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Tracking the Bilderbergers in Facebook

April 4, 2010

bilderberg1.jpg"I came across a connected link, from one of the group's member pages, prophesying with some certainty ... an epic disaster of untold proportion, billed as...
'Great Earthquake L.A. Calif. USA 2010'"

(earthquake rocks California hours after this is posted)

by Steve Thomas

  The Bilderberg Group is part of the 'shadowy elite' that runs the world.  
They meet annually in secret, surrounded by security. Nobody can get near them or witness their deliberations. 

So it was with some surprise this week, that I found them in Facebook, (beginning again with Sofia Von Laufenberg,) encountering what appears to be the central organising principal of this very group. I came face to face with... the 'Grand Master of the Guilderberg'!

'Bilderberg', you may quizzically retort.  No. Swap the 'B' for a 'Gu', and you've got the name in one!  Has this group established a modern pseudonym to disguise their ancient Guild?  In fact we shall see that the Bilderberg connection is embedded within this secretive Guild. The Grandmaster, Van Hausen Guilder (a play on words), un-dramatically describes his order as, "a 570 year old society of distinguished individuals".  Do remember -- to view these pages we need to log in to a Facebook account.!/guilderberg?v=info&ref=sgm

Registered amongst the Guilderberg's primary associations are; the Large Hadron Collider, Goldman Sachs, Nicola Tesla's scientific discoveries, Queen Elizabeth II, Imperial Russia, and Montecristo cigars  (although you would require a fairly large humidor to host 12 of these beauties at 74% humidity, we are informed.)

Firstly I suppose, it would be wise to check this "Grandmaster's" credentials, prior to raising interest in the Grand Order of the GUILDERBERGERS. Note the following list of 'friends':

... An Onassis, 20 Rothschilds, 12 Rockefellers, a Battenberg and a Mountbatten...
(copy this link into your address bar if it won't load)

... Abdulaziz S F Al-Saud:

... the 33rd degree Albert Pike in memoriam (with more freemasonry links than you could throw into a skip)...

... Prinz von Coburg, and 20 other Princes and Princesses of noble birth...

... more Dukes, Barons and Counts than one might shake a stick at...

... pages claiming the names of Mr. 'David Blaine White' (master of the magic arts) and 'Don John Trump'.

... A 'Banking Switzerland' agency to help the unfortunate collective store their diamonds, gold and silver... and a 'Sotheby's International Realtor', to help to spend them well...   (click on the name to load the page)

But this is not simply the gathered Royal families of Europe and Arabia -  a Royal flush of Kings, Queens and Jacks in fours. No. Here we find the ace in place, at the bottom of the pack.  Once again we find listed, Mr. "William (Bill) Henry Gates" - our old friend, 'Microsoft Man'.

But as the truly humble Royal King of noblest birth once said: "the last shall be first, and the first shall be last."

But the most interesting entry in the Grandmaster of the Guilderberg's list of associates, is none other than Hans Bilderberg:

At the top of the Grandmaster's main page we find a devilish crest,   bestowing his representative gaze upon this treasured collective. The sight of a morbid human skull and skeleton stands aloft, with daggers poised to strike fear within the heart; but it doesn't seem to repel this sure-footed elite.  The rulers of our age make place and home for lesser mortal man as well. 

Embedded within the heart of the listed membership of this inner circle, we find the "Friends of Freemasonry", listing 2000 lodges and degrees, connecting the world of men to the realm of the gods by esoteric and archetypal craft:

Multiple links abound to the bizarre, the decadent, the esoteric, the ritually Satanic - from the "Cabinet Prométhée" - to the "Order of the Black Wolf"...!/profile.php?v=wall&ref=sgm&id=100000558600541


To be accepted onto any Facebook 'friends list', a two-way communication must take place, where an offer is presented, which is then accepted by the other party. This enables the sharing of information, open dialogue, access to friends and photographs, and daily updates of personal activity.

This process of registered connectivity cannot occur without the consent of both parties. In the case of becoming a 'fan' of a group, this is not the same. It is possible to simply join many groups without need for acceptance. If it is a closed group, the moderator acts as gate-keeper to membership.

This secretive form of closed membership appears to be the modus operandi of the secretive and exclusive Guilderberg Group.  You would require a personal pass from the Grandmaster himself to grace his inner halls. Strangely, for such an illustrious and agéd institution, it carries no known Wikipedia entry.  Funny that.

The Grandmaster's page appears to be the focal list of principal members. But there is another page - the main Guilderberg Group page, conveying the bona fide initiate to an 'invitation only' website for access to members' privileges. The website defines itself through front-of-house scrolling photographs of Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, as they dissolve the Cold War East-West divide, establishing détente on a well cushioned settee amongst relaxed company:

Exclusive benefits designed to tempt, present as: empty brick cellar-style "Guilderberg dens" (for no advertised purpose), "favor circles", "proactive Government", "aircraft and yacht deals and networking" and "eyes-only business offers". (These claims can easily be checked via the link above).

The main Facebook page for the Guilderberg group reveals the prevailing interests of the clan, (over and above the offered acquisition of a spacious G450 Gulfstream jet from "a fellow distinguished member"):

- The Svalbard Global Seed Vault (described as a "Guilderberg Initiative",) buried deep within a frozen Norwegian mountainside:

- The achievements of respected Guilderberger, Nicola Tesla, of whom it is written: "Initiated in 1883, Bother Nicola quickly gained prominence within the Guild due to his integrity, brilliance and prolific favours to fellow Guilderbergers":

- And general Guilderberg photographs of illustrious places, people and historic events (including the barbarous Joseph Stalin amongst his compatriots):

- The final photographic evidence in this catalogue of 'Guilderberg' memorabilia, is an imposing image of a real life Illuminati Pyramid - standing as dark testimony to the now revealed association of the group.

It is of enormous concern, connecting the dots between the declared importance of Tesla's advertised discoveries to the Guilderberg group, and the potentially destructive Tesla HAARP  effect in creating earthquake triggers (investigated by Jesse Ventura amongst others). So with alarm I came across a connected link, from one of the group's member pages, prophesying with some certainty an as yet, unfulfilled event - an epic disaster of untold proportion, billed as...

"Great Earthquake L.A. Calif. USA 2010"

The interested proponents of this woeful prediction  (click on the 'members tab', bottom, page left) seem to represent some of the crème de la crème of elite global hierarchy. Have steps been taken to warn the Californian populus of this impending disaster?  If this is jest, it is well connected jest, and sinister beyond belief! We must urgently question the important distinctions between MIHOP and LIHOP (google it). Is this malice aforethought disguised as prophetic insight? God forbid!

We round the final corner of this disturbing journey, to discover the random doodlings of the "rare and valuable" man, concerned about his place in this uncertain world. Do take the time to skip across to - 'the fans of the James Rothschild's show profile', once you've recovered:

We wonder why people of this capacity do not have their own internal networks. The Illuminati like to hide "in plain view."


Steve Wesley Thomas, 46, is an Organic Gardener in Cornwall, England.
contact:   His first essay was "Tracking the Illuminati On Facebook"

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Comments for "Tracking the Bilderbergers in Facebook "

Doug said (April 5, 2010):

I surfed into the Guilderberg site and must say, their "privacy" policy is a little unsettling. You may want to tell readers to probe with caution...

This excerpt in particular, I find very disturbing (bold text enhanced by myself):

"Guilderberg may also collect information about you from other sources, such as newspapers, blogs, instant messaging services, and other users of the Guilderberg service through the operation of the service (e.g., photo tags) in order to provide you with more useful information and a more personalized experience.

By using Guilderberg , you are consenting to have your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States and or Western European nations. "

I take this as, they will look at my IP address and subsequently do some digging to find my own blog, social networking profiles, instant messenger conversations, etc... things that they should have no way of accessing since I have everything set to private -- but who knows? It seems that all of the wealthiest are in on it, so it's no so unreasonable to think that AOL would give them access to my IM history, etc. Scary...

James said (April 4, 2010):

The series of Facebook entries and sites you've had links to are fake. The Guilderberg site gives it away. They are satire, similar to the forums posted by Ron Paul backers for other presidential candidates in the last election cycle.

Steve replies:

Having cross checked these names I think that these are genuine identities - they cross check throughout. I think the list of members is genuine and unbelievably awesome. I think this person is casting doubt over the revelations. I myself was somewhat taken aback by the pronouncement, but several hundreds / thousands of the most globally significant people would not be involved in a massive role playing game like this would they? This is the difficulty with deciphering shadowy elites - its the easiest retort and defense in the world to say its a joke. But would Al Saud and 20 Rothschilds and Rockefeller all in order with complex interconnected high society friends all be playing a complex game like this - I think not.

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