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Hi Henry, I really have

March 19, 2004

Hi Henry,

I really have been enjoying the great articles you've posted on Save the Males. Your insights are right on and so focused, especially when dealing with feminism relationship issues. God I wish that I could get together with like minded people and discuss these things, I live in NYC which is a bastion for liberalism, nehilism and PC kinds of nonsense. I'm now 40 years old and living alone and I don't even date regularly. I don't know where to turn really, I've been to churches, bars and even traveled to Eastern Europe and South America in search of a woman who posesses true inner beauty.

I'm sure that there are many here in the U.S., but I don't have access to persons outside of my city and moving is kind of difficult since I have a business here in NYC. I'm all ears if you have any suggestions on some new approach to meeting a woman who hasn't quaffed the cup of feminism. I've found that many woman outside the U.S. are opportunists after money or a green card and I've yet to meet someone sincere. Yes I'm a bit down, but not yet beaten !. Where do you go to meet interesting, genuine people to talk to these days, who aren't trying to demonstrate their total compliance as effeminated males and P.C. doops with every utterance.
Please write with any suggestions or thoughts you might have.



Two pieces of advice:

1. use the Internet to meet women locally or abroad

2. the male female dynamic is a power-love one. She gives you power in exchange for genuine love. Thus you must become responsible and find a woman who is willing and able to trust you. Find someone who looks up to you.

Men get their self confidence from their work and by setting goals and achieving them.

It's easy to forget but women are ordinary human beings looking for love, just like you and I. Don't despair! You only need to find one!


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