Kevin Annett Rips the Mask from Power

May 14, 2008

annett2.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

If Christ returned, he'd be crucified again, not by Jews or Romans but by the church, which has been invaded by His enemies.

This is obvious from the fate of Kevin Annett, a young United Church of Canada minister who took Christ's teachings to heart, and suffered everything but Crucifixion. (To date, Christ's enemies are reluctant to create another martyr.)

I have been studying the New World Order for eight years but no book has laid bare the true hypocritical face of  power in Western society as Kevin Annett's self published memoirs, "Love and Death in the Valley." Many books have left me winded, but none like this.

I have met Kevin Annett and he doesn't have a halo. But he does exude a transparency and a dogged determination to make sure we learn the truth about the genocide of (he claims) "roughly" 80-90 million North American Indians. He is the closest thing to a genuine dissident in this society, the closest thing to a real hero.  Although he's been fighting this lonely battle for 15 years,  we haven't heard of him, proof our "heroes" are manufactured for us.

Kevin is the kind of "innocent" or "true believer"  organizations like the Communist Party or United (Methodist-Presbyterian) Church hire to provide an artifice.  But "every group has rules"  as Kevin was told repeatedly, and Kevin didn't adapt.  A real Christian represents Christ --not the corrupt impostors who profit from his teaching. Kevin was a Minister of Christ.


"Give the place a bit of Spirit," his boss at Fred Victor Mission, a residence for the homeless near Toronto's seedy district told him, as if talking to a painter.

In the course of his work, Kevin learned the Church Mission was a center for drug trafficking and prostitution and the staff were on the take. He learned that large donations to the Mission were embezzled, while there wasn't any money for Bibles.  When he took these matters to the top of the church hierarchy, they knew and didn't want to know.

This was his first glimpse of the United Church of Canada as a four billion dollar corporation that provides a nice tax-exempt front for a lot of rich people  and a lot of shady dealings. But that's just scratching the surface of  a potential nightmare for the 2.8 million bland well meaning Canadians affiliated with this empty shell of a church.

When Kevin (what an exquisitely Canadian name) took up his next position as Minister in a British Columbia logging town, he opened his sanctuary to the poor and the non-White. He began to hear stories from his Aboriginal parishioners about ethnic cleansing at government funded church-run "residential schools."

Native children  were abducted by the RCMP and forced to attend these "schools" which were concentration camps in disguise. Here helpless children were physically and sexually abused, sterilized and exposed to deadly viruses. Many were subjected to medical experimentation from Illuminati doctors. The death rate was 50%  Annett estimates over 50,000 children died at these schools.  

In an email Tuesday, he wrote: "Continually, eyewitnesses describe that most of them never received formal education, besides religious instruction. Maybe one or two hours of schooling a week, the rest of the time working as manual labour and farmed out as cheap labour or domestics to white families. The ones who got a better education were the collaborators, being trained to be puppets of the government and churches - they're often the ones who now run the big aboriginal groups, band councils, etc. I also have letters from Indian Agents confirming that the kids were not to receive "too much" education."

The blurring of class and color lines strained relations with the church "Old Guard" but the deal breaker was when Kevin publicly opposed the lucrative sale of Aboriginal lands the church held in trust to a large logging company.

Kevin was stripped of his Ministry, the only United Church Minister ever to be defrocked. His supporters were expelled from the church and his wife was pressured to divorce him and take their two children.


Next stop on Kevin's voyage of discovery was a Ph.D. program at the University of British Columbia. There he had access to government archives which documented a deliberate agenda of ethnic cleansing which (he says) claimed one to two million Aboriginals in British Columbia alone over a century.

Just as the Church represents Christ, the university is dedicated to free inquiry and truth. Thus Kevin's funding disappeared and he had to leave. "Unless you play the game, you'll never work in this province again," he was told.

Is it any wonder society is drifting toward Fascism when the institutions that are dedicated to  truth and moral leadership are rotten to the core? You can smell the stench of moral compromise, like rotting garbage, everywhere.

The same applies to the corporate media. Kevin did get a couple of good stories but they dried up with mention of the Supreme Court  judges using Indian children for pedophilia. Similarly, when Kevin was beaten up or his documents stolen, the police and courts refused to act despite video footage of the theft. Why would they? They regarded the murder of thousands of Aboriginal children as "too big a task to investigate."

Church. Corporations. Academia. Media. Law. Police. That leaves the government. Recently the Canadian government absolved the Church of any liability for its crimes. Kevin wrote to me Tuesday:

"Yes, all the churches have been granted effective immunity; Indian Affairs announced so last February when they said there will be no criminal prosecution for anything that went on in the rez schools. Disgusting. Natives cannot sue the churches after the settlement - that was part of the deal the AFN (Assembly of First Nations) did on behalf of all the survivors, without consulting them once. It's as bad a crime as the original atrocities."


 Kevin's Love and Death in the Valley is available here. He  is  an excellent writer.  I also recommend you visit Kevin's webpage 
and donate if you can. He represents the single greatest threat to the Illuminati  in Canada today. He is being followed by police and subject to increasing organized Internet smear attacks. He ministers to the homeless and lives on a shoe string.

The Illuminati want the land and the water rights. The Aboriginals are the only people standing in their way. Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and Canada's misdeeds, like China's, could attract worldwide attention.

In his book, Love and Death in the Valley, Kevin muses on the disconnect between what people profess and what they actually do.

"The most successful minister in the church I found is the man or woman who can function as an efficient dissociated personality, regularly professing one thing and practising the opposite." (151)

Kevin Annett demonstrates the impact people can have when they act on their beliefs. As such, he is an inspiration to me.
See also my  "Did the Illuminati Exterminate Canadian Indian Children?"

and    "When Pedophile Judges Fear Exposure"


Comments for "Kevin Annett Rips the Mask from Power"

Dan 2 said (May 17, 2008):

adn't heard back yet from Kevin on the question of evidence of state-side sterilization: but found it through Russell Means comment in Mohawk Radio interview. He mentioned that 34% of native women, 42% Puerto Rican women in the US had been sterilized during 4 years in the early 70's. The interviewer asked him 'where do you get these statistics'. Russell exclaimed, "We got it from the government's files! The Public Health Service...AIM exposed that in 1974!"

And so they did. Here's the documentation.

* The Indian Health Service and the Sterilization of Native American Women
* Jane Lawrence
* American Indian Quarterly, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Summer, 2000), pp. 400-419 (article consists of 20 pages)
* Published by: University of Nebraska Press -

Dan said (May 16, 2008):

Kevin has a great lecture recording on the origins of genocidal policy at the beginning of the colonial era. If you haven't heard it it's worth a listen as the real history lesson. The file title is HFH-04-06-28.mp3

You're quite right that there's always the outer artifice structure of religions and institutions, insulated from the reality of the secret structure behind all our institutions. Since he got wise, Kevin's traced the history of insitutional Christianity back to it's root as the convenient new cover for the Roman empire as it's ability to control the world through military force was on the wane. He identifies this beast as Christendom (the 'Kingdom of Christs') as opposed to the early gnostic form.
I think of the insulated 'nice' outer temple of institutional Christianity as 'Christen-dumb'. The useful public is always given this insulated institution which is so much the antithesis of the dark orders within political core. They can't believe it when atrocities committed by their church come to light, since their experience all their lives with their church is entirely different. For example, to my knowledge, the wealthier Catholic diocese of the world weren't given pedophile priests. This protected them for a long time, though church pedophilia went too far into blue collar, lower middle class Catholic diocese. I suppose that's why they've gotten caught.

Once we understand this it's evident that we cannot 'save' the institutional churches. No matter how good the ministers and people currently in the insulated artifice churches, they are still controlled and funded through the old Establishment. Whether it be the Vatican, or the Protestant heirarchy. Currently these institutions are being deliberately collapsed and morphed by the Illuminati heads of these establishments into their own new artifice. Beware -- the New Age model they're morphing us toward have also co-opted the gnostic and native religion concepts too in order to 'own' them, just as they owned Jesus for 18 centuries.

Sincere Christians and ministers must to go back further, and create their own self controlled churches.

Don said (May 16, 2008):

Reading the article from Kevin Annett made me think about a late friend of mine. Mr. Andrews was a Tlingit from Southeast Alaska. He told me that he and other Tlingit children were taken from their families and sent to missionary schools. At the age of three, he was forcibly taken by the authorities to one of these schools. Once in school all the children were denied any contact with anything of their culture. If they spoke in their native tongue, they were beaten. I can’t use the exact words he used to describe the Jesuit teachers. To say that he hated them is to put it mildly. Mr. Andrews went into the U.S. Army after leaving the missionary school and didn’t see his family again until he was 19 years old.

Not many people know that things like this happened. I would not have known if he didn’t tell me about it. Te hear him describe the terror and sadness of being taken from his home shocked me. What a cruel thing to do.

Richard said (May 16, 2008):

I got his book since you recommended it so highly, the .pdf version so I can go ahead and read it.

My whole attitude has revived up since you published your article on Annett a few weeks ago. Thanks for that, I'd not have heard of any of this otherwise. I recognized quickly that yes, what he's uncovered and what he's doing is the biggest threat to ripping the mask off the whole damn illusion of the masonic double-faced, double-talk system. It screams the Emperor has no clothes. When people finally get it, the
whole artifice of the culture of death masquerading as government and institutional religions will collapse.

Coincidently I had been corresponding on email with the Anishinaabe woman in Michigan, and her story had me looking into current events in
native culture again. It always has affected me deeply. Since then, she vanished and her email address bounces.

Seems like kismet, to have all this native stuff coming into personal view at once this year. Maybe we've tuned in. There's a Seven Fires prophecy which said that this culture (the Masonic
one) represents a forked direction humankind took, and they said it can't hold, and is destined to collapse under the weight of it's own
evil. The last prophecy said that in this time, some carried on that path (non-Indians) will renounce it's ways an the future of humanity
hangs in that balance.

Jean said (May 15, 2008):

Thank you for your article titled "Kevin Annett Rips Mask from Power."

Thank you for modeling truth and righteousness in your actions, something that is NOT happening in my local Roman Catholic church and its "Office of Pro-Life Activities - Diocese of Austin.

Kevin Annett's video shows that is was not only the "United Church" of Canada that committed these NAZI attrocities, but it also cites the names of several Roman Catholic children's residential homes as the places of these heinous mortal sins.

We are in NAZI Germany NOW in the U.S.A. I pray for the strength and courage to be not conformed to this satanically corrupt world system and to fight in prayer and in my self discipline, but also fight in the streets against these atrocities.

The Roman Catholic church was complicit also in the Franklin Cover-up involving Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska. The Roman Catholic church is silent and therefore complicit (they call it "sin of omission" - "in what I have done and in what I have FAILED TO DO" ) regarding what is happening in El Dorado Texas right now and what has happened at the Texas Department of Youth and the long-term NAZI practices of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, aka the Texas Department of Child Abduction and Child Rape.

Here is a link to an article equally as important as yours, Dr. Makow, and the comments area gives many other important links.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Ephesians 6:12

The only thing the "Christian" church in the U.S.A. is "protecting" or "wrestling against" is its 501c3 corporate tax exempt status and those in the "church" who would model the Truth and Righteousness Who is Christ.

Deb said (May 15, 2008):

Mr. Makow: Another wonderful but sad article. Years ago I met an Ojibwa (spelling?) woman from St. John (I think New Brunswick) who grew up in an orphanage run by the Catholic Church. She got almost no education in literacy until an adult, I think she learned some reading and writing in adult ed. As with the BC natives, she was forced to work (and yes she had sex with some bishop there I remember her saying) and when she tried to run away several times, they'd lock her in solitary each time except to work, usually laundry or floor cleaning. Anyway, she was involved in a class action suit against the church over this orphanage and the abuse/slavery conditions. I don't remember how it you? Also, there was a book about it (believe it or not she wanted me to ghost write a book about this, but since I live in west Texas that was impractical.)

Dean said (May 14, 2008):

For several months I have enjoyed and benefitted from your informative website. Your recent article on Kevin Arnnett is quite interesting. I have a couple of native friends, one whose mother was forced to grow up in one of the government/church orphanages. I do believe their should be an investigation into what happened over the years at these orphanages. However the way that Kevin Arnnett is going about this is very
destructive. He is accusing people wholesale of being murderers without any concrete evidence or without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Worst of all was his protest at a Catholic Church during Easter
Mass. It was a horrible way of getting the message
across. He interrupted a religious service as people were worshipping. Some of his followers yelled out "murderers" to innocent churchgoers, some of them children. Any respect or credit I had for the man went right out the door.

I thank you for getting this subject out in the open. This should be investigated in a proper manner and any crimes that were committed should be punished to the full extent of the law. Thank you again for the many excellent articles and for your great site! Peace and God Bless.

Kevin Annett replies:

Hi Dean,

Thanks for writing. It's unfortunate that the mainstream media has portrayed our action at the holy rosary church as disruptive, when it was quite the opposite. A few very angry survivors who saw friends murdered in the residential schools yelled at some church goers, and the media latched onto that and blew it up. Most of us spoke gently to the church goers and even to the priest who was yelling at us. We simply asked them to take responsibility for the children who died under their care.

Even when we entered the church that Palm Sunday, we did so respectfully and ceremonially. We walked to the front of the sanctuary and stood there quietly, holding a banner in memory of the disappeared children. After five minutes, we left the sanctuary so as not to interrupt the communion service. Our elders led us out to drum beat, and the entire congregation stood up in respect as we passed.

None of that made it into the media, even though there were cameras and reporters in there with us. The press was determined to make the whole event look angry and confrontational when it wasn't.

The refusal of the churches to say where these children are buried is the issue, and we have always raised this respectively and non-violently.

I urge you, Dean, to see for yourself how we act and meet me in person before you judge as on the basis of very biased media coverage. Please see our website and feel free to write to me, if you have other concerns.


[email protected]

Tina said (May 14, 2008):

Thanks Henry for writing about Kevin Annett and his efforts in enlightening the public of the plight for our aboriginals in Canada and how those within the church have participated in genocide.

In a recent article in the Macleans magazine, with its front cover page entitled, “B.C. WORLD CRIME SUPERPOWER” it gives Canadians and others some knowledge of how very corrupt, the bar and judiciary is in this country and how such organization have given the appearance of being working with and for organized crime.

For example, it was reported last year that Glen Hehn’s, a full patch member of the elite Nomads of the Hells Angels in B.C., had been charged with trafficking wherein one-kilo cocaine bricks worth a total of $1.5 million were seized from his vehicle and his storage locker.

The case went before Justice Peter Leask, a former criminal lawyer and former special prosecutor for the A-G of the province of British Columbia.

It became evident to any reasonable person that last year Justice Leask was an advocate for Mr. Hehn on the bench when he engaged in impermissible conjecture and speculation during cross-examination of the Crown’s expert witness and again during submissions. Mr. Hehn was naturally acquitted by Justice Leask and the Crown appealed his decision.

On April 28, 2008, the B.C. Court of Appeal, the old stumping grounds of Wally Oppal, the panel, which consisted of, The Honourable Madam Justice Huddart, The Honourable Mr. Justice Mackenzie, The Honourable Madam Justice Kirkpatrick, unanimously upheld the decision of Justice Peter Leask. The Crown claimed in its submissions that there were no error revealed in the trial judge’s reasons for judgment and naturally the Appeal Court of B.C. agreed with the Crown and dismissed its appeal. – It is not unreasonable to conclude that the Crown deliberately made the case against itself in order to upheld the decision of Justice Leask who failed to show absolute neutrality with respect to Mr. Glen Hehn and therefore he no longer was impartial but rather became an advocate behind the bench for Mr. Hehn. In effect, it is blatant in the Crown and the bench assists each other to either obtain a conviction or acquittal.

Subsequently, I would suspect that the B.C. Attorney General, Wally Oppal, former justice of the Court of Appeal, is not enforcing its laws regarding criminal organization and marijuana grow operations because he has a serious conflict of interest, as evident with his brother Harry Oppal who was under investigation by a special prosecutor appointed by Wally Oppal. The investigation of course turned in favour of his brother Harry Oppal on the basis that the special prosecutor claimed that the witnesses against Harry were not credible.

Consider that Stephen Easton, an economics professor at SFU was quoted to say in the recent Macleans magazine that, ""There's been no indication Canadian police have been compromised or that politicians or judges have been bought, but it's hard to imagine these kinds of flows of money without that happening".

I know from my own family such as uncles, that organized crime is cemented from within. --- The story of my own family will eventually be told in due course when I am ready to put all the pieces together first.

Kevin Annett is doing a wonderful job and we need more people to expose the corruption that is damaging all of us.

And thanks a million for writing about our own corruption coming right from Canada, where people believe that Canada is honest and clean.

Mike said (May 14, 2008):

Brother Henry,

I really enjoyed the article about Kevin Annett. He seems to be a wonderful and courageous man. As a former pastor and religioinist, I can relate to him. Not only have I confirmed through research, but have experienced personally, the corruption in the so-called "church". I am a very spiritual person and I love and serve God. However, I know organized religion to be the most evil and corrupt institution on earth; equal in evil to politics. The true christians, like Kevin Annett, who actually pattern their lives after Christ need our prayers and certainly deserve our respect.
Thank you,

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