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Dear Dr. Makow: My son

August 2, 2003

Dear Dr. Makow:

My son is graduating from Penn State. He could not receive his degree without taking a course on Feminism (communism). I find this remarkable. He had to pay for this class and take it to graduate!!! Isn't that incredible?

I forwarded your writings on Betty Friedan about her communist agenda, which she adroitly hid from Americans (especially young females). I hope that he will visit your website ( before his final next week in this brainwashing class.

He had to write a six page paper and three pages had to talk about the positives of marriage and three had to argue the negatives. At least two pages had to be devoted to the positives of cohabitation. When he sent me the paper to read I was horrified. I gave him research by Dr. Jan Stets of Washington State University that negates all the positives he had pushed down his throat for cohabitation.

It appears to me that whole idea of "university" and what the concept truly means is dead in America.

(name withheld)

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