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Henry, I would LOVE IT

October 28, 2003


I would LOVE IT if men would step up to the plate, and support me. That way, I could stay home, and be the "helpmate" I was designed to be. I would love to keep the house in order, cook scrumptuous meals, be the "neighborhood Mom", and have all the kids over for popcorn and koolaid. Instead, I am a professional engineer (civil/environmental) who wears a hard hat and steel-toed boots to work, and climbs 100' stacks for source testing frequently because my beau can't get a paying job..........and refuses to work for someone else. I a sucker or what. Then, because I am smart and attractive, get told I "intimidate" men....I can't even tell you how many times I have heard that on a date. What a nightmare. Where are the MEN of society? Where are the ones who will take care of a woman, so I can truly be who I am supposed to be. I crave it............I'm open to any advice, ideas, criticism, anything....this is a weird world we live in.


Good afternoon,

I found your website via I enjoy reading your articles, and in the past year or so have had an about face on my views towards feminism, instilled in me growing up in public school and watching TV. From very young, I wanted to be strong and independent, thinking that was better than being a "weak", submissive woman. I met and recently married a man who, basically, won't put up with my feminist crap. It has been tough for me, changing my perspective on life to fill a more "traditional" female role. It is a constant struggle to not try to run the show. My girlfriends since elementary school were strongly opposed to my marriage, thinking that my choice was poor, believing him to be too aggressive, controlling, etc. I have not spoken to them since. I hope that one day they will come to understand my choices, and the way they have been manipulated to believe in distorted roles of men and women.

Keep it coming,

Lila Hutto

Dear Dr. Makow,

I just want you to know how very much I am enjoying reading your articles. Your writing style is crisp, clear and informed. I especially like the links to other sources; I can read for myself, and I know that you have done your work thoroughly which leads to my trusting your words.

It is hard to stomach the satanic information but I plod on gracefully having learned to take it slowly a little each day. It is absolutely fascinating material and I agree with all of it. It is also very scary and I am scared for the future. I am an almost 50 year old woman who was blasted by the exact stupid theories of feminism, the sixties and all that rot, who finally decided (or rather went back to her true deep roots) that I want to be loved, cherished, "owned" by a man who wants no other, who is a good leader etc. I love to have doors opened for me and all those wonderful things men do for a woman. It does make me feel special and loved.

Problem is that it is desperately hard to find a man who has chivalry (not sure that is the right word) in his soul these days. And I get so lonely sometimes for a good man and a home with a man. Men have had an awfully hard time of it and their manliness is being robbed and stomped on and injected with lower values.

I love your website and recommend it as often as I can to friends who I think can handle it. Thank you so much for your work. You are shining a major light on things for me and it has already helped me more than just about anything I can name to understand the world and myself.

Sincerely, Karin

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