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Did the Illuminati Exterminate Canadian Indian Children?

April 23, 2008


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Some of the most resolute do-gooders in the world are Christian Canadians. But while they  condemn Ernst Zundel for "holocaust denial," they may have some skeletons of their own buried near former church-run residential schools.

For 15 years, a defrocked United Church Minister , Kevin Annett, 51, has led an heroic crusade to make the church admit that as many as 50,000 Indian children may have been murdered in residential schools and hospitals funded by the Canadian government and run by the United, Anglican and Catholic Churches.

Two weeks ago his organization
released a list of 28 mass graves  near residential schools.

For example:

" Port Alberni: Presbyterian-United Church school (1895-1973), now occupied by the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) office, Kitskuksis Road . Grave site is a series of sinkhole rows in hills 100 metres due west of the NTC building, in thick foliage, past an unused water pipeline. Children also interred at Tseshaht reserve cemetery, and in wooded gully east of Catholic cemetery on River Road."

This press release got no coverage in the mainstream media. Annett says the 28 mass graves represent the "tip of the iceberg." There were 120 residential schools at the peak in the 1940's.

Arnett's website claims that government records place the annual death rate of children at residential schools between 1907 and 1959 at 50 per cent.  This combined with the sterilization of thousands of native women sounds like an organized policy of genocide to me.

The Churches have told the public that these crimes were isolated instances of physical and sexual abuse. In 2005, the Canadian government promised almost $2 billion to tens of thousands of "survivors" but refused to issue an apology. In spite of this, many of the worst victims, now homeless and suffering from mental and physical disabilities, are being denied benefits for "lack of proof."

The truth may be far more serious, so horrific indeed as to defy belief.  The Church was active in defrauding Indian bands of their lands. Children were deliberately murdered, often exposed to deadly diseases.  But most telling of all, pedophile rings preyed on some children while others were subjected to medical experiments by German-speaking doctors.

A "Gail Cooper" was the only survivor of 25 natives and orphan children used for medical experiments at the Lincoln Park air force base in Calgary in 1956-58. They were being traumatized for mind control purposes. They were being supervised by a "Capt. Bob Armstrong" who had an SS tattoo, and who Gail Cooper later identified as Josef Mengele.

This and the fact that Annett has met with near-unanimous rejection from every branch of the Canadian establishment, including the Church, academia, government and the media, suggests that he may have stepped on Illuminati toes.

Annett describes his persecution in his must-see documentary "Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canadian Genocide." He was repeatedly threatened with expulsion from the church if he didn't drop the investigation. His wife was subverted and divorced him taking their two children. After being removed from the church, he was kicked out of a Ph.D. program at the University of British Columbia and told he would never work in academia. He was harassed and beaten by the Vancouver police.

Apart from the necessity for the Churches and Canadian government to apologize and atone for their crimes, Annett's story illustrates how most of our institutions are infiltrated and run by racists, satanists, perverts and criminals, often masquerading as devout and God-fearing Christians. 

If these claims of genocide are true, they do not bode well for us re. other Illuminati depopulation programs, including feminism, "gay rights," abortion, vaccines, famines, plagues and war.

Annett believes that the Church is part of the engine of elite control and oppression and he advocates a boycott of the Canadian churches named, and Canada in general, until these questions have been resolved.

Response from Wes Penre of

Crowley1.jpgSeems like we were tuning into the same thing here. I also posted an article about the church yesterday. Annett is right- he definitely stepped on Illuminati toes. The United Church of Canada is most probably controlled by the OTO, Crowley's old Magick Order. Please check the two pics I attached. The 'golden' one is the logo of the church of course, and the black one the logo of the OTO. Same old Sex Magick and Human Sacrifice...A very strong video, by the way. After all research I've done in my days, it takes a lot to move me in a way this film did. It actually made me mad.

Oh, a little side note, by the way. I know a person who has been an A.'.A.'. member (offspring from the OTO) most of his adult life and he also knows the OTO inside out. He explained to me some years ago what the OTO logo represents: The symbol in itself is the female vagina, the bird (dove) is the male semen moving towards the Holy Grail, which is the female egg. That's Sex Magick in pure symbolism.
Dan adds: He's spot on about the symbology of this emlem.  In occult terms the OTO is an Atonist religious order based upon 'sperm gnosis'.  Pure mystery religion. 

But look at the United Church's emblem.  There is a St. John's cross in red - the same red cross used in the high Masonic for many orders and secret societies. 
The United Church of Canada is of course an Anglican church.  Ostensibly the United Church was the result of an amalgamation of independent Presbyterian and Methodist churches across Canada between 1908 and 1925. 

Church Denials

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Comments for "Did the Illuminati Exterminate Canadian Indian Children?"

Diane said (April 28, 2008):

Henry your interview with Kevin Annett [April 27-podcast at] was absolutely amazing. I think I am not alone in experiencing the whole gamut of emotions

While listening to the truth that Kevin so articulately brings to light. Thankyou for ending the interview on such a high note,

I probly would have had nightmares otherwise. Anyway, great interview, humbling, jaw dropping, and much more.

Let’s hear more from Kevin soon.

Carissa2 said (April 27, 2008):

Another point I forgot to mention in my email is that often times the Indian children were molested/raped. That was a big one.

The whole pretext for being yanked from their families and tribes and shipped off to these Catholic boarding schools was that they were being "civilized." people raping them and inflicting torturous abuse on them?? These were behaviors that supposedly didn't exist in the Indians' tribes, stuff they'd never been exposed to until the white man came to "civilize" them. It's impossible for me to read and not get angry and emotionally riled up over it all. Just makes me want to reach back into time and do something to protect them...but I can't. It was 40, 50, 80 or 100 years ago, and I'm reading about it way after the fact, from those who survived, or their decendents, telling their tales. I hate injustice. So even though my research has been on Indians in America, it's safe to assume/confirm that these claims are true for Canada as well.

Andrew said (April 27, 2008):

Per capita, Canadian Natives are a larger percentage 4.3% of the population than in the USA .8%.

Canada had more natives to kill so had to resort to more drastic measures. But Henry the eugenics and/or depopulation of native people is happening all over the world.

"Speaking of depopulation programs currently being implemented in the Third World, former Brazilian health minister Carlos Santana said, "The World Bank, through their reports of its Presidents, has always made its proselytizing for a rigid birth control policy explicit," Santana reported that included in World Bank credit packages and investment in Third World countries is an implicit agenda of depopulation, and questioned why Brazil was targeted for birth reduction, with approximately forty per cent of Brazilian woman having been already sterilized."

Dan2 said (April 26, 2008):

I watched Annett's documentary and here for once I think you have the real deal. This man's story, and his understanding of it, says as much about how this Masonic culture really works when somebody hits a hot spot. It exposes the network as well as it does what happened to the Indians. I tell people often that we are ALL Indians to them. They just haven't gotten around to some of us this year.
Annett impresses the hell out of me. I'm inspired that he said that though it would appear the forces he triggered against him are thought of by most of us to be impossibly powerful, that when 'powerless' people stand up to them with persistence, they undo themselves. They really have shown their colors with Annett. They rely of course on control of the media to hide what they're doing, but they've exposed themselves far more than they prefer to take down this man with neither position or money.
He exposes even the UN for what they really are. He learned the hard way by initially thinking they would help. This is not an armchair 'liberal' who's satisfied to buy into all the phony organizations they give us masquerading in sheep's clothing. His work threatens to burst that illusion for anyone who hears this story.

People must quit trusting in big Church and NGO's, or politicians to champion human welfare. They're all in league with the enemies of humanity.
Great job and you can bet I'll be tuned in Sunday.

Dan said (April 26, 2008):

Back in 2002 the Archbishop of north New Mexico, acting on behalf of the last pope, made formal apology for the history of Catholic school child abuse dating back to the days of the Spanish Empire's occupation of the area. He made this speech with much hoopla and national press in Santa Fe while I was there. I knew local Hispanic Catholics who are the salt of the earth, almost childishly faithful and trusting of the Church. General consensus was 'that was then, this is now'.
I researched it back then, knowing high officials of the Church don't admit being in error about anything unless they must. Sure enough the cat was out of the bag at that time. Lawsuits were piling up all over the world as the number of people coming out that they'd been abuse (about 98% males) and the Vatican wanted to do what it could to cut down on victims coming forward.
It works on a lot of very devout Catholics - the Hispanics all agreed, 'they don't do that anymore. The church has changed, we have a good pope and good men now. Let's forget about it and not punish them for what their predecessors did'.

Seeing tonight's article I looked up the New Mexico apology on Google, and look what popped up.

Friday, April 25, 2008

"Robert F. Sanchez, the Archbishop of Santa Fe, N.M., announced yesterday that he had submitted his resignation to Pope John Paul II. The announcement came two days before the CBS News program "60 Minutes" is to broadcast a report naming several women who say they had sexual relations with him in the 1970's and early 80's.

"It is my personal desire to thoroughly evaluate my life and ministry before God," Archbishop Sanchez wrote in a letter to Roman Catholics in his archdiocese. "I have also written to the Holy Father humbly asking him for permission to resign."

Jeff said (April 24, 2008):

Great bit on Kevin Annett who deserves to be on stamp for his efforts to bring the story of the residential schools into public consciousness. What makes me think it is coordinated is the fact that everyone is using the same play book with their programming methods. This wasn’t figured out by the United Church because it pre-dates the United Church. If you look into the residential schools in the US or the story of the Duplessis Orphans or the treatment of the Aboriginals in Australia or the the torture methods used in Guantanamo or in Israeli jails or at Abu Ghraib or even with the trauma induced mind control associated with 911 you will find the same brutal techniques--techniques Cathy O’brien described at length in her books. It has to be coming from one source and it goes back to Roman times and perhaps before (in a more primitive form of course).

I’ve drawn the parallel with 911 because I have studied people’s response to the event for years. It was an example of trauma based programming on large scale and as result very few people have been able to grasp what took place on that day. Naomi Kline’s book Shock Doctrine perhaps predictably never reveals the hidden hand behind the events. This is pure speculation, but it appears to have been somewhat intentional. The book kept everyone focused on the trauma and the fallout without ever pre-supposing that it was set up.

The good news is that know we all know the program. We know that the intention is to induce cognitive dissonance in the general population or on an individual level and as result people can’t connect with truth, love or natural law. That is the real challenge. I think one of strongest points made in the movie is Kevin’s reference to soulless nature of the Europeans. That is what our race is—we are so shut down emotionally, spiritual, and our integrity is so compromised that we can’t discern anything. Kevin talks about this from time to time on his radio show. What an incredibly large scale social experiment we are living in...

All that said, what if there is one force in the universe and that force or energy is pure love? How do we as human beings organize or interpret our world in terms of that understanding?

Rick said (April 24, 2008):

I have been reading your articles through the Jeff Rense site for a number of years now and have found them to be quite thought provoking.

As for your most recent one about the churches, Illuminati and sex magick, I would like to pass on a little bit of a teaching I had once received from a very good friend and whom I considered and Elder of mine. Before I begin, just to let you know, I am of Europen descent.

His first name was Mel and he was Ojibwa and had passed on to me many of his teachings from his Elders and one of them goes something like this: " Many times we Indians were and still are accused of being barbaric especially in your history books, especially when it comes to the topic of burning priests, especially Jesuits. Well this was used as a penalty for sexually abusing children and would also be used on our own people. Wonder why so many black robes were burned?"

For years as a child I had been taught how they are pagans and devil worshippers. Not so. The Peoples of Turtle Island have a good reason to be angry and I pray that they let this go and move on for their own sake. They have a beautiful culture and values that go with it and deep respect for the land (when in balance) and also pray to the ONE GOD, the Great Mystery and we can learn from them when we open heart and mind and it may be their culture and teachings that can also save us from the Illuminati's great corrupter.

Carissa said (April 24, 2008):

I know your article's focus was on what so-called Christians may have done to the Canadian Indian children, but from what I've already read in my own American Indian research, it's safe to assume that these allegations for Canada are true.

Unfortunately. American Indian children being shipped off to abusive Catholic schools where many were never seen again, according to several autobiographies I've read. In the same way as Holocaust survivors whose families all died in the camps, there are many an American Indian with stories of children who disappeared after being shipped off to these schools.

The ones who survived came back with horrific tales of abuse. First there was the trauma of being torn from their families and the only life they ever knew, to be sent off to a white man's school where they didn't speak English, didn't understand what was going on or why they were even there. Many thought they would soon return home; however many never survived, and the ones who did often didn't see their families again for another decade, or more.

Next their braids were cut off, and they were given white man's clothing. Siblings were then separated and not allowed to see each other as a means to tear apart family units, keep everybody isolated. The strongest element of Indian society is the family unit....the tribe, after all. Punishments for infractions - which sometimes included not being able to speak English - might consist of being locked in closets for up to two weeks at a time, chained to radiators in school basements, beaten, starved, stripped naked and made to stand outside in subzero weather where they were dowsed in cold water. Kids caught huddled together in beds for comfort were separated and beaten and made to feel like pervs by repressed nuns. Etc. etc., so on and so forth. All manner of the worst kinds of trauma, torture and abuse were inflicted on tens of thousands of Native American children who were at the mercy of crazy people hiding behind the cross.

In Mary Crow Dog's autobiography, "Lakota Woman," she speaks of a Canadian Indian female she befriended who went through everything she went through, shipped off to a Catholic school where she was viciously abused, etc. Same exact story, just a different country with different names for what they called various things, to paraphrase what Mary noted.

This systematic program of destruction and genocide against Native Americans was very real in both America and Canada. Unfortunately, unless one is Native American or has researched Native American matters, most people are completely in the dark about it all. They have no idea. It's never discussed in school, and when something is exposed, it just receives media black out.

So the only sources that seem to talk about it are the actual Native American biographies/autobiographies, or the alternative news media. Russell Means mentions it in his autobiography, "Where White Men Fear to Tread" and what was done to his parents; Dennis Banks also talks about it in his autobiography; as do Leonard Crow Dog, Mary Crow Dog, Eddie Benton-Benai in the book "Wisdomkeepers," and so on, to give you a starting point if you weren't already familiar with them.

But it seems that this is a big reason why Eddie Benton-Benai started the Red School House in Minnesota - it was one small way to contradict these atrocities and what his own childhood was like. Start a school where Indian children will be celebrated, speaking in their own tongues, performing Indian ceremonies, and learning about their culture and history.

June said (April 24, 2008):

Dear Dr. Henry Makow - I thank you for bringing this heinous crime to light. I noticed that the canadian msm is eerily silent. My mother was in one of those hell holes, so again thank you and God Bless You.

Linda said (April 24, 2008):

I read your article posted today on Jeff Rense's website re: allegations of Canadian Indian children being murdered, etc. You may want to check out a two-part Canadian docudrama first aired in 1993, The Boys of St. Vincent; it's based on events that occurred at a Catholic orphanage in Newfoundland.

This docudrama was quite controversial when it was first aired, and remains so to this day. American mainstream media tends to focus on the pedophilia problems within the Catholic church, virtually ignoring similar problems in other faiths (the current polygamy crisis in Texas notwithstanding) or in other countries.

Michael said (April 24, 2008):

When you and I went to school it was a rare event when a student died.

But those residential schools in Canada, Australia, here and elsewhere had mass graves filled with children.

When are we going to open our eyes to the fact that these "christians" were engaging in satanic ritual human sacrifice?

The hard evidence is right there in the graves.

Ross said (April 24, 2008):

I have difficulty with Wes's linking the OTO and United Church of Canada. The UCC was formed in 1925 when union took place between Methodist, Congregationalist, and some Presbyterian congregations in Canada.

The descending dove is an old Methodist symbol, depicting the Holy Spirit descending earthward. The shape of the crest resembles that of a fish, which has been a Christian symbol for centuries.

The official interpretation of the crest is here:

I am certainly not defending the residential schools - just offering my opinion.



Thanks Ross,

They always have an "explanation" for their symbolism. The coincidence is remarkable, including the shape of the emblem.

Dan comments: Bingo. He's just one step more to realizing what that implies.
The symbology of Mystery Babylon are indeed thousands of years old. Crowley didn't get his designs from an branding agency on Madison Avenue. The dove is sperm, the form of the encasing emblem speaks for itself to occultists.

The trick is that esoteric occult symbolism has been cleverly insinuated into the emblems of institutions and logos of companies for so long, and everyone in the culture sees them everyday associated with the exoteric contexts they've given us. That's hard for people to accept initially for what it reveals to us about the institutions and corporations that have been so familiar to us. It means we've been be-fooled. By something insidious.

Did Jesus ever represent spirit as a dove, or wear a crucifix rosary? The early adherents of the teachings of Jesus didn't need these symbols, they were persecuted. They'd be persecuted today by some of the very organizations who's controllers walk around with impunity in flowing robes. We may be shocked when we're learning so many of these 'shepherds' are wolves in sheep's clothing, but their actions are no indictment of either Jesus or the teachings. It's these institutions we're learning have held Jesus Hostage for 1700 years Christians should take to task. It's time to expose the charade of Atonism that's been hiding behind the curtain for far too long.

As for the United Church of Canada, forget about the symbols and look at the deeds in this matter of sustained, organized genocide on Canada's conquered people, and the scope of the top level conspiracy in which church, state, and big money are in bed together even now.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at