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Does Conspiracy Extend to Musical Scale?

October 21, 2012

bad-music-web.jpg"This unnatural standard tuning frequency, removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones, has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man."

by L. C. Vincent
(for from Aug. 31, 2010)


Vibration throughout the frequency spectrum of sound, heat, and light, is the organizational principle of matter.  Sound is the organizational principle of our Universe, of physical matter and most importantly, living matter.

The science of Cymatics illustrates that when sound waves move thru a physical medium (air, water, sand, metallic particles, etc.) the frequency of the waves has a direct effect upon the structures which are created by the sound waves as they pass thru that particular medium.  YouTube videos show these fascinating patterns and arrangements here:

Sound is also the basis for form and shape:


Imagine an incredibly powerful, wealthy person who secretly prospers from conflict, disease and war learns that certain sound frequencies (those easily divisible by two, signifying opposition) create conflict, discord and disharmony while those divisible by three  (signifying balance, polity, reconciliation, harmony) produce symmetry, and visually harmonic, pleasing structures.

Now imagine that he has the power to establish the tuning standard of all musical instruments throughout the Western World. 

Imagine that he bases the entire scale of musical artistic creation upon a frequency which would skew vibrations towards discord.

It sounds like science fiction.  Yet this is exactly what transpired in September 1939 when Rockefeller (Illuminati) financial interests dictated that the standard tuning for the note of "A" above middle C would henceforth be said to vibrate at precisely 440 cycles per second.  

This unnatural standard tuning frequency, removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones, has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man. 

The standard tuning fork, which is set to vibrate the note "A" above middle C at 440 cycles per second, is based upon a frequency only divisible by two rather than three, which means that all of the musical notes both above and below it are affected. 

Despite the apparent "sweet music" a symphony orchestra can produce, when all instruments are tuned based on the A=440Hz key frequency, they are covert weapons no matter what "music" they may be playing.

These destructive frequencies entrain the thoughts towards disruption, disharmony, disunity.  Additionally, they also stimulate the controlling organ of the body -- the brain -- into disharmonious resonance, which ultimately creates disease and war.


In a paper entitled "Musical Cult Control,"
Dr. Leonard Horowitz writes:  

The music industry "...features this imposed frequency that is 'herding' populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness...." while the agents of this conspiracy provide 'therapeutic' pacification in the form of myriad psychotropic drugs and tranquilizers for the stress they purposely created, and chemotherapy for the more serious illnesses it inspires."

He says, "Energy (vibration) impacts "life" (biology) and our bodies through the most common medium of life:  water.  Our body weight, which is nearly 80 percent water, vibrates and resonates to frequencies, and frequencies entrain our physical matter as well as thought processes.  Light and sound have been shown as the primary drivers of intercellular communication, which indicates that our health, or lack of it, may indeed by a product of the vibrational resonance of sound and light."

As noted, the Rothschild-Rockefeller (Illuminati) alliance chose " determine the musical factors capable of producing psycho pathology, emotional distress and 'mass hysteria.'"


The initial effort to make A=440 Hz the basis of standard tuning took place in 1910 when the Rockefeller Foundation issued a grant to the American Federation of Musicians to popularize the concept.  The initial effort failed.

However, the BSI -- British Standards Institute -- officially adopted A=440 Hz in 1939, promoted by the strange consortium of Rockefeller Foundation influence and the Nazi government.  Ironically, The British adopted a tuning standard promoted by the Third Reich, just as both went to war.  While 440Hz had been rejected by British musicians only 3 months prior, Josef Goebbels persuaded the BSI to adapt 440Hz saying it was of extraordinary importance.

As Dr. Leonard Horowitz concludes:  "Music bioenergetically affects your body chemistry, psycho  neuro immunology, and health.  Your body is now vibrating musically, audibly and subliminally, according to an institutionally imposed frequency in harmony with aggression and in dissonance rather than vibrating in harmony with Love."  

Musical instrument tuning using the artificially imposed standard of A=440Hz may promote physical and mental disease and distrust, while effectively suppressing spirituality, intuition and creativity.  This universal tuning frequency has been empirically shown to suppress the creative, intuitive aspects of our mind, while negatively affecting our body chemistry and our immune systems. 


I don't know if anyone can prove a direct link between aggression, disassociation, paranoia and violence to a tuning system that was promoted by both the Rockefellers and the Third Reich.  However, just the fact that these two entities came together to push this standard is more than suspicious in my mind.

Although more than a few people have made the connection between the music of John Philip Sousa and his marching music as a stimulus to war, that specific link is in reference to composition, not frequency and vibration based on a tuning system.

"Intuitively, I think my sources are correct.  But how does one go about proving that a specific frequency tuning is creating social stress, disharmony or physical violence and war?  But the fact that the Rockefellers and the Third Reich pushed this tuning standard over the opposition of British musicians makes it suspicious, even sinister."

The Rockefeller--Illuminati axis, their money and research, imposed this artificial tuning "standard" upon Mankind for the purpose of creating chaos. It continues to this day to funnel our minds and emotions along paths of negativity.  It is high time for new, good vibrations to become ascendant and a "new standard" of vibrational tuning to emerge.   It is time for the power of Love to triumph!

L C Vincent

Mr. Vincent was a professional musician for 7 years and has a very nice collection of guitars along with a wonderful Yamaha keyboard. He has had a passionate love of music since age 6 -- while most children had a TV for a baby sitter, he had a radio -- and controlled that dial!

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Comments for "Does Conspiracy Extend to Musical Scale? "

Ken said (September 6, 2010):

Having read the recently published article on the above subject, I must agree with Mr. Vincent that the choice of 440 Hz for "A" is "interesting" to say the least! I also agree with his assessment that WHO forced this is probably
equally important as WHAT was forced.

Until I came down with severe rheumatoid arthritis, I played the Scottish bagpipe. It is interesting to note that many of those professional level pipers looked upon the modern tuning of "A" as a severe annoyance, calling it the "Dog Whistle" "A".

You see, most Highland Bagpipe Music is in the key of "A" and the original pipe chanter, i.e. up until about 1922, was tuned much lower than the
present "dog whistle" chanter and pipes.

You are probably not familiar with what is known as Piobaireachd, pronounced, more or less, as "peebrock". The word means, in old Scots
Gaelic, "piper's music", but today denotes a particular kind of "classical" bagpipe music.

This music has roots reaching back to the 14th century and possibly further, and was passed from master to pupil by his singing it to the pupil.

It is also always played by a solo piper, never by a band.

Furthermore, the original composers of this very difficult-to-play music were completely familiar with the emotional effect on the hearer of each note of the chanter and its resonance against the drones and wrote their music accordingly.

Thus it is that the Piobaireachd, when played on an instrument with "modern" tuning, has a completely different effect on the hearer than the same Piobaireachd played on an instrument with "traditional" lower tuning.

All modern professional pipers use a much lower-pitched chanter to play Piobaireachd now.

That tuning appears to be "A" at 405 Hz, divisible by 3 to 135, as opposed to
the modern "A" of 440 Hz, divisible by 2 to 220.

One other aspect of this 3 vs 2 question revolves, in my mind, around the
Trinity. After all, I am a traditionally minded Roman Catholic, and am fully aware of the modern trend (I almost said, "plot") to eliminate God from every aspect of modern life.

Dennis said (September 5, 2010):

This is a subject dear to my heart since it goes to the very core of our existence. Thanks so much for posting the Vincent article about it and the link to "Cymatics - Bringing Matter to Life with Sound." I about fell out of my chair when a certain sound vibration created a millipede-looking formation that undulated sand particles back and forth like a living creature! Words and the thought vibrations behind them create our world, for better or worse.

Chuck said (September 3, 2010):

This talk about scales is certainly nothing new. I read a long article at least 20 years ago by Lyndon LaRouche that went into great depth. He covered some of the issues brought up in your article, but also had a lot to say about another reason that A was changed from 330 to 440. It was quite simple. Everyday people, folk musicians of every stripe including former slaves in America, preferred the tuning as it placed the heart of the major scale in reach of average people. Before, only people with training could hope to successfully sing the average arrangement. This kept music in the hands of those who could afford training. The modern popular music movement was made possible by the switch to 440. Hundreds of voices we have grown to love may have never made it if the change hadn't been made. Of course, LaRouche decried this 'lowering of standards'. One might well consider the possibility that Rockefeller had an eye on making a lot of money on popular music, especially when you consider that the changeover occurred at the same time that radio and recording were coming into their own. Not a stretch when you also consider that Rockefeller funded Carrie Nation to the tune of 4 million dollars for the express purpose of swelling the support for prohibition so he could do away with distilling alcohol and thereby eliminate the competition for motor fuel that Henry Ford had created by making the model T a completely flex-fuel car that not only ran perfectly on ethanol, but came with instructions for home distilling before prohibition. He probably wasn't interested in 'cosmic harmonics', he was probably much more interested in controlling an emerging media resource. The propaganda power of popular music cannot be underestimated. And look at the control over poor, everyday people who 'made it' in the biz that the new pattern made possible. It's still that way for the biggest acts. You simply don't get a contract from one of the big labels unless you are willing to get on your knees for them, and they'll make virtual slaves of you if you let them. I hope this adds a different perspective. Warmest regards.

Rick said (September 3, 2010):

Fascinating article on the musical scale being infiltrated...and Dr Len Horowitz 's theories are on the mark, I think, For anyone who doubts the effects of music( sound , vibrations, frequency, etc) on mass/matter -they should look up the word cymatics , there are a plethora of good videos available on youtube.
I believe it's yet another aspect of Full Spectrum Dominance, like Tim Rifat also remarked, on the building codes, we live in Squared and Leveled boxes, and are subject to the effects of PC screen 60HZ and the new " corkscrew " bulb. It's a bit overwhelming but there is a method to the madness, its all part of the scientific dictatorship that overwhelms the senses....that's what I believe this is a Spiritual Battle ultimately.

James said (September 2, 2010):

really. why is 440 hz considered artificial? it is a natural frequency just like any other frequency. does L.C. Vincent suggest a more spiritually balanced frequency? no he does not.
honestly, the only thing of this entire article that gives me cause for concern is the claim that Rockefeller insisted on a standard of A = 440 hz and frankly, i cannot find any documentation to support that claim.

you might be interested to know that about 10 years ago or so the international standard was changed to A = 442 hz.

the official reason given? it is a brighter sounding sound.

Sugar said (September 1, 2010):

Wow Henry. I always love it when you post your articles timely, pertinent and with so much clout. I want to say something to this one because I am aware of the conspiracy and have made plenty of connections including this Musical Scale Hijack. And of the dirty lowdown tricks of the truthdeniers.

First of all I'd like to flame your abuser. Drake is a blockhead."The suggestion that a particular setting for a' somehow has disruptive or enharmonic attributes is pure nonsense." He might be right considering the truth as I have found it revolves around the C note. Also, the suggestion is: there is a group above/behind the standards and by association/extension we must be wary/suspicious. So, Drake take your negative/pessimistic left-brain/righteous troll/shill disinfo back to your owners. Oh and stay outa the light, man that's gotta hurt.

Oh did I mention I hate trolls. Good gawd look at the energy that vampire sucked off me! See if I can move forward with this comment.

I was unaware that the Musical Scale Standards setting was Nazi and Rockefeller collaboration. I was led to it via the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and the Roman Catholic Church. ( In fact this subject is what led me to look at the reversal of the word Roman and is relationship with the word Amor.) I wrote an article immediately and have since been aware of the reverse Amor in everything roman. (yes even polanski).

My article Demolecularizing the Fat Lady would have included reference to this article had it been in print at the time. Interesting how all this truth is percolating up through the "cream of the crop" eh? Some of the ideas I have specifically assume a deep conspiracy but the true depth is really bizarre. They control Sound and Geometry like in that TV show. I even heard there are Ma(mother) sonic(sound) conspiracies going around!

Everything seems to come back to frequency. Even the Mayan calendar. Royal Raymond Rife to Hal Puthoff, physics to psychics, Stanley Meyer to Henry Ford.

There are so many ways to branch off this if your are interested in any of this I encourage you to go all the way for sure. Is this why our energy grid is 60hz. Those curly lightbulbs and fluorescents are running at 60 too. 60?!?! OMG is our hour ours? Is the Gregorian calendar designed to throw our internal clocks off schedule? Would the 13 moon calendar correct it even? Is satanism simply SSSSquad technology?

Here is some modern stuff that I found on Youtube recently which sounds pretty nice to me. This piece is called Solfeggio Arpeggio 396 417 528 639 741 852 963 from that JezebelDecibel from Australia it seems.

Zeke said (September 1, 2010):

I have experimented with magnetic frequencies effects on the human body for decades and found, through empirical methods, chemical processes that are triggered in a range of specific frequencies. The most obvious and well documented is the stimulation of the retina creating phosphenes, (the perception of light and images), in this case stimulated solely by magnetic pulse stimulus.

While I have yet to come across any magical mathematical derived table providing correlation to the various body systems and the frequencies in which they respond, I see many make such claims without any evidence, (which I gladly test). One in particular is the Solfeggio musical scale and the claims of special effects on "Chakra" and specifically that of 528Hz.

While experimenting with the Solfeggio scale, I noticed my own acoustic guitar resonating. I had actually tuned to a modified Solfeggio tuning without any preconception of it! Circumstantial, but interesting. Well, 528Hz does relax muscles with ease and produces an analgesic effect. I attribute this to the pulse generator device spinning the magnet at an incredible 15840 rpm, generating a very strong induced field ~ nothing else. It seems the most profound effect of frequencies lays between peoples ears that wish it to do them well, but so far I have found no empirically measurable magnetic stimulus that lays complete in some chord, tuning or tuning table. From day to day, my own peak response can change by several to tens of Hz.

I think it is best to vary the tuning to what you feel suits you for that time. We are resonate, but far from static or fixed in composition to respond the same consistently.

Marcos said (September 1, 2010):

The article on Musical Scales "sounds" totally speculative.
If the A440Hz tone were damaging to humans, this could be easily tested and proved. Where is the evidence?
Our perception of music is much more related to the relative distance of the frequencies than to the absolute frequency. That's why a tune can be sang in different keys and still be the same tune. The 440Hz standard was a godsend, because since Antiquity, scales had been a complete mess.

I suggest two books for the curious researcher of this issue. Info on this is hard to find, actually:

Science and Music, by Sir James H. Jeans,
Math and Music, by Trudi Garland

There is much more evidence that rhythm has powerful psychological influence, as can be verified by many religions which use it in order to get to hallucinating states.

Kamran said (September 1, 2010):

The information in this article is true and well documented for those you who choose to do more research on the power of sound. Remember that God used sound to create the world "i.e. let there be light".

God also used destructive sounds to bring down the walls of Jericho; the Israelites marched around Jericho and the priests were instructed (by God) to blow the trumpets for six days and when they blew on the seventh day the walls came down.

In modern times the US (currently unconstitutional) government has developed the project HAARP, with the European version the EISCAT. These technologies are using the same principle of sound and vibration through the electromagnetic medium to heat the atmosphere (creating global warming) and the melting of the glaciers in India, Pakistan and other parts of the world that grow food; therefore destroying the food supply in order to reduce the population through famine. They are also used in creating massive earthquakes and tsunamis (such as the one in Indonesia).

The article mentions Yohann Sebastian Bach as the creator of the musical scale, but it is noteworthy to know that Bach was a Freemason and funded by the masonic bankers, in order to manipulate music based on the Arcana (the secret knowledge) found by the knights Templar in the holy lands during the first crusade (circa 1300). The Arcana included the knowledge of constructive and destructive sounds, color and other subjects given by God to His people Israel.

The bottom line is that just as God/Yahweh exercises His powers of good and evil through sound, man is also using the same powers for mostly evil by sometimes for good.

For example DNA is currently being repaired using the "MI" note, this is the use of the knowledge of sound for good. However melting the ice caps and destroying the food supply is the exercise of the knowledge of evil.

The difference between God's use of this knowledge and ours is that God uses for His benevolent purposes (even when He uses evil), but humans mostly use it for selfish and flawed reasons.

Anna said (September 1, 2010):

just lost the longer letter I had typed! So I guess I'll restrict it to just two topics at the moment. I believe it was Bach who began this transformation of music. I did a lot of research on this some twenty years ago so I have to consult my notes to be a little clearer on this. But he set the stage.

Secondly, I think people would not object so much if you used less offensive terms when speaking of adultery, sodomy, fornication, etc.

You might use, licentiousness, lewd behavior, immorality, deviance, even sin would be a better classification. It certainly doesn't hurt to be more genteel, refined, polite, taciturn, etc when it comes to these terrible machinations of Satan. I find that Jewish people like to think they are "broadminbded", more sincere, when they speak thus. It really is offensive to be so blatant and forward about these matters. Lewdness doesn't seem to bother them at all. Oh, and gender is still a respectable word. I see that the Hasidics used that term is requesting "gender separation". (I went to college with Jewish people.)

I'm finding out that many things are not what they seem in life and now at my age of 78, I'm wondering if reading and writing was such a good thing after all as it introduced many many evils into common everyday life. And so did education and what it brought was rebellion against the natural order of things.

James said (September 1, 2010):

Dear L.C.Vincent,

I just read your article about tuning, I think I may be able to add something to the debate, having spent most of my life researching this subject, being also a professional music producer and songwriter.

If you really want to know where to look for the true natural scale of music I suggest you look into the 'Lucy Scale'

It is a new musical scaling system based on pi, that is a micro-tonal scaling system within which you can modulate within any key and remain consonant.

It is the tuning system that whales, birds and man communicates in.

There was a genuine conspiracy against the original inventor, the 17c horologist 'John Harrison' who won the Queens prize for a workable solution to finding your longitude at sea.

Harrison cracked longitude, but spent most of his life cracking the 'true scale of music'... He believed 12 note ET to be sacrilegious against God !

information about this can be found at...

On my youtube site there is footage of me playing a Lucy scale guitar... This is genuinely 'psycho-accoutic'and trippy.

Drake said (September 1, 2010):

Maybe your contributing guest author would be interested in knowing that Mozart's tuning fork (for his fortepiano which I have played) was a'=422.5. Does this confirm Mozart's Masonic connections?

Or L.C. Vincent might want to consider the tief cammer ton which was, based on extant tuning forks, a'=409. This was commonly used on stringed instruments in 18th-century France. What is one to make of this standard? Cammer ton was a step above this, which puts it roughly at today's standard.

In Italy during the 17th and 18th-centuries the tuning standard was commonly quite high. a'=450+ was the norm. Was there a different conspiracy operating in sunny Italy?

In the present day 'Early Music' tuning, 415 has been accepted as a standard since it's exactly a semitone below a440. Is there a conspiracy afoot here too?

The actuality, from a physics standpoint, is that tuning standards have been and are currently all over the map, i.e. highly variable. The suggestion that a particular setting for a' somehow has disruptive or enharmonic attributes is pure nonsense. The harmonics of nature operate regardless of tuning standard, including the general standard of a'=440 Hz.

Steve said (September 1, 2010):

Comment on music posting:

Go to is convert your A440 music to a tuning based on a more esoteric math.Thank you for bring a very important subject to your website.

Lisa said (September 1, 2010):

I was unaware of the reason for A440 frequency, as it was the standard every piano tuner has used when tuning my piano. After reading the article on your website I found the following bit of history (copied below) about the standard frequency for A4. I never considered why A440 was used and after reading this and finding the hz used by the classical composers was entirely different I am curious to know why. I particularly love classical music and assumed it was set to a standard used by the composers. The next time my piano is tuned I plan to have it tuned to the standard used by the composers. It will be interesting to discover the difference.

"In 1939, an International Conference met in London and unanimously adopted 440 Hz as the standard frequency for the pitch A4, and that is the almost universal standard at present. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) broadcasts a precise 440 Hz reference tone on its short wave radio station WWV.

Rossing reports Handel's tuning fork frequency to be 422.5 Hz for that A, and the eras of Hayden, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven had pitch standards around that frequency. This means that their compositions are now played about 70 cents sharper than the originals."

My first reaction to anything that originates from the Rockefellers is to question it.

Jim said (September 1, 2010):

As a longtime musician in non conventional forms I want to add a few comments. I do agree with the premise of this article but it does not cover some important issues. The most important aspect to music is not its scales and tunings but its
intent. Can anyone deny that they have had profound comfort and healing from songs created from a=440? Is John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" anything but powerful channeling of positive spiritual vibrations. I've asked this question
directly to some of the world's greatest Spirit musicians. The answer is that they channel spirit through their music and this force overwhelms all
conventional considerations of tuning and the implications of cymatics valid as they may be at their level.

My point is that noodling around on 528 based frequencies and so on is not a bad thing but don't think for a moment it has the power, the grace, the healing, the spirit , the vision of any musician in any tuning who opens to and channels these most positive forces and vibrations.

Indeed the works of Spirit and Music Master Tisziji Munoz may
seem at times frenetic and overwhelming to some while reflecting the peace and silence of the chaos of the cosmos. This is music for the few and not for the masses but music which has a profound healing effect for some.

Conventional music forms are now more then ever controlled as product by the darkest of forces. It is very hard for true beauty or spirit to manifest through such channels. I can assure you that were they to create with the same cynical
and dark intentions as currently changing only the tuning to a more positive frequency little would actually change.

As a music teacher I particularly enjoy working with the younger students beginning their studies (of woodwinds in my case). The music they make at times can be so pure and moving. My success as a teacher with them is not what what I teach them of the mechanics of the instruments as much as sharing and conveying my lifelong passion for heart centered music. If the heart is present in the music it will be fine no matter the tuning.

Fred said (September 1, 2010):

Hey Henry, I just wanted to let you know that this topic has already been debunked on this site:

Please let your readers know.

Fan said (September 1, 2010):

I have been a long time reader of your column and is a regular thing for me to peruse and digest a lot of your articles, i thank you for the courage and truth that you show. In one of your latest
articles ( Does conspiracy extend to musical scale), you highlighted some very interesting facts regarding musical notes and frequencies that respond to 2 and not 3. I have found this video on a website ran by a friend of mine and its discusses the frequency of 729 and the numbers 3,6,9 and 1 that are more true to our
natural frequencies than the 528 sale which is being pushed heavily on the Internet at the moment.

Have a look its very intersting.
its called 729 healijng frequencies.

Joe said (September 1, 2010):

Henry, I am seldom amazed but after reading the article you posted by L. C. Vincent and doing a little experimenting, I must admit, I’m amazed.

As you know, I’m an old man and have been creating music for close to sixty years. I’ve written over 400 pieces of music during those years and have made dozens of albums for my children and grandchildren. I’ve never tried to commercially publish my music because of my own philosophy concerning the reason for music (I won’t go into that).

My music ranges from blue grass to classical and even symphonic. The instruments I’ve used for years are guitar (acoustic and electric) and an electronic keyboard.

Naturally, I’ve tuned my guitars to the standard A=440 Hz and went happily on my way creating new melodies.

After reading Vincent’s article I decided to pick up my 1984 Alvarez acoustic guitar, tune it to A=450 Hz and play some of my old melodies.

I couldn’t believe my ears. The strings haven’t been changed for quite some time but they sang out and rang out as if they were brand new. The guitar literally came alive in my hands and the quality of sound and the retention of tone had such a soothing feeling to it that my wife actually came in from the living room and commented on how beautiful the music sounded.

I have never been so contented after playing those old melodies.

Yes, I’m amazed. I’ll have to go back and record all of my solo guitar work at A=450 Hz. I may not live long enough to complete the job but it’ll be worth the effort.

Thanks for posting Vincent’s article ~ you’ve provided an extraordinary service for those who will probably do some experimenting of their own….

Lynda said (September 1, 2010):

he ancient Bardic culture of Europe used the Pythagorean scale of harmonics (intrinsic scale) - not the modern W Chromatic Scale.

The true tone is is obtained through Schumann Resonance - this is the frequency of earth's rotation on its axis. The standing stones hum this resonance at summer solstice. This is middle C. The oak harps were tuned to the standing stones at summer solstice to true C. The human voice unaided can also find this tone, as we are phi in all proportions even to our DNA, we also can resonate the music of the spheres.

For people who want to use healing codes and vibrations, they have to tune in and chant

Joseph said (September 1, 2010):

As usual , I enjoyed your article . I believe there is some truth to what you say . The present Music scale was designed by Bach and is based on each note being 1.059 times higher than the next ( 1.059 x 1.059x1.059 Etc after 12 notes will give you an octave 220 hz , 440 hz , 880 hz , Etc) which never made sense to me as far as harmony is concerned .

Two of the greatest Modern Genuises that go unheralded , Walter Russell and John Keely were experts in Music and Composition . Keely used his knowledge of Sound/Vibrations to dispel Gravity , Manipulate Matter , Create free energy , Etc. Russell told of ways to use musical sound waves for Alchemical Purposes and to change the structure of Matter through Harmonics.
Its easy to see why this knowledge would want to be hidden from the masses by the powers that be as it would totally eliminate their power structure .Itwould also open up doors to the Spirit realms and the Luciferic powers would fear this the most .

I'll give you one more example of modern music creating detrimental effects."Hard Rhythmic Beats" . Music creates a morphonogenic field that is to create an embryonic flow .This is broken up by hard rhythymic beating.The brain doesnt mind the beating as it creates its own hallucinogenic effect to counterbalance this flow , thus creating its own unnatural altered state .There are other examples , but that is the most obvious one

MM said (September 1, 2010):

The article, though intriguing, is lacking the basic connection of how tuning to 440 cycles per second is harmful to humans. Whether divisible by 2 or 3, the tuning number is still defined in relation to the second which is an arbitrary unit of time. So just the computation of how a number can be divided is not clearly linked to well-being or not.

What frequencies does the human body respond favorably to? Does each person have a unique set of frequencies according to their personal body mass? What frequencies were ancient instruments tuned to? This interesting article needs to go deeper.

Henry said (September 1, 2010):

As I was reading the article, I was looking forward to getting to the part where the supposedly "correct" musical scale is revealed, but this was not provided, leaving me wondering what the point of the article was.

For the record, ANY frequency can be divided by two, even a frequency like 440Hz or 441Hz or 440.05928712839Hz. If the author is worried that his music collection will lead him down a dark path, there are some simple remedies available. On a cassette deck, find the internal adjustment that sets the tape transport speed and adjust it up or down slightly, so that any A note above middle C changes frequency to say 438Hz or 441Hz (both divisible by 3). On a CD player or MP3 player you could replace the timing crystal or add a capacitor to pull it off frequency slightly. Problem solved! All the mighty efforts of the illuminati and the Rockefellers to pollute your mind struck down by a simple adjustment to your own equipment.

Shai said (September 1, 2010):

Was happy to read the article about the conspiracy of the musical scale..including the science and the links.
That is wonderful to see and I am sure it will get more than a few people to listen differently.

It also proves what I was saying about the Bible being an encyclopedia of science principles starting with" In the beginning was the Word"
[..which denotes vibration which we know creates structure...]

There is, however , one relevant note left out of the gets the impression reading it that we only got our equal tempered [Western]
musical scale in 1939..when actually it came hundreds of years earlier:
Equal temperament is a musical temperament, or a system of tuning in which every pair of adjacent notes has an identical frequency ratio. In equal temperament tunings, an interval — usually the octave — is divided into a series of equal steps (equal frequency ratios between successive notes). For classical music, the most common tuning system is twelve-tone equal temperament (also known as 12 equal temperament), inconsistently abbreviated as 12-TET, 12TET, 12tET, 12tet, 12-ET, 12ET, or 12et, which divides the octave into 12 parts, which are equal on a logarithmic scale. It is usually tuned relative to a standard pitch of 440 Hz, called A 440.

And in this scale you have some very sacred numerological primes and 8 step scale divided into 12 parts
I do believe 12 is a number divisible by 2 and 3.....

Other cultures..particularly Asian [Chinese, Korean, Thai, Nepalese, and Central Africans, Iranian...] have never abandoned their more naturalistic music scales
and I have to say..I don't see it has made one bit of difference in the amounts of evil done in " God's" name..whatever it was.

And what to say of world music..and where there are even more opportunities to bend and slide notes to
non 440 A's?

Anyway...'twas a good read and Thanks for posting it! Now here's one for you.

Mark said (September 1, 2010):

Harmony or harmonics, derived from using a natural flow of numbers thru the use of phi is not meant to enjoy, it is meant to illuminate. Harmony or disharmony in scales, words, phrases and actions can be used for the positive or the negative. The power of the Illuminati is based on finances and of manipulating the masses through the black art (science) of the ancient mysteries, MIND CONTROLL. The science of mass persuasion, to mold minds, teaching people what to think and not how to think. To manipulate the masses without their knowing it. Our perceptions of reality are brought about through the intake of information and that information is precisely gauged, regulated and controlled.

Ref. "Serpent in the Sky" John Anthony West

Brian said (September 1, 2010):

Yeah i know thats why i don't tune to Standard tuning. I Tune to the Egyptian Rods of Amun Ra. There are about 8 different tunings which tune to different areas of the body and inspire different emotions. Two of them are 432hz and 424hz which are the perfect mathematical versions for Pi and Phi. Sound Alchemy and the mysticism of music is one of my secret passions. Music goes way deeper than people, even musicians would imagine. There is a fine line between Musician and Magician.

Dan said (September 1, 2010):

here has been a lot of speculation that the Beatles were a creation of the British Tavistock Institute, and that the sinister genius behind their music was Theodore Adorno.

Skipping web sites that make unproven claims, this one presents the best thesis I've seen on this subject. I'm no music theory expert. Everyone knew Beatles music was far more complex than the working class English trade school dropout teenagers could pump out either by genius or chance. It turns out that Beatles tunes contained entirely unique elements, yet derivative of multiple ancient music traditions. Every tune contains unconventional chord progressions which seem familiar to the listener but take sudden detours to unexpected, yet somehow compatible musical memes.
In recent years musicologists who've analyzed Beatle music identified the signature quirky components in the published theories on effect of music on awareness and behavior which came out of the infamous Frankfurt School think tank. It's now highly suspected that Frankfurt school sociologist/musicologist/composer Theordor Adorno is responsible for scoring and arranging the music of the Beatles from 1962-1969, when Adorno died, and the Beatles disbanded. - D.

Orest said (September 1, 2010):

In Stanley Kubrick's final film Eyes Wide Shut the role of music in bringing about a deepening level of hypnotic enchantment to a mass of Satanic celebrants was made very evident in the movie's orgy scene. In fact, the film's main character, a New York City high society doctor, is able to penetrate the inner sanctum of the black mass devotees because of his past friendship with the musician hired to provide part of the soundtrack for the group's late-night sex ritual in a Gothic mansion. Creepiness does not begin to describe the overall effect this pivotal scene must have on any normal sensitive person, any decent individual. For that, we can in part "thank" the pagan and occult motifs in Kubrick's choice of mood-colouring music.

Nozim said (September 1, 2010):

I regularly follow your online articles from your website. Today, I read the following of your latest article:

I kindly ask you to read the following ruling about music in Islam based on Qur'an and hadeeth of prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

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