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Occupy Wall Street is COINTELPRO (Phony Opposition)

October 10, 2011

Otpor3.jpgIMPORTANT:   Controlled opposition scam alert....The "OCCUPY AMERICA MOVEMENT".
It's everywhere!  Just like Arab Spring for North America!  and it's sooooooo grass roots and spontaneous!

[Editor's Note: The "tell" is the  publicity this is getting from the TV Networks who spin it as the Democratic Party equivalent of the Tea Party.]

by Richard Evans

COINTELPRO was the FBI acronym for 'Counter Intelligence Program'. COINTELPRO not only infiltrated domestic antiwar and civil rights protest groups, it also created them.  By 1968, the largest leading 'counterculture' groups were entirely FBI/CIA controlled.
In fact the leading 'Anti-Establishment' figures of the late 60's early 70's were outed years later as having been double agents for the CIA. 

SDS-1969.jpgLSD promoter Harvard Dr. Timothy Leary;  feminist icon and co-founder editor of MS Magazine, Gloria Steinem -- who persists today as an icon of feminism.


COINTELPRO never went away, it got privatized.


OCCUPY WALL STREET and the OCCUPY TOGETHER MOVEMENT is the work of SERBIAN contract revolution organizers the CENTER FOR APPLIED NONVIOLENT ACTION AND STRATEGIES [C.A.N.V.A.S]  in Belgrade and it's field operative organizer company, "OPTOR!"

So don't you believe it when ABC says "Everybody and nobody are in charge...."  or the Guardian hints, "rumors persist the group "Anonymous" is behind the Occupy Together Movement".  

OTPOR.pngThe cover story is that back in 1998 some college students at the University of Belgrade that were unhappy with totalitarian regime of Slobodan MiloÅ¡ević decided it would be fun to topple the Serbian government.  The smartest guy in the room, Ivan Marovic, allegedly dreamed up a grass roots strategy and they went to work organizing protests as OTPOR! which means RESISTANCE! in English.
<The group was helped by the fact that the US and NATO started bombing the heck out of Serbia in 1999 accelerated the fall of Slobodan MiloÅ¡ević (below left) by 2000.  Western media hailed Marovic and OTPOR! as new age geniuses, but it came out later that Ivan Marovic's stragegy and program came from a Boston think tank's subversion manual, 'From Dictatorship to Democracy' by a Harvard Professor named Gene Sharp.

Hundreds of copies of the Boston manual were provided in the Serbian language by the Albert Einstein Institution - "a non-profit organization that specializes in the study of the methods of non-violent resistance in conflicts".

slob.jpgA documentary on Professor Sharp's global influence on the revolutions export, "How to Start a Revolution" was released in September 2011. It won awards at the Boston Film Festival and London's Raindance Film Festival on October 2nd 2011.  

Basking in media hype that OTPOR! had toppled the big bad Serbian regime, Ivan Marovic and his band of merry pranksters founded the CENTER FOR APPLIED NONVIOLENT ACTION AND STRATEGIES [C.A.N.V.A.S] .  It occupies an office building in downtown Belgrade, which plans revolutions and trains organizers in subversive strategy and tactics for money.  . The Belgrade office is nicknamed 'Revolution University'.

fistcommunism.jpgPEELING THE ONION

Well, hold the bus. That's the story currently on the Internet, but it omits the same operation in the color and flower revolutions dating back to Czechoslovakia 1989. The VELVET Revolution.
Radio Prague history online:

Word on the street in Prague was that there was KGB involvement getting it started, and we know there was CIA support and Western funding as well.  That may be a meaningful case in itself, and the history of these 'people's revolutions' mustn't be allowed to fall through the cracks of mainstream media.  OTPOR's being portrayed as the genesis of 'people power' but it was the baby on the block in 1998.    The news today is scripted for an audience born after 1987, evidently.

C.A.N.V.A.S.  even markets a computer game that teaches all ages how to start your own revolution called  "People Power".  Marovic said candidly in a documentary interview that the game was funded by one of the original backers of Otpor!  A previous version of the game was called 'A Force More Powerful'.
Marovic said he can personally train only 150 subversives a year, the game reaches tens of thousand at a price of ten dollars a download.   I've reviewed the game and attest it's a highly detailed simulation of how these export revolutions are organized, complete with 'establishment' reactions.

The so-called 'spontaneous'  'Twitter' Revolutions in the Middle East in February.  Who do you think is organizing the unemployed, uneducated, angry Middle East youth who are the brown shirts of these revolutions?  The Carnegie Foundation says the most wonderful things about them.

OTPOR-LOGOS.jpgThey all have the same fist logo. --

Let's be honest. C.A.N.V.A.S. is a for-profit business, not a non-profit NGO. "Ivan Marovic" is a CIA contractor: a front man like 'Wikileaks' Julian Assange.  


fistoffem.jpg(left, the phoney feminist fist)

What's all this got to do with OCCUPY WALL STREET and the the OCCUPY TOGETHER 'grass roots' movement in America?  
Take a minute to watch this.  You'll figure out.

Ivan Marovic of 'Otpor!' addresses Occupy Wall Street     NYC Sept. 22, 2011

Need more?
The Revolution Business -


COINTELPRO fake protests partner with MEDIA to distract from real protests.  I believe the Greek protest is genuine.  OCCUPY WALL STREET was timed to drown out the Greeks.

I think this because the Greeks had a specific demand  last month in direct response to their government's sellout to the IMF.    The Greek protest was saying 'Don't vote to accept this debt, traitors!'The "Occupy Wall Street" type protest is  NON SPECIFIC.

CONINTELPRO handled  protests don't make demands - they make 'statements'.  Like, "STOP WAR! LEGALIZE POT! "Give us back our future!"   and "Stop pollution!"

OCCUPY TOGETHER in the US and Canada are directed by C.A.N.V.AS., the same directors behind the Tunisian and Egyptian and 'Arab Spring' revolutions.  They may look the same but the objectives are quite different.  The objective in America and Canada is NOT to topple 'regimes'.  C.A.N.V.AS. is backed by Council on Foreign Relations foundations like Carnegie Group and the Albert Einstein Institute and myriad other funnels of Illuminati funding.

 - this is yet another orchestrated international  'controlled opposition' mouse trap.  the 'Tea Party' is the controlled opposition trap for the convervative, this is the controlled opposition trap for the naive lefties.
Remember the Venus Project?


Occupy Backed by Lefty Millionaires (aka Communists)

99% Wrong

Serbia: The Legacy of Otpor


Gloria Steinem - How The CIA Used Feminism To Destabilize Society

What Gloria Steinem, Henry Kissinger Have in Common: CIA Pay

C.A.N.V.A.S.  Website

If its on Huffington Post, It is Soros-Obama

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Occupy Wall Street is COINTELPRO (Phony Opposition)"

MS said (October 12, 2011):

"Occupy Wall Street is COINTELPRO (Phony Opposition)"....

Most impressive, thank you for the consideration and decision to place this on the Internet.

Many of us do not have this kind of history at our immediate disposal, and to relay this level of information is both brave and correctly patriotic for the struggling Republic.

Mohammed in S Africa said (October 11, 2011):

the powers that be know that people are rightly fed up with their antics and have devised this plan to control any opposition.
they have staged these protests to allow people to safely vent their anger & frustration so that nothing really productive is achieved.

like when anyone is speaking to someone who is angry or upset.
you have to allow them to get their complaints/grievances off their chest before you can say anything.

once they have said everything thay want to, its much easier to handle them as most of the anger has been vented.

like a balloon- once the air escapes, there basically nothing left.

once people have ranted & raved-they feel as if they have accomplished something and they powers that be know its safe to carry on with business as usual.
if people kept their anger & frustrations bottled up- that would be a disturbing to the zionist bankers as they dont know when & how it will be vented.

Doug said (October 11, 2011):

I agree that the Occupy demonstrations were either false to begin with or have been subverted. I suspect the former.

The satanists have been siphoning off money from the banking system with increased intensity from the mid-nineties. They knew that sooner or later their chickens would come home to roost and have long prepared for this type of blow back; their intention was and is to control such blow back. i.e. no real solutions offered just headless chaos that vaguely affixes blame to the very top of the banking elite (1 %) and not their extended Luciferian membership (more like 5%) many of whom have been enriched over the years.

The reality is that many of their Luciferian membership have benefited from easy credit for many years; they infiltrated all levels of finance and their bank managers were told to give loans to their members regardless of sound banking practices or eligibility. Many loans made good and no problem resulted; in this way many Luciferians got their helping hand up the ladder of life while sheeple with impeccable references were simply unable to obtain finance.

Those Luciferians that failed to repay or make good on such easy loans were also no problem for the banks concerned; these bad debts were "underwritten" by big brother who has eventually coalesced them all under the aegis of the world's biggest merchant banks... and dumped them back at the feet of the sheeple tax payers.

A classic win-win for the Luciferians; many of the Luciferian membership bought properties, businesses, shares etc etc and thus created a new Luciferian affluent "upper-middle class" while the old sheeple middle class was squeezed to death. Credit crunches / increased taxes / inflation ...all helped do it. It has been the greatest transfer of wealth in history and has been intensified on a world wide basis for roughly two decades. It has been happening in SA just as everywhere else. That is where the "Occupy" demos come in; it is their end game, their clean up operation to hide the evidence. The heads of banking institutions and some politicians will be vilified but the real elephant in the room....the massive army of newly affluent Luciferian elite...will remain hidden.

The banksters at the top obviously got a lot more than their rank and file and are the guilty head honchos... but they did not keep all those trillions for their personal use. They were the paymasters for a new affluent army that is significantly more than the 1% the demos would have us believe.

The Luciferians laughingly give their plot away in the new animated movie RANGO. That is how they re-assure their world wide rank and file membership that these demonstrations were anticipated and are safely under their control.

Look in the movie at the appearance and dominance of the massive "eye" when the "people posse" go looking for their money. Note how the snake tells the bankers/politicians that it is he, the snake, who is really in control when it begins to squeeze the life from the sheeple. Note also how the single banker/mayor dies while the snake not only survives but establishes a rapport with the "people posse" at the end of the movie.

This is their end game after years of theft...and they have a few loose ends to tie up.

Ty said (October 11, 2011):

Just wanted to congratulate you on a fine article "Christ, Reason (Logos) and Greek Philosophy". Many people like myself understand that the Greeks were of the Northern Tribes of Israel after they were carried away by the Assyrians between 745 and 721 BC. We also find it no coincidence why Judah (the Southern Tribes) desired to have the Torah (OT) translated into Greek (Septuigent) while they were banished to Babylon for a time. Hence, to us, it is not much of a mystery why the ancient Greeks understood the things they did. Good article and insight!

Edin (Netherlands) said (October 11, 2011):

About the OWS: the movement itself could've been hijacked or perhaps even started by cointelpro. But by the looks of it, there is the awareness (time will tell if there's enough of it) that both the left wing and the right wing of the bird still belong to the very same bird. And if the system is sucking us dry, what does it say about its wings who - with the voter's approval - try to keep that system crapping on us? ( )

So there's genuine unhappiness among the people and it's only logical that our powerbrokers want to channel that unhappiness somewhere where it can't hurt them and that's why they're trying to present this whole thing as a leftist anti-right movement. Who gets the blame for the mess we're in: not the vampire system itself, but just ONE of its marketing agencies.

I guess it'll come down to how aware the average protester is. Will he keep a sharp eye and clear judgment or let himself be talked into easiness, so that others can 'take care' of the problem? If OWS is indeed cointelpro, I hope it will be an example that through the hands of the wicked some good will still come.

Richard Evans said (October 10, 2011):

We're both used to the 'kill the messenger' response. It's a knee-jerk reaction from people who have invested emotional hope in these candy coated traps. That's okay, it may take days or weeks or months for them to assimilate what we're trying to inform them. An initial response of denial is expected.

Your advice to them about what a real pubic movement would look like is right. Real movements know what they want and make clear demands.

This 'Occupy Little Rock planning meeting' shows how vague this 'movement' is. These people are parroting platitudes. They can't even tell you 'who' they are addressing. I can't find "Capitalism" listed in the phone book.

I've been reading the comments. The most common error I see is people are looking at the people who show up instead of asking who the organizers are, and the funding.
Anybody whose been to pop music concerts and festivals, amusement parks, airports, knows managing crowds of people is a highly organized business. Those Lady Gaga concerts don't just happen. Neither do protests.

Carl said (October 10, 2011):

Here is a question we have to ask ourselves.
Perhaps Occupy Wall street has been or is in the process of being infiltrated? What should people be doing if they don't focus on banking reform (fractional reserve lending and debt currency)?

Isn't this the golden goose that these Jesuit/Illuminati want to protect? Should we be blogging about this and having 1 out of every million read it and go back to their routine? Should be be chastising people for being stupid and not doing anything like Jeff Rense does? He doesn't even take calls like Drockton.

At least fiat banking is a target. lets hope they don't make gold backed currency Pharaohs out of Rothschild because we already had that problem before. We need to end Fractional reserve lending and privately owned debt fiat.

Now lets turn off our computer and get out there. Its that simple, almost all of the human conflicts of the last 200 years have revolved around this topic.

Chris said (October 10, 2011):

What I noticed was that there wasn't any coverage of the protest until known groups became a part of it. At the start, the media didn't know what to report, because they couldn't figure out what was going on. Media has one aim now a days, and that is to construct peoples perceptions about events so that it fits their operation. Their greatest fear is not knowing what to do because the people are acting in a way that is outside their box. So they simply ignored the protests.

Once "known" groups became a part of the protest, such as Ivan Marovic, the media could begin to form their viewers opinions because they could now defined who was their hero and villain. Of course, those characters are different depending on which media outlet you view. Lefts claim to support the protests and the right calls them communists, just as expected. But at the start, the right couldn't call the average American protester a communist, and the left couldn't claim them to be part of the new democrats. And now we have the complete media coverage, which is as stupid and biased as we should have expected.

There are many genuine people that feel the way the original protesters feel, but that voice has now been drowned out, and the average American will have to continue to suffer under the invisible hand that has taken their right to freedom of speech and assembly away by use of radicalized politics and mass media brainwashing. But that's what happens when power is placed in monopolies and oligopolies. Thanks deregulation for completing the corruption of our government. Both parties are laughing at all of us.

Sam said (October 10, 2011):

totally agree with your comments -- that we will recognize real protest because: "It will avoid the Communist symbolism and focus on the Fed and not capitalism" -- and later where you said: "There is just one Gordian knot: we need to nationalize all central banks and denounce debt created by book entry." That is very nicely put.

In line with that, I believe that REAL protesters are going to be pointing out that 9/11 was (and still is) a zionist Israeli project.

Very best wishes,



Thanks for this reminder Sam,

You're right. We'll recognize the real movement when it demands the real perpetrators of 9-11 be exposed and punished.


E.J. said (October 10, 2011):

The VERY, VERY, VERY best thing about all this, IS all this. Millions of people are receiving information they never knew about and it has to start turning some rusty wheels in those sleepy heads for sure.

Yeah, some of the people are correct, got to beat the crap out of the bullies to make them give it up but that can also be metaphorical....IE: Don't give them our money. Nationwide strikes against them...don't go to work, don't shop, don't drive, don't watch TV, just stay with your neighbors and family and self educate and self learn.

Sure, it will hurt some, but not as much as it's going to if we let them stay "alive" and taking.

Mary Jane said (October 10, 2011):

i didn't really read that article, just sort of skipped over it but i think that the way to go for all of us 'at the bottom' is to start our own "black" economy. under the table black money and services are the best! no tax, no trail, no hassle from the man.

Duncan said (October 10, 2011):

As one who has been in the Patriot movement since the mid 70s, here are my suggestions as the 4 goals of the grassroots:

1.) End the FEDeral Reserve (this includes its brother the IRS). Bring back Constitutional (non-usury and debt-less JFK, Lincoln, and Andrew Jackson asset-based) dollars, once and for all.

2.) Officially recognize the already present two-tier make-up of people in this nation: the [productive-driven] civilian, and the citizen-slave(who need a big brother).

3.) End the War on Drugs. Set up programs that allow those hooked to register in programs that recognize them as ill of ease and being helped rather than made to join elements as criminals and the jailed. Decriminalize the growing of all varieties of hemp plants. This will be a boom for our agriculture and related products and businesses. (Drugs, illegal and legal, are the last remaining fuel in our PRESENT economy. This is really big. Why not be honest with this and deal with it?)

4.) Make a complete change in our present educational system, which since the early 1970s, has become based on propaganda of a false-pride. A new method would be like our once military training where what is necessary is taught, and on-the-job training is a great part of one’s education. Example would be the rule, not enforcement of what to repeat-after-me. The citizen-group would have programs made available where they could join a demonstration-via-action group, which would allow them to learn to become civilians under their own freedom, [with] responsibility, and care. The War on both Freedom and those seeking self-responsibility would end.

As the US military makes a hasty retreat from its war waging efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, it can shift its job deployment over to tackle my 4th (changing the direction of the educational system in the USA) of only a 4 step plan of re-starting/revitalizing the usA; and to a lesser degree that of the 2nd step (official recognition and functioning of an already existing but rarely admitted two-tier set-up/classification of Americans: civilian and citizenship. I give a brief rundown of this on my Facebook account and more in my 2nd book, ‘ENSLAVEMENT 2011?’ available as an e-book on (The first few pages can be read free by clicking under the photo-cover of my back-side on that website.)
Duncan Phelps, gov’nor 51st e-state of mind

LP said (October 10, 2011):

#OWS - "Cointelpro?"

The editorial raises some interesting points. Not to put a damper on these events, the fact remains that "your" government doesn't work for you (us). Howard Zinn in his "A People's History of the United States" summed it up rather nicely. The same philosophy can be extended to all governments. They exist to serve the elite. They make rules to contain and suppress "the masses". Today I read an excerpt from the mayor of Seattle. He sounded "reasonable" and the protesters responded positively. Basically, he was "giving permission" for some actions and prohibiting others. The fact that the protesters seem content with this further reinforces Mr. Zinn's point. His point, basically is that governments strive to keep the masses right at the point of rebellion. When they cross the line, they are placated, just to the degree necessary to preserve the system.

These people are fed up. They should be. Petitioning those responsible is ridiculous. The elites never give up power willingly. You can get them to "back down" on certain points, so long as it does not threaten their ability to control. I can't say with any certainty whether this is a manufactured movement or not. By now it is certainly infiltrated. There is no way to have anything organized without that infiltration. There are legions of experts in psychology and marketing to handle events like this. This will fizzle just like all other attempts at "change". I am not familiar with any "revolt" that wasn't manufactured from without. People do not "spontaneously" revolt. People who revolt do not ask permission of those they are revolting against. The only successful revolts are those in which the police and military join the revolt.

While it is good to see any form of resistance, this is already doomed to failure. Probably the only mass form of resistance that actually works is the "general strike". With those, the police finally give up on beating the populace into submission and they win. Of course, there are always a group of psychopaths in the wings just waiting to jump in and "lead". I'm afraid that from my perspective, the only hope for people is to resist this individually. Just turn their backs and say "no". The powerful are only powerful so long as people obey them. When that obedience stops, they crawl back in the slimy pit they came from. Currently the government no longer has even the pretense of ruling with the consent of the governed. They clearly believe that they have it all under control. They have more cops and equipment, not to mention the military, to repress any uprising, all of it paid for by the slaves and their grandchildren.

So, is this controlled? If not originally, by now it certainly is. It would not be on NBCCBSMSNBC.......etc., if it weren't. NOTHING gets into the MSM without careful vetting. I'll make a prediction. They will use this to crush hope. They'll let it go for a while and either it will fizzle in the face of their opposition, or they'll mercilessly crush it as an example of what happens to those who resist.

RC said (October 10, 2011):

WOW a little short on evidence of your theory that they are COINTELPRO

So people actually try to do something to take back this country and everyone is standing around calling THEM the problem

pretty pathetic

I follow this every day, if you want the real info on OWS go to youtube and get Olbermann reading their statement

If you want REAL footage go to

These protests were started 3 weeks ago by Adbusters and Anonymous and were ignored right up untilt he timme the police decided to beat innocent protesters.

I'm quite disappointed in both your article and Rense's other critical articles which dont offer any helpful criticism or solutions

If OWS gets co-opted, it will be because of a lack of support and articles like these



Heaven forbid people are warned so they don't get deceived and used.


Gregory said (October 10, 2011):

"Enlighten us: What will a "genuine" people's movement look like, if not just like this?" -- Bill

"It will avoid the Communist symbolism and focus on the Fed and not capitalism." -- henry

I agree with Bill about this. I attended the Occupy Portland protest on October 6th, which drew about 5,500 people. What I saw there was a wide variety of people from teens to geriatric, although predominantly young (teens to forties). Most of the people at the rally appeared to be well-informed, self-directed, skeptical about all Parties and movements, and highly motivated. "End the Fed" signs were abundant; I saw only one "Capitalism Doesn't Work" sign that was carried by two women who
looked to be about twenty years old. Frankly, I agree strongly with those two young women.

The Occupy protesters chanted "We are the 99%" and "The 1% must go!" That is one of the most oft-repeated messages of the Occupy movement and it is fundamentally a Socialist message. The Occupy movement has identified (correctly, in my opinion) the gap between the haves and the have-nots as the root cause of domestic suffering and injustice and also the chief
cause of international conflicts and wars.

The 99% are waking up to the fact that the 1% have been waging Class War against them for centuries. Now the 99% are organizing to fight back against the 1%. Hopefully, the Occupy movement marks the beginning of the end of the rule of the 1%.

The rumors and speculations that thrive on the Internet sometimes fail to describe what is actually happening at a protest. You have to go there and meet the people to see what is actually happening. You may not like the Socialist ideals of the Occupy movement, but I can tell you that their
Socialist idealism appears to be a spontaneous expression of sincere people who have studied history and reached their own conclusions.

Of course the elitist Establishment will try to harness and control the Occupy movement -- but they may eventually find that they have backed a horse that will unseat them from power.


Thanks Gregory,

I might add, "it will not get on the network news."

Look we're on the same side. But to defeat the enemy we have to understand who he is. He is the families who own the central banks of the world, and through them control everything and everyone else.

The history of Communism is they build coalitions or "popular fronts" with unsuspecting innocents. They support and manipulate all sides to attain their goals. Their goal is this case is to spin discontent in Left wing Democratic Party terms, further dividing and polarizing the people.

We need to unite against the Fed and its octopus-like influence. Free enterprise is something the enemy opposes. They are into big government which they control.

There is just one Gordian knot: we need to nationalize all central banks and denounce debt created by book entry.


Wayne said (October 10, 2011):

The government strategy is simple. Keep them doing ineffective things until the New York winter hits. There won't be much fight left in them after a few weeks of real cold, wind, rain, sleet and snow.

Becky said (October 10, 2011):

Henry--I have no doubt that there are agents of the government on the ground there--just as there were at the G20 protests. But I question this writers assertion that none of us are smart enough or caring enough to protest on our own? Why are we supposed to believe that the omnipotent government controls our every thought and action?

We know the 'revolution' in Libya were set up by the goon squad of NATO etc. but the real people of Libya are protesting against this. I don't see anyone in NY or anywhere else fighting against the protesters. From what I have read and heard most people are on the side of the protesters.

This article sounds more like the government's desperate move to protect their own backsides?

Ron said (October 10, 2011):

News organizations are suddenly embedding reporters downtown in Manhattan; whereas 2 weeks ago they could not care less as there was 'no harm' or real action happening. That changed when the pepper spray incident went viral and then the mysterious Brooklyn Bridge event where some have said the police forced some of them to take the roadway and then were arrested for obstructing traffic, etc.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s I became friendly with author Walter Bowart [CIA: Operation Mind Control]. I helped him set up a very revealing slide show in downtown NY at a local Church group.....curiously not far from the site of these protests. It was quite fascinating to notice how ill-informed nearly everyone was [and still is] about how Intel organizations operate. To control all sides of an issue and promote a secret agenda with phony 'front groups' that spur debate, change, distract, etc is an integral part of this ancient and evolved system.

Bill said (October 10, 2011):

The question is, how will we know a genuine populist protest or revolution when we see one?

Isn't it reasonable to assume that even a "legitimate" movement can be infiltrated, manipulated and derailed?

Imo, we are seeing a legitimate, spontaneous anti-Wall Street, anti-central banking movement being politicized and neutralized by TPTB and their mainstream stooges precisely because the movement IS organic and gaining traction.

The Mainstream Media has done its job by portraying the OWS protests as union-sponsored, anti-free market and pro-Marxist. No doubt, some of those occupying Wall Street fit the bill, but it is a gross over-simplification to characterized the motives of the masses of people participating as
"leftists" and malcontents just because a news-reader or commentator says so.

If the OWS protest is just another phony "color" revolution, why haven't any spokespersons been identified? Why isn't there a "color" associated with OWS? Where is the unified signage and sloganeering and t-shirts tying it all together with a coherent message and list of demands?

Because OWS began as a spontaneous, disparate movement, not of malcontents, but of concerned, patriotic Americans who may or may not be able to articulate a short list of demands, but know in their hearts and minds that something is very, very wrong.

What is Mr. Evan's recommendation? Should they all just give up and go home because they're being misrepresented in the press?

Enlighten us: What will a "genuine" people's movement look like, if not just like this?



It will avoid the Communist symbolism and focus on the Fed and not capitalism.


Tracy said (October 10, 2011):

As for your previous thoughts on the Occupy Wallstreet movement, which appears to be
quickly spreading - we could argue over whether it contains within it a true grassroots element.
But I'll simply say that it's one thing to incite people to protest. It's entirely another thing to be able to control those protetsts. I have no doubt that the hands of the Cabal are all over this phenomena -

but I wonder if once they've tapped into American frustration, they'll actually be able to dictate how protesters respond and thus the final outcome. I think the covert operatives are going to be in for quite a rude shock here. We'll know for sure in a few months.

Michael Rivero (WRH) said (October 10, 2011):

The government must be scared to so recklessly use up so many assets!

Andrew said (October 10, 2011):

My congratulations to Richard Evans.

If you think about WHAT IS HAPPENING in American business terms, CANVAS is a "staffing company" like MANPOWER except it is in the business of OVERTHROWING GOVERNMENTS.

Toppling Governments, Inc. is just another BRAND.

Today it recruits young unemployed Americans (and there are Millions) to ride buses all over America and protest where assigned.

My cousin's child is now working on the East Coast for a protest company called "Roadshow."

They provide the entertainment, party and the girls.

This is the new cool way to do what the CIA used to do but making it seem spontaneous and progressive.

It is supposed to look like the kids dreamed-up this program of destabilization, but they are riding around HAVING A PARTY.

While they are having fun the managed news is amplifying and distorting their [the CIA sponsored organizers'] message.

I resent they are doing this NOW in America.

It is bad enough in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, etc. where people are getting killed.

For even more detail see

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at