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A Young Feminist's Lament

March 28, 2004

Last week, a young feminist mentioned my web site in her web journal. A traditional woman recommended it to a friend who told her about it.

"It seems to be a bunch of paranoid, ranting conspiracy theories about feminism and communism."

This didn't faze her.

What bothered her was that the woman "has a boyfriend who agrees with much of the site...She now also subscribes to these beliefs."

The woman told her friend she is now "living the 'ideal' life described by that site, as she moved across the country to be with her boyfriend, stays at home and cleans, while he works and brings home the income."

She also encouraged the friend to have children explaining, " why not wanting to have children is wrong."

This "hit a nerve" because "people in my family give me a hard time for not being in a hurry to find a husband and breed, as if it is something I am obligated to do."

She is saddened that the traditional woman's son will grow up with these values and be deprived of the company of "some really wonderful and smart, independent women."

Even worse, if this woman has daughters, "they will be raised to believe that their entire role in life is to get married, have babies, and 'serve their husbands' ...that girls weren't supposed to show their outspoken, opinionated, funny etc. That it wasn't 'feminine' to be all these things."

Our young feminist has had some "self esteem problems, but I can't imagine spending my life being ashamed of, well, being a real person."

She used to feel guilty for being the "bright, sarcastic, creative girl I am. It's times like these when I'm really glad I embraced those qualities...some really wonderful people are my friends because of those qualities."

She concludes: "So yeah. My inner feminist hurts. But at least I love myself."


This girl is a typical of millions of young women who have been psychologically neutered by "feminism."

Homosexuals refer to heterosexuals as "breeders." Here is a once normal heterosexual woman using exactly the same term: "find a husband and breed."

She expects to be loved for being " bright, sarcastic, creative, intelligent, outspoken, opinionated, and funny."

Wake up girl! A man isn't looking for a "really wonderful and smart, independent woman." She is in love with herself. ("At least I love myself, " this one says.)

People love people who love them. People love people who sacrifice themselves for them. You don't get permanent love for having a witty comeback and a career.


Since when is a wife and mother not a "real person?"

No one is suggesting that a woman should devote her life to just any man. She chooses a man worthy of her, someone with ability and vision. She gives up her "independence" in exchange for his love. This is how she expresses her love, and how two people become one.

He must be loyal and devoted or the deal's off. A lengthy courtship is necessary to choose the right person.

When you love someone, having a baby feels natural. Both mother and father get immense pleasure from raising this new being.

Believe me there is nothing sexier than intelligence in a woman. When she does not compete with him, a man naturally wants his wife to express herself.

I love that my wife is so intelligent and capable. Why wouldn't I? She is my right arm. Naturally I try to nurture and see her thrive. "Independent" women are missing this male nurturing.

Is this girl a slob? Doesn't she clean for herself? Then why is it such an ordeal to do it for her family? Making your home comfortable and inviting is not demeaning. It's uplifting. I'm not saying women can't have careers; just that family is more important.

Only a small minority of careers are truly satisfying. Feminists assume women are too vacuous to live rich and rewarding lives unless they have a job. This is very Communist.


Feminism pretends to be about "equal rights." In fact, it is an elite campaign to depopulate and destabilize society by promoting lesbian dysfunction.

Most people get their sense of identity and self worth from family. Women have a short time span in which to start a family. Feminism has poisoned this girl's mind. She will probably join the legions of bitter women who either miss the boat or are divorced with a child.

This girl scoffs when I say feminism is Communist. She doesn't understand that Communism was never a "working class revolt." Leon Trotsky regularly played chess with Baron Rothschild at Cafe Central in Vienna before leading the Bolshevik Revolution.

Communism is the attempt by the families who own the world's Central Banks (the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and France etc.) to create a "new world order". You see, these families have finagled the right to use the government's credit to print money. They have used this racket to "gradually absorb the world's wealth,"in Cecil Rhodes' words. They are creating a world dictatorship to consolidate this enviable position.

The bankers are changing human nature in order to control people. People need to belong to something larger than themselves: God, race, nation and family. They are eliminating these things so we will belong to them. They are gradually turning us into their spiritual (and physical) slaves.

Men and women are natural allies. The bankers use Communism to "divide and rule." In the case of feminism, they convince impressionable girls to challenge rather than support men. Feminists think they are creating a better world but they are being hoodwinked. The "Patriarchy" (men) is not responsible for the world's woes; a small clique of bankers is.

The Rockefellers own part of the Federal Reserve. They are also the main sponsors of feminism. Search "Women's Studies" and "Rockefeller Foundation" on Google and you will find 22,400 entries. The Rockefeller Foundation has funded birth control for 90 years. Feminism is birth control. Since the onset of second-wave feminism in the 1960's, the US birth rate has halved and the divorce rate has doubled.

(For more information I refer you to articles under "Feminism," "Communism" and "How Heterosexuality Works" on my web site. )


"My inner feminist is hurting," this girl says. Don't be a martyr. You are not sacrificing yourself for a better world. You are ruining your life.

Instead of listening to your "inner feminist," listen to your own soul. If your ideology is making you miserable, it's time to change it. Your soul doesn't lie.

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