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Iran Also Controlled by Satanists

October 4, 2010

ahmadsign.jpg"I live in Iran and have heard Ahmadinejad discussing the need for world order and global governance. I've also heard that his handler ayatolah mesbah yazdi is well connected to British secret service.

Quite frankly these people are leading the country to total financial meltdown setting the stage for acquisition of state by world financial elite. The public are told to prepare for shortages and street riots."

From a Young Iranian

From the beginning of the Islamic revolution, key positions such as the
judiciary were handed over to Mullahs who had no experience in running
the country. Commanders of the military, engineers and doctors who
opposed the regime were hanged because they were "enemies of Allah".

The Islamic revolution of Iran had nothing to do with Islam. Just like
any other revolution of recent history ,it was basically aimed at
handing power to a few individuals. In the case of Iran's 1979
revolution, the state was handed over to the Khomeini cult, a Muslim
Brotherhood group which has direct links with foreign intelligence

One must not be so naïve as to believe Iran is an opposition
against the new world order. We have TV shows made every year and fed
to the public on the anniversary of the Islamic revolution showing the
public that before that revolution Freemasons ran the show. It's very difficult for me to believe the notion that the British who fought Mussadeq so vigorously would suddenly give up Iranian oil and let the Mullahs take over the country's oil resources.

The true story is that the British instigated the Islamic revolution
of Khomeini. The objective was to control Iran's energy by weakening
it (reduce the Iranians to hunger) and to destroy Iran's religious and family oriented society.

Many of our grand Ayatollahs are also Freemasons, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and I have reliable sources that tell me they have trips to London
every few month to get their orders. One of the powerful figures of
the cult regime of Iran is Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi. He is the leader of
a very powerful cult called the Haqqani School. Members include
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (a top student of Mesbah), commanders of the
revolutionary guards, the Basij militia, lawyers, judges and the heads
of major news prints.

We have evidence that the same group was behind
last year's election fraud and also the harsh crisis management which
came after the election that resulted to many deaths, arrests and many
newspaper outlets being shut down.


Ahmadinejad's internal objective is to hand over power to members of
the cult. Multibillion dollar enterprises which were state owned are
now owned by the IRGC (i.e. the Revolutionary guards.) Also infrastructural projects, oil fields, housing projects and many other are awarded to the IRGC. Any opposition such as the green movement or worker strike is handled by
the IRGC secret service and the Basij militia.

For outsiders Ahmadinejad might pose as a brave leader who dares to deny the holocaust or challenge the events of 911. He enjoys the kind of
security that Obama does in New York City and he has the chance to sit
down and talk with all major media outlets in the United States.

Meanwhile it's noteworthy that after returning from UN general
assembly, Ahmadinejad was due to address the students of Tehran
University but the plan was cancelled unexpectedly. The reason is that
the man who enjoys publicity in US does not have the guts to face
Iranian students; he simply fears that his presence might spark unrest
in the university and destroy all the "achievements" that he gained
from his trip to USA.

On that same day Ayatollah Khamenei was due to visit the city of Qom
but his trip too was canceled due to his unpopularity amongst top
religious figures and their unwillingness to attend his welcoming

Meanwhile I am not sure if Ayatollah Khamenei is a member of
the cult but we do know that his chief of staff is a member therefore
the flow of information to the leader is controlled by IRGC secret
service, subsequently his decisions and speeches are against the

 Khamenei supports developments in sciences and
technologies that guarantee the survival of the cult regime. Meanwhile
he doesn't favor modernization of the country's economy and he truly
opposes raising people's living standards. To me he is in line with the
British method of controlling the masses through hardship.


Iranian people are currently experiencing difficult times and the sad
news is that they are told by government officials to prepare for even
worse. We're experiencing high inflation rate and high unemployment. Oil
revenue has fallen and the latest round of sanctions on banking and
energy sectors has made life very difficult for businesses. For
example, in order to meet local demand for fuel, refineries are told to
drastically reduce their industrial chemical productions and to refine
fuel instead.

Businesses are limited to telegraphic transaction for
foreign trade; therefore foreign currency is in high demand resulting
to higher prices on good imports. Making matters even worse, the
incompetent and inexperienced government of Ahmadinejad is planning to
overhaul the economy by increasing taxes on energy.

Iran's inefficient economy has caused serious social problems for
families and especially the younger generation. To name a few of our
social problems, we have the world's highest drug addicts based on a
UN report, high divorce and low marital rate, promiscuity of younger
generation in schools and universities, rise in abortion and AIDS,
increase of crime rate and increased belief in magic and Satanism.

I believe that the main source of these problems is that our society and
especially the young generation no longer have faith in values such as
family, religion and hard work. The cause is that the cult has taken
away our basic rights and is feeding us a version of Islam that
has led to the destruction of religion and society.

 I have no doubt that Satanists are among the religious teachers in Qom since I have heard many true stories of child abuse. Our Mullah social engineers
have made the public so confused that they no longer know what is
right or wrong and therefore are ready to accept a NWO takeover.


I started reading alternative news sites such as and four years ago when I was about eighteen years old. I
lived in Europe when the attacks of 911 happened and could sense the
implications it had on Muslims of Europe and also the implications it
had on my western friends especially on the ones who were from

 I remember that although they knew I were Iranian they had
the feeling that somehow I was supporting the attacks. Although I was
completely against the events and had condemned the attacks, I could
sense the huge gap that had opened between the Muslims and Christians.
I knew that the misunderstanding was because of my friends' lack of
knowledge and understanding of world events and especially the
dynamics of Middle East.

Furthermore I remember watching the shock and
awe campaign and the war on terror in general with my father in Iran.
The two events of 911 and war on terror prompted me to investigate as I
sensed there was something going on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile I've been following world events with much enthusiasm as I
know the truth with the help of alternative news sites and the truth
has set me free.
I'm only 22 years old and i ask myself why should i get caught in this mess. My only way out is to escape to another country and continue my
higher education.
Honestly due to difficult times which I 'm
experiencing here in my home country I've decided to look up to the
readers of these sites for help on personal matters.

 I've even found a proper destination with high living standards and
low tuition fee. That place is Hong Kong, a city that is a blend of
eastern and western cultures with cheaper universities compared to
developed countries thanks to governmental subsidies. Since I live in
a middle class family I cannot manage the cost of studying in Hong
Kong. So I thought of asking for help at a place were other visitors
can understand my views since we share a common viewpoint. I'm not the
kind of person to sit back and hope for miracles therefore I'm hoping
that there might be someone out there who is reading this article and
is able to help finance my studies.

Please contact henry at   if you can help

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Comments for "Iran Also Controlled by Satanists "

Ahmad said (October 9, 2010):

Firstly I didn`t want to even reply such stupid letter but when I saw you presented him as an Iranian youth I really felt bad because not all Iranian think that naive. Depicting a false image that no sane person can accept is not tolerable.

Just look at the different color of Ahmadinejad`s skin and more ridiculous is the same size of his little finger and the index one. He-the writer- is just showing his great anger of Islamic revolution that took over one the most important part of the Satanists puzzle. He himself declares living abroad for years and at the same time he is well aware of the everyday life of Iranians. See how really Ahmadinejad possesses his fingers.

Perhaps he knows these guys better than anyone. They are some the post revolution members of occult.

He calls people who believe in Islamic revolution naïve but he himself is much more naïve. Iranians are not concealing that they believe in New World Order because that`s the just way remained to all of us. However the meaning of our New World Order is completely different from what freemasons are pursuing. Our New World Order would lead to peace and prosperity to all human beings and even non human beings. Our New World Order will be settled by someone who is the true believer of god. He hypothesizes with his mind made stories without giving any solid evidence like the case of Britain supporting Islamic revolution. It seems that he doesn't know that more that 200,000 people killed and the same or more injured. Iranians made this effort to keep their revolution and walk tall.

James said (October 8, 2010):

I am an American student doing college in China. From the article; I read that the author wishes to study in Hong Kong. I have lived in China for 3 years and I know that Hong Kong is a very expensive city to live in. I would recommend he consider doing his studies in Beijing. Beijing is much larger and has all the conveniences of Hong Kong, but perhaps 3-4 times less expensive.

Life in Beijing is much cheaper and he can easily find an English teaching job here and finance his study. He doesn't have to speak Chinese ( I certainly didn't speak Chinese when I came), there are many people from foreign countries here that don't. Some Universities here are taught in English, so language at the University would not be a problem.

Bruce said (October 5, 2010):


Savethemales has provided me a far better education than many years wasted in graduate school, and I thank you for that.

I still read WorldNetDaily because they publish stories that no one else does, and I like to keep up with zionist propaganda. The article referenced above says that Ahmadinejad is a crypto Jew. This might explain why he is leading Iran into a conflict that will destroy the Shiites.

I recall a story posted by Savethemales about some Islamic geneology researchers who discovered that the Saudi royal family are crypto Jews, which might explain why everything they do seems to benefit US and Israeli interests. In order to destroy Islam, the Saudi royals and the Muslim Brotherhood Freemasons had to create and finance radicalized Islam. The United States will never attack the root source of radicalized Islam, because they are working together. Radicalized Islam provides the justification needed to invade and occupy all Islamic countries in this perpetual war on terror.

Ty said (October 5, 2010):

I think it worthy to note that the Iranian President truly is a lot like Hitler. Hitler spoke the truth pretty much, but played an Emmanuel Goldstein to International Jewry's Big Brother. The target of Hitler was not Jewry, rather destruction of the German Christian society, while acting as its "savior". He was not openly anti Christian at all, yet he lead the powerful German Christian nation to destruction as he also facilitated the transfer(not mass murder) of the Jews in Europe to Palestine by rounding them up in work camps. The parallels of Hitler and Ahmadinejad are very similar, but not in the way the Main Stream Media wants us to perceive it.

Suraj said (October 5, 2010):

The U.S and Europe are facing hard economical times and things certainly look ugly in the near future. I don't know if you come across of people who say they would like to move out of those regions but if you do, I would like to offer my services in helping these people relocate to Indonesia. I am not looking to make money from the people who are in financial troubles but I'd just like to help them.

Indonesia has cheaper living standards than most of these countries. If one were to take a job, sure it pays less but one spends less too and one can ultimately save some money at the end of the month and feed their family. The capital city, Jakarta is a modern metropolis with all the amenities one can hope for. Did I forget to mention this country has immense economic opportunities in the near future?

I can help the "willing to move" to relocate, navigate through the process of moving and even probably refer a job or help arrange an employment for them through my networks here. I've been through tough times, heck I'm still working my way around it but it doesn't mean I can't help my brothers and sisters where I am able to.


me said (October 5, 2010):

just read your last two pieces on iran and satanism. i was in the country TWICE and the young iranians article is true. i used to write on iran- advocating on its behalf- until my last trip where i got a very big and ugly confirmation of this. i even ended up in a situation with two media colleagues, one of whom conducted a satanic occult ritual right in front of me: casting the circle, incantations, the whole bit..

there is even more...

i quit writing about iran after that last trip in 2008, since i only want to uncover truth-
but who would believe any of it? i tried to tell my editor and was quietly banished.

i know what i saw- i was there.
the young iranian who wrote your most recent piece for you speaks the truth- it is not just demonizing of ahmedinejad ala' Saddam. the occult m.o. is the real underlying reality in iran as elsewhere.

Louise said (October 5, 2010):

I've been reading your articles for some time now on And I can't tell you how much I've appreciated and enjoyed them. And I'm glad to finally say, thank you!

And I must also say, that I found the article about the "young Iranian" to be...well, incredible...that it was written by a "young Iranian".

Here's why:

"I began...Henry Makow [four years ago when I was about eighteen years old, or 22 today]. I lived in Europe when the attacks of 911 happened [and was a kid in 2001, yet so mature he could] and could sense the implications it had on Muslims of Europe and also the implications it had on my western friends especially on the ones who were from America.

"I remember that although they knew I were Iranian they had the feeling that somehow I [a kid?]was supporting the attacks. Although I was completely against the events [a kid?] and had condemned the attacks [a kid?], I could sense the huge gap that had opened between the Muslims and Christians.
I knew that the misunderstanding was because of my friends' lack of knowledge and understanding of world events and especially the dynamics of Middle East."

Am I missing something here? (Wondering aloud...)



A precocious 13-year-old could have had these impressions.



David said (October 5, 2010):

While I feel that there is more to Ahmadabad than his public stances, this article definitely sounds like the attack on Saddam before the invasion. The author seems to share the mainstream view of Iran and Ahmadinejad. The information is suspect. He says that REFINERIES are told to suspend the production of chemicals and concentrate on FUEL. All that without major overhaul (required) of equipment? Hand signals are neither here or there....different people mean different things by apparently the same signs.

Much of the economic signs of suffering given by the author seems fabricated. As for the loyalties of the mullahs and Khomeinis, there is no definitive proof of any alliance with British secret service. If any alliance was there, I suspect it would be with an Illuminati link much higher than the secret service. The Iranian geopolitics with allies Russia and China are not easy to decipher. They could all be part of the anti-humanity plot or they could be a counter-weight to the west. Then, the guy wants to go to the hornets nest of organized crime to study.....Hong Kong!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at