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Henry, I have just read

September 10, 2003


I have just read your latest posting on your site.

Interestingly, you could substitute the word "libertarian" for "satanist" and not change another word in your article and it would be just as true. The libertarians are grossly deceived. And many of them seem to mean well although, even if they don't know it, the whole concept is based on personal license. They love to shout "freedom" but often have licentiousness in mind, thinking personal indulgence is what the world is meant to be and "tyranny" is simply anyone who prevents such in any way. Few of them have any religious belief at all, having been converted to that bestiality you record.

But so with the whole of Protestantism, the reformation, etc., although more subtly. Because of the tide begun by Henry VIII, the English speaking world has removed itself from true understanding and worship of God more so than any other on earth. "Spirituality" in English speaking civilization is an empty, sterile word.

Meanwhile, even after almost a century of satanic rule - or maybe because of it - the ex soviet is rapidly moving back to Christianity, some of it bogus, but a great amount of it, true.

But back to English speaking nations. Most are in the forefront of "self government." Almost no one (other than the types who wrote the protocols) recognizes that self government is the personification of humanism, the essence of satanism.

On a practical note, self government makes a mockery of authority, leaves a vacuum there, which is always filled by that same bunch of satanic types who do know how government works. This is exactly why they got rid of the kingdoms of Europe, which were, more or less, under the authority of the Church - before the Church itself was subverted. Neither republics nor democracies have any defense against the usurpation of authority.

One of my favorite political arguments is that God's government, albeit benevolent, is nevertheless a dictatorship. He alone makes the rules and woe be it to those who flaunt them. I think most men have this knowledge hidden somewhere deep inside. I see an attempt to escape God's laws as the reason for all humanism, all self rule, no matter what shape it takes.

Tony Blizzard

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