves an element of taking "possession" of a woman, his wife, making her a part of him. Males lose interest in women they feel belong to many other men; and these women lose interest in belonging to any one man.  

Japanese social planners are wringing their hands. The birth rate is 1.21 per family, far below the 2.08 babies required. Japan's population is 127 million but that is projected to decline to 95 million by 2050 and 47.7 million by 2100.

Japanese social planners are contemplating incentives but what is needed is a cultural revolution, a return to heterosexual values like monogamy, courtship, marriage and family. Young women need to make marriage their primary career again.

You can bet the Illuminati-controlled mass media is responsible for destroying heterosexual values, and would be essential to resurrecting them.

Young girls are taught to behave like prostitutes. That has to stop. And pornography should be curtailed. Then males may value live sex again.

Ever wonder why political correctness doesn't extend to porn? They are able to protect homosexuals from anything but heterosexual men and women are attacked in a far more subtle and insidious way. 


Who knows what other factors are at work in Japan? Who knows what they are putting in the drinking water? Who knows the effect of plastic containers on
the sex drive?

A smart reader, Steve, wrote: "I'll keep it short for you; it's NOT the porn that's killing the birth rate in Japan, it's the Pro-homo anime and manga (comic books and cartoons).

"All Japanese men and boys in these shows are typically more effeminate than even the shyest girls you'll meet in life. Need examples; go watch the latest shows starting the new season on "

Apparently there is a porn comic books genre in Japan called "Hentai" which features every imaginable form of sexual deviance. 

A June 2009 article  lists the decline in economic opportunity as a major factor in the neutering of Japanese men. This is relevant to us. If Japan is any indication, marriage and family may become luxuries few people can afford. 

The magazine Weekly Diamond "noted that more than 80 per cent of 35-year-olds in Japan live on an annual income of two million yen - a key poverty benchmark."

"I don't think the lives my parents had is an option for us anymore," laments Kai Ishii, a 26-year-old broker in Shizuoka Prefecture. "I want to eventually get married and buy a house. I just don't know when I'll be able to do that, even if I'm still in a job."

"About one third of the Japanese workforce is now casual or part-time, and confidence in the future is at rock bottom. For many young men, the post-war dream of lifetime employment, home and family, with all the sacrifices it entailed, is fading. In response, some have turned their energies elsewhere, toward the once feminized sphere of consumption - or away from life altogether.

The article makes my point about pornography.

"The pressing need to find a partner has been alleviated by the ubiquity of porn, sex toys and virtual sex on bedroom computers - one reason, say analysts, why consumption of condoms has been falling for a decade."

Feminists see these developments as positive.

"Japanese men had it good for a long time," says sociologist Yuko Kawanishi. "They were macho and sexist, and neglected their wives, so it's good that they're discovering their feminine side, and learning to cooperate."

But this won't solve the problem of the declining birth rate.


Nations once again must define their national interests and enact bold and far reaching policies. They must realize that the philosophy behind globalization is to concentrate all wealth in the hands of the Illuminati, and to reduce what's left of humanity to serfdom. Nations and people that refuse to act will disappear.


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My book "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order" is available in Japanese.  (The English version is available here.)



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Comments for "Is Porn Killing Sex in Japan? "

Olivia said (January 16, 2011):

For god's sake Henry grown men can go to shops in Japan and purchase blow-up dolls for their needs and this negates women all together. Here in America life size rubber men and women can be purchased for the same thing. At least with Japan one might say it is the effect of the bombs that were dropped on them but what is the excuse for America?

Craig said (January 16, 2011):

Congratulations on the superb article "Is Porn Killing Sex in Japan? " A someone who has lived and worked in Japan for nearly 10 years I can personally vouch for the veracity of this article. Why are Japanese High school girls encouraged to dress and behave like sluts? This ties in with the hentai sub-culture that has become so much of Japan. I have encouraged my my friends in Japan to purchase your book, "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order" and incorporate the main points which you make into their teaching curriculum. I have also ordered your latest book"Illuminati 2".

Dan said (January 15, 2011):

Somebody sure want Japan and Germany crippled. Germany's sexual morality standards are in the sewer.

Nobody uses the word iniquity anymore. Now "anesthetized" or "desensitized" are words they use for the phenomenon of becoming oblivious (blind or numb) to depravity and violence. I prefer the word iniquity, which means; when we are so used to sins, we don't see what sin is anymore. 60 years ago people in this country still spoke of pornography as a vice encouraging sins against nature. As long as the Supreme Court upheld that definition, pornography was outlawed.

You and I remember when that was so, so we have the whole picture to see that the rationales for unleashing it were liars, all of them. I grew up like our generation did, laughing at the people who were still saying porn was destructive for society. Every slick litigant, each Federal judge and Supreme Courts justice, and all the white coat science and psychiatric frauds, they lied. The changes in this culture wrought by 60 years of legal porn is inestimable. Yet I think a person must be over 40 to really understand the gravity of it to the extent of being concerned enough to say "no, shut it down".

Look at the world map. porn is out of control in the West, and those same areas on the map are coincedentally the countries with disintegrating families. Porn is absolutely outlawed in China, and the Muslim countries.

We don't have to become Muslims or Chinese to be rid of pornography though. All somebody has to do is stop looking at it. Don't condone anyone else using or approving or it.

Victoria said (January 15, 2011):

Hi: What so many tend to forget in complaining about women's role in the past quarter century or so, is that women would not have been open to feminism had not a lot of men abused their power as men.

I, personally, came from a family where just his sex seemed to be what entitled my father (and all males, once they hit about 17 or 18) to sit around and do nothing while the women in the family worked (my mother was a full-time teacher, supporting the family, so it was necessary for me, as the oldest daughter, to help with cooking and housework); and this was even after he lost his job and sat around home most of the day. He was very much the family 'leader' and he could have set a much better example for all of us by not falling back on his sense of male 'entitlement'. And, yes, it was partly my mother's fault for not taking him to task but, with a physical disparity of over a foot in height and a couple of hundred pounds in weight, it was a daunting prospect to contradict him in any way - especially because he still had the explosive temperament of a 3 year old.

Please, everyone, can we stop with the blaming and just accept that our current problems are a result of many centuries of imbalance on both sides. The only way to right things is to stay in the moment, without resentment (male) or anger (female) and begin treating the opposite sex with the respect we each deserve.

Nicholas said (January 15, 2011):

Estrogenic compounds that are affecting men. If they would have blood work done by a competent doctor they would fine blood estrogen levels much too high and testosterone levels much too low. This effects Asian men more than western men because of their lower average body weight.

They appear in all plastics and are now in the drinking water. Anytime a food is stored in plastic or wrapped in plastic wrap there are poisons transmitted to the food and then us. I have given many lectures on it. It has led to a 50% drop in men’s sperm counts in the last 50 years and an explosion in cancer.

MW said (January 15, 2011):

Courting & waiting until the Wedding Night was a display from BOTH sides of LOVE. If a man is truly IN LOVE with a woman, sex is almost besides the point. [but so much better an experience when it does happen... and OBVIOUSLY a better foundation for a CHILD, should a woman become pregnant.] And if a woman truly LOVES a man, she wouldn't let ANY gossip magazine dictate what elements SHOULD be in her life....she'd just get on with the here & now ...[and be grateful....and respectful.]

Women today have LOST ALL of this virtue. Initially by challenging men, taking a more manly role & throwing feminine self respect out of the window. Now today HATING the very idea of Marriage.State will take care of any kids that arrive on the scene....just what exatly do they want ??? Babies. But now they DEMAND babies form Men like, they deserve them !. Off the bat.I've had women talk "kids" at me within 5 weeks of dating !!! These are women so ugly on the inside I wouldn't trust 'em with an Ant-Farm let alone...... MY child !.After all, what has the woman done for me other than offer to open her legs !.She sure as Heck wouldn't wanna serve me in any way....and thereby NOT fulfilling what I want in any way shape or form !

I myself can't "make love" to a woman [any woman] anymore BECAUSE they simply don't deserve THAT !.If they don't want to put their foot down and say "LOVE ME FIRST,BEFORE ANY BEDROOM FUN",then that is entirely THEIR FAULT.

Being starved of sex,love & affection just sends man to his most basic instincts [and women NO longer try to even curb that].Now, if testosterone levels reach insane levels, better to depress & demoralize yaself for 10 minutes with Porn than "fighting for" something that no longer even exists !.A happy traditional wife.

The war is still lost !

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at