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Dear Henry, I love your

March 27, 2004

Dear Henry,

I love your website!!!! Your views about marriage are right on the money. My husband and I have a wonderful marriage because I finally learned what my true role was as a wife. I took a while but when I finally just let go and trusted him our marriage went from hohum to glorious. Trust, I believe, is the true ingredient in a great marriage. My problem was that I didn't trust him enough to give him total control over the decisions that had to be made in day to day life. In my family the women just don't do that. They have to be in control or in charge. Maybe that's why they are so miserable.




love the "inner feminist" article. you see what i am up against. that letter she sent in reponse was a scream... i have a good friend that is married to a fem nazi just like that one. i feel so sorry for him...he has no idea why his wife causes him so much misery. they are childless and if he ever divorces her she will never find another man, but i stay out of it. they laugh at me whenever i talk "true" politics so i will let them remain in their bondage!!! anyway, just wanted to let you know i look forward to your weekly article every sunday....i went through major withdrawals over the holidays but i guess you deserved a vacation. thanks,


Sorry Henry. I love people who love themselves... Anyone who loves themself would not sacrifice themselves for me.

People who are willing to sacrifice themselves all too often hate themselves and may even have suicidal tendencies. I try to avoid people like that as friends. I may well be friendly and loving towards them, but I do not expect anything in return. They are generally too frightened to give anything of themselves.

These are also the kind of people who may well be "in love with themselves" in an attempt to cover their insecurities.

It may be that I have misunderstood what you are trying to say. If that is the case, then I can only suggest that you choose your words more carefully.


Why do you think a woman who loves a man and sacrifices for him (as he for her) does not love herself, and may be suicidal? Men have been been brainwashed so they are too timid to take responsibility for a woman. H

Dear Henry,

I stumbled upon your site and I am glad that I did. I am a 26 year-old white male who lives in Phoenix, AZ. I am coming to the conclusion that I do not deserve companionship with an american woman. All american women are simply too good for me. I will never be rich enough, attractive enough, or well-hung enough to give them the lives they want....

I've always hated feminism, having been raised by a feminist who during her divorce from my father would address me as "dick" from time to time (even though that was not my real name), or would hit me on occasion because I reminded her so much of my father. I would never marry a woman like my mother and, much to my dismay, I am meeting more women
who remind me of my mother on a regular basis.

I think that feminism is one of the most destructive social movements of the 20th century and I want to thank you for providing an intelligent analysis of the movement.

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Sincerely yours,


I just wanted to say that I am a woman that found a husband and bred and am happier because of it. The feminists are in extreme denial! By the way, we plan to breed some more and hopefully have a boy next time!LOL. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next article.

Heather (age 30)

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