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Dear Henry, As a traditional

July 9, 2003

Dear Henry,

As a traditional Catholic male, with a wife of 30 years and 11
children, I must point out that it is indeed women's fault for the
disintegration of the family and hence society.

Women cause most of the divorces, not men. Women refuse to perform
their traditional and God-given roles as wife, mother and companion.
Women want marriage without any real commitment, sex or anything to
solidify the relationship into a real marriage. And women are the
primary caregiver for the children they do have.

What do they teach their sons? All the female and feminist b.s. they
have imbibed from school and the media. What don't they teach them?
How to be a man.

The old adage remains true. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the
world. Unless and until women change back to traditional womanhood
we will not see a resurgence of traditional manhood. Simple as that.

If the man alone tries to teach his sons and daughters traditional
values, he is is labelled "anti-women" by the wife and ridiculed.

She can lock him out of his own home, take everything he has or will
have, and deny him access to his children. So why would anyone want
a relationship with someone like that? No one in their sane mind

Thus impersonal sex and personal hedonism are the lot of the modern
young male.

Until women make it worth a man's while to support them, love them,
cherish them, and work his life away for them, the situation will
not change.

The old German adage of the feminine roles of "kinder, kuchen,
kirchen", "children, kitchen and church" remains true for women who
would be fulfilled.

Fortunately, this seems to have turned the corner somewhat in the
South about 10 years ago. Women are having 4-5 children, marriage is
more traditional, women marry 3-5 years earlier, and a more
traditional mindset still prevails - unlike in the blighted North.

So, yes it is women's fault. Women, even non-feminists, have bought
into much of the ideology and b.s. of feminism and ruined two
generations of men. Until the hand that rocks the cradle reforms
herself she cannot expect more from the men she raises.

Dr. William Peters

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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