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Dear friend: It has been

October 25, 2003

Dear friend:

It has been a pleasant surprise to see some of your articles in the Lutheran weekly CHRISTIAN NEWS, which I regularly receive. That means that your intelligent, courageous and pungent articles are drawing many people's attention, which is excellent news. Besides, the mere fact that you are able to write and broadcast your views is a positive sign that you, in Canada, have some freedom of expression left. In Spain you would have been crucified by our nasty Illuminati-controlled media that is getting more and more submissive in spite of the fact that some newspapers and the leftists parties have been very critical with the Iraq war. That?s just a gimmick to make gullible people believe that there is some freedom of expression left.

The fact is that the same media and politicians who are against the American intervention in Iraq, supported the NATO in Yugoslavia and have been advancing the favourite Illuminati issues: feminism, population control (Spain must have the lowest birth rate), statism, ridicule of Christianity, corruption, poor education system and on and on.

So, you see, the Illuminati are very intelligent and they have managed to deceive many people in my country by making them believe that there are right wing and left wing positions when the sad truth is that they all go the same direction through different paths. My prayer and my concern are that more and more people be aware of what is going on. In Spain that concern may be very problematic because most people's minds have been systematically manipulated for decades.

Very cordially


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