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Professor, I just read one

April 3, 2004


I just read one of the articles on your website that attacks feminism. I am a
3rd year English student at the University of Guelph and I really wish the
things you talk about there would make its way into the ciruculum. I've seen
way too much "Women are oppressed" and feminist bullshit in my classes.

Sometimes I sit there shaking my head because I can't stand listening to it.
There's even some guys I know that buy into that stuff. I don't know if
they're trying to play it smooth with some girl in the class, or why they
would buy into that propaganda, but feminism is a bad thing for society as you
have pointed out.

I take classes where the title of the class says nothing
about feminism and if the professor is a woman, she decides to teach you about
women's issues and you read a text by Toni Morrison or something. The worst
part is if you speak against it, you become an asshole to the rest of the
women in the class. Its really unfortunate how popular the feminist movement
is. They "finally have a voice, after being suppressed for so long."

I just wanted to let you know I think its a good thing what your site is doing
and I was curious, do you talk about this stuff in your lectures and put it
into the cirriculum? Or is it too sensitive an issue and too controversial to
tell feminists to stop crying about what they call oppression. I was just

- Mark


I was slandered and driven out of the university for trying to have a debate about feminism. I won a libel suit against the Winnipeg Sun and my suit against the University of Winnipeg is coming up in May. Help spread the word about the real agenda behind feminism.

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