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HI there - I know

July 11, 2003

HI there -

I know you're probably going to get a landslide of negative emails slamming your article on feminism, however, I have to say that I think I agree. I'm a 28 year old female, and even though I'm not going down the normal route of marriage and kids, because it's just not my cup of tea, I do however think that traditional roles are what works in marriage. If you're going to choose that route, and be normal, and get married and have kids and buy a house and do the whole shebang, then do it right. Men and women are wired a certain way, so don't fight it. Women nurture and take care of the home, their kids and their man. Men like to be the one in charge, solving problems, being the breadwinner and providing. That's how we're wired, and that's what works best. If I was normal, and got married and had kids, I would try to be that way. Problems arise when a woman starts becoming a ballbusting shrew, to put it nicely. I definately believe that women should be intelligent, have an independent mind and opinions, however, if you're going to choose marriage, and choose to be mom, and choose that path, then do it right, and accept the role and play it to the hilt. Either get on the bus, or get off. Don't be hanging halfway off!

Anyway, interesting article. I'm probably like one of about 10 females total that isn't going to scream at you. !


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