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Fraud? -- Oz, NZ & Canada are not Independent

July 27, 2010

flags.jpg[ The following article by "Ken" of the website argues that former British colonies, Australia, New Zealand and Canada never actually achieved independence. World government is an extension of the "British Empire" and independence would have been a step in the wrong direction. So they faked it.  

Their "elected Government and entire Judicial Systems are totally unlawful, fraudulent and invalid...This has enormous ramifications when considering International Treaties entered into by the these Governments, any political appointments, the banking laws, the whole Court System, taxation, just to name a few, have NO legitimacy and are totally null and void."

"The governments participating in this fraudulent cover up, do not want the general public to know the true situation, as it is part of their overall hidden agenda to manipulate and control the citizens of these countries.

"Also consider the global ramifications against Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family who have knowingly participated greatly in this massive fraud.

"Regarding the New World Order, are then the UN Treaties signed by these Countries valid, as they are not Nations??

Aloysius Fozdyke, senior member of the satanic Alpha Lodge of Sydney, which controls the Australian government, wants to  "make contact with [Ken] as he obviously has special knowledge."

Aloysius continues: "The people behind the website  are irritants, that's all. We've already destroyed them. There is not a journalist in the world who will publish their boring material. Shortly their website will cease to exist. Accidents happen! Indeed, sometime ago I was attempting to lure journalists, checking the water temperature, so to speak. No one was interested then or now. QEII is controlled by our people; as is her system."]

Here is a new article from the people at

If the British ship of State is the Titanic, it's about to hit its iceberg. Like all icebergs this one has a tip, but the reality of its size and destructive capacity remains largely hidden.

The Great War (1914-1918) left more than 15 millions dead. The exact number and that of the wounded, virgin soldiers or the broken families and spoiled lives is unknown. Many things are lost to history.

Towards the end of the War, To End All Wars, the British made a calculated decision to cut their colonies adrift. Officially, 103 000 from New Zealand engaged in the war. 16 697 died and 41 3176 were wounded. A 58% casualty rate. A rough guess is that Canada lost 67 000 with 173 000 wounded. From an Australian population of fewer than five million, 416,809 men enlisted, of which over 60,000 were killed and 156,000 wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner.  

Because American President, Woodrow Wilson was pushing for an international body to try to prevent future bloodbaths and because it looked increasingly like he'd get his way, the British government decided to grant its Dominions full freedom, independence and sovereignty. That way Canada, New Zealand and Australia amongst other counties now given their independence, would each get a vote on the international body which became the League of Nations. They would vote with Mother Britain. And they did.

The problem remains that Britain's former colonies were left in a legal and political No Man's Land. Of course, there are many who doubt this, but the doubters do not include various governments or professors of law at the Universities of Lausanne, Paris (the Sorbonne), the Humboldt, Trinity College in Dublin, the Italian University of La Sapienza (Rome), the Complutense de Madrid (Spain), the British universities of Cambridge and London or the American universities of Stanford, Cornell, California (Berkley) and Harvard.

This by no means is a complete list. The Japanese and Chinese governments are well aware of the issues. For these reasons there will be no anti-whaling case brought by the Australian government in the International Court of Justice. For these reasons if you are using an Australian, Canadian or New Zealand passport and you run into trouble outside of a (British) Commonwealth country, Good Luck! Think about Stern Hu or Peter Bethune.

If the governments of Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand make a nuisance of themselves, they can and are easily quietened down by a threat to publish the contents of    

Even the Iranian government knows about the issues, together with Sri Lanka and the Union of Myanmar. Even the government of Fiji knows! So why don't you? So much for a free, independent and robust media!

One interesting detail - amongst many - that isn't included on the basicfraud website is the fact that a Commission for a Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia was forged by then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw.

This is easily provable by the fact that Jack used an out of date Royal Seal and the public record clearly shows that Queen Elizabeth II wasn't anywhere near the place of signing as is specified upon the face of the document! Is the media interested? Do they understand the consequences of this breach of the provisions of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, 1981 (UK)?

The facts are that politics in a representative democracy is neither representative nor democratic; it is smoke and mirrors. In 2001 Australians celebrated their 'Centenary of Federation'. Why didn't they celebrate their 'Centenary of Independence'?

On 30th June 1997, Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom. It had a monarch - Queen Elizabeth II, a Governor - Christopher Pattern, a Chief Secretary - Sir Joseph Ford, a constitution, a 60 member Legislative Council and Letters Patent from the monarch. All Bills required the assent of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the Queen's Representative - the Governor.

On 1st July 1997, Hong Kong was NO longer a colony of the United Kingdom. It no longer had a monarch - Elizabeth II, a Governor - Christopher Pattern, a Chief Secretary - Sir Joseph Ford, a constitution, a 60 member Legislative Council or Letters Patent from the monarch. Bills no longer required the assent of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom or the Queen's Representative - the Governor.

On 9th January 1920, the Commonwealth of Australia was a self-governing Dominion or Colony of the United Kingdom. It had a monarch - King George V, a Governor General, six governors, six State Parliaments, one Federal Parliament, a constitution and Letters Patent from the monarch to the governors and the Governor General. All Bills required the assent of the Governor in the case of a State or the Governor General in the case of the Commonwealth, plus the assent of the monarch.

On 10th January 1920, Australia was NO longer a Dominion or Colony of the United Kingdom. In 2010, Australia STILL has a monarch - Elizabeth II, six governors, six State Parliaments, one Federal Parliament, a constitution and Letters Patent to the six governors and the Governor General from the monarch. All Bills require the assent of the Governor in the case of a State or the Governor General in the case of the Commonwealth plus the assent of the monarch.

China and Australia were Member States of the League of Nations which became part of international law on 10th January 1920. Their sovereign nation status was guaranteed under Article X of the Covenant of the League of Nations.
China and Australia are Member States of the United Nations - an organisation which became part of international law on 26th June 1945.

The League of Nations was terminated in 1946. China's and Australia's sovereign nation status are guaranteed by Article 2 paragraphs 1 and 4 of the Charter of the United Nations.

Everyone of average intelligence knows the above is true or can easily verify it. Even Australian politicians, judges, lawyers and members of the Legal Academe all agree the above is 100% historically accurate and Australia has been an independent sovereign nation for most of the twentieth century. Same with Canada and New Zealand!

How can Australian Law, State and Federal be dependent upon the current validity of British laws in Australian sovereign territory? The Australian High Court stated in 1988, "Despite the historic link with the British Crown, the United Kingdom was still a foreign power".

The British Government states their laws are not valid in Australia. The chief law officer of the Office of Legal Affairs of the Secretary General of the United Nations states "British Laws are not valid in Australia after Australian independence on 10th January 1920". Who then says they are? You guessed it - Australian politicians and their minions! So Who do you believe?

Our information - not all of which is available via the Internet - could bring down the New World Order - so if you are or know an above average journalist please have them contact us. We promise them the story that will define their career and for which they'll be remembered. Contact us please via our email address:

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Comments for "Fraud? -- Oz, NZ & Canada are not Independent"

Peter said (July 27, 2010):

the entity known as 'The Commonwealth of Australia' is a corporation registered on the US Securites and Exchange Commission. You can look it up. I have proven through my court case in Australia that the courts in Australia are merely private corporations and that they have no jurisdiction. I have now made the transcript of this case publicly available. You can read it here:

You can read the self described magistrate 'david dunkley' say 'talk of inalienable rights is a nonsense'. I can call you and explain the transcript to you if you like. I can also give you access to the video on youtube if you want.

LJ said (July 27, 2010):

Dear Sir, Good luck. I have been trying for over 13 years to find a journalist to run a line of stories regarding a strategy initiated in 1990, one that continues today, by multi nationals, using the Australian environmental movement, to force the condemnation of dams and ocean outfalls and by so doing, create a water shortage over time which would force the privatization of Australia's $80 billion of water and wastewater infrastructure.

They were successful and no dams have been built since 1989 to supply major Australian cities. This also facilitated the planned forced introduction of the expensive concept of using treated sewage effluent sourced from hospitals, industry, homes and abattoirs, DIRECTLY inserted into the public's drinking water supply mains, a world first as is planned here but not yet introduced and forced introduction of expensive desalination.

In 1994 multi nationals commenced using the Australian Water and Wastewater Association since renamed the AWA, Queensland Branch to drive their agenda. Dams were also removed because they were the cheapest water supply option and desalination and water recycling for human consumption simply could not compete.

In 1994-5 an employee of Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux in Paris was convicted of bribing an official over a water contract. The employee was also conviced of bribing an editor. Other companies, including Veiola has also been convicted on water supply issues.

Thirteen years of extensive research and investigations and the media, in general, which has been running biased and misleading articles on these issues while refusing bto truthfully and fully inform the public refuses to view that documentation which includes corruption, collusion, fraud, official misconduct and deceit.

All levels of Australian government, federal, including the senate, state and local, have, I believe, perverted the course of justice on this issue.

A said (July 27, 2010):

Came home and went to have another look at the site, and found the site down...hope the information was stored somewhere else...someone has noticed anyway, and we may never hear about this info again!

Dave said (July 26, 2010):

Did someone finally figure out where that light switch was??? Of course Canada, OZ and NZ are not independent. Back in 1947, king george sent out the Letters Patent making, Canada anyway, a colony ad infinitum, I think it worked the same way with every british colony. The Letters named the manner and method of control in Canada, that being the Governor General for the incorporated Colony of Canada and of course the Lieutenant Governors for the incorporated subsidiaries called Provinces. Geez, this isn't news, I've known this since 1978 when I hoped onto the beginnings of the information superhighway, a time when only intelligent life swam in the sea of electrons. Big difference now, you might want to watch Idiocracy, it looks like where we as a species are headed.

Henry, I like your site and your work, very interesting a lot of the time, but 'ole king george and the oligarchy made in hell are old news. What would be really interesting and which is also old news in 'ole Liz II (the sequel) and her abrogation of control of the UK when she signed the treaty of Lisbon in June 2009 (I think it was). The UK for all intents and purposes as of Dec 1, 2009 no longer has a real monarch, which makes one wonder why the hell we still have her in our courts and on our monopoly money?

Personally, I think it's time to really cut the umbilical chord from England and every other usurping usury based country and kind of go it alone. We have everything in Canada we need to survive very well. Just have to bring back a militia and make sure the US leaves us alone so we don't have to go down to Washington dc and burn the whitehouse down again like in 1812.

Am I possibly seditious. YES! Am I former military. YES! We have to lead, following or getting out of the way is not an option.

Jon Adams said (July 26, 2010):

Im a long time reader of your site.
Thankyou for all your efforts.
You may have heard recently that the Director of Public Prosecution here
in England, last week announced (incidentally, on the 5th anniversary of
the execution of the tube of Brazillian, Jean Charles de Menezes) that
no police officer would face any charges in connection with the death of
Ian Tomlinson, an innocent bystander at the G20 protests in London Last
I have begun a petition which will hopefully gather enough names and
momentum to force a turnaround in this appalling decision.
I would be most grateful if you would consider helping to publicise the
petition through your site.

This is a link to the petition

And you can read a little more about it here:

With highest regards

Jonathan Adams

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