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Dear Henry, Mahathir Mohamad was

October 19, 2003

Dear Henry,

Mahathir Mohamad was dead on in his speech. His mistake however, was that he directly referred to Jews, thereby giving the Jews reason to holler anti-semitism. What he should have done was refer to Zionists, instead of Jews. Not all Jews are Zionists, just as not all Muslims are terrorists. But it's the ones that are that create the state that the world is in today.

Mr. Mohamat was just unlucky in his choice of words. But mentioning the Illuminati in his speech would have been unwise too. The problem is that you an I may be aware of their existence and their plans, the vast majority of the world's population isn't. So mentioning them would simply give the Illuminati reason to dismiss such accusations to the realm of overwrought fantasy.
These people are masters of convincing the world there is no such group. Just mention the word Illuminati to an average person on the street and they'd go....Duh? But the word Zionists would ring a bell in the average person's mind.
In other articles on your website you mention the Protocols. Like you I believe they exist and like you I also believe that to Zionists they form the scenario of what is to be, at all cost.

The Muslims have been totally oblivious for centuries about the plan the Illuminati/Zionists have put in place centuries ago. Thus they are always a few steps behind, and by maintaining conflict between the different Muslim groups the Illuminati make sure there will never be unity among Muslims. Lack of unity and vision will bring about the downfall of Islam and the Muslim world, and unless the Muslim world starts realizing that, they will ultimately be the losers in this global battle. Muslims must start to think!


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