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"Satanist Insider" Told to Sign Off

July 25, 2010

SATAN_Logo_baph.jpgBy Aloysius Fozdyke

The other images group around me to support me: let all be worshiped, for they shall cluster to exalt me. I am the visible object of worship; the others
are secret...

Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.

I have been contacted and asked to discontinue my public statements for the time being. Moreover, I have some work to do.

The material earlier posted was by Petor Narsagonan. I merely acted as editor with the assistance of Fraters S.A. And K9.

Before I cease communication, I thought it only fitting to tie up some loose ends. I have never placed an advertisement on any Satanic dating site. I am a lot older than whatever the age was in the advertisement quoted by your reader. My special needs are catered for.

I do not come from a banking family, distinguished or otherwise. Have no idea from where that idea came.

I never actually advised or denied that Julia Gillard was Bestia. (That said, she will win the Australian federal election and censor Australia's Internet, inter alia.)

Ken [see below] never contacted me but I request that you forward my contact details to him. The Alpha Lodge would love to make contact with him as he obviously has special knowledge.

The people behind the website [see below] are irritants, that's all. We've already destroyed them. There is not a journalist in the world who will publish their boring material. Shortly their website will cease to exist. Accidents happen! Indeed, sometime ago I was attempting to lure journalists, checking the water temperature, so to speak. No one was interested then or now. QEII is controlled by our people; as is her system.

One world government is actually closer than even you suspect. The sheeple won't notice much difference. The Alpha Lodge will continue to pull the strings until the coming of Vindex.

Our God is the only God who cares. He guards and guides His own. I know this from experience. We don't care how many follow the two thousands years dead Jewish bastard. The more the better: easier to manipulate. Pray! Pay! Obey! We don't care about the dead herdsman Mohammed.

The recent report of the 'stress test' of European banks paints a rosy picture, so I guess that there's no need to worry. I guess that there'll be no global economic depression after all. I suppose that the economies of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain are healthier than I predicted. But when the banks close and the international economy dies before your readers' eyes, they will know that I provided the truth - unlike their holy and immaculate men of God. When their governments take off their velvet gloves and smash with their iron fists understand that the Usher is near, preparing the way for Vindex.

Our vaccination programmes will reap results, particularly on the resource rich African continent.

A little more than a decade ago the Baltic countries were the place to go, if you had contacts. We did and we told the Iranians; but Alex already knew.

bou.jpgFor one of such tender years, the beautifully cute Kazuhiko-san (left) is an asset. We have big things planned for him. I hope to meet up after I finish in Ludlow (love the Jacobean architecture) and Washington. His effect on Japanese sexuality was and remains incredible. By interfering with people's sexuality you can gain great power over them. Little girls and adolescent boys loved him. And they still do. How many sodomites and sapphists were created by him? He encapsulates the best of both worlds.

The O.o.t.T document can be better understood with an appreciation of English gematria. I note that your readers don't have this.

Keep relying on the mainstream media and your Bible.

We have already won.

Have no fear!


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Ken's comment:

Ken said (June 15, 2010):

I came across your article "Satanist Insider: Keep Your Money Hidden" and noted the following:

"We've already sorted out that she won't say anything about the constitutional problems Canada, Australia and New Zealand are experiencing."

I can advise that this appears to be a reference to the following material:

There is even more that these websites do not mention, including the fact that a Commission appointing Sir William Deane as Governor-General for the Commonwealth of Australia bore the forged signature of Queen Elizabeth II, a signature forged by Jack Straw, who at the time was Foreign Secretary.

This information was confirmed by Baron Falconer, who at the time was Lord Chancellor whilst a glance at the public record proved that Queen Elizabeth II was nowhere near the place of signing as specified on the face of the Commission document. Moreover, an out of date Royal Seal was used on the document! I can advise that the new British government has no idea what to do, particularly given the provisions of the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, 1981 and the Human Rights Act, 1998.

"That would stop Japanese whaling in 'Australian' Antarctic waters -amongst other things."

Currently the Federal government of the Commonwealth of Australia has initiated proceedings against the Japanese government in the International Court of Justice. These proceedings will go nowhere owing to the fact that for some time the Japanese government has been in receipt of the above information and has advice from the University of Osaka. No doubt the moral pontifications of the Australian government will have the desired effect domestically, but that is all.

The international problems are wide in scope. Quebec comes to mind as do the deep sea-trenches off of the West Australian coast, trenches that are used by American nuclear submarines.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II has international mining interests which she controls through elaborate business structures, front companies and trust funds (registered in Bermuda, the Isle of Dogs, etc). Obviously neither she or her government wish to rock the boat.

I hope this information helps. I can't comment on the other material.

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