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Anti-Americanism is a Globalist Ploy

September 4, 2009

torture.bmp (Updated from may 4, 2004) Lately the media has been full of reports of the abhorrent torture and sexual abuse of Iraqi prisoners by the CIA. The Obama Administration is going to bring the torturers to justice

Is this proof of press freedom? Or is there a hidden globalist agenda?

The latter I think. The agenda is to make Americans lose faith in their country so they will accept a subordinate role in the Banker World Government. I'm not condoning these abuses or suggesting they don't occur, only that these revelations are part of an effort to discredit the U.S. and fan the flames of anti-Americanism especially in the Arab world.

The CIA which is a globalist tool. The whole spectacle is a psyche-op i.e. a propaganda stunt to discredit the U.S.

The mass media is nothing but mind control. Nothing gets shown without a propaganda purpose. For example, why do we get a daily death toll of American soldiers in Iraq, but barely a word about U.S. casualties in Afghanistan? (As of summer 2009, more than 800 US soldiers have died in Afghanistan.)

Why would Bob Woodward be given complete access to the Bush White House when everyone knows his book would discredit and embarrass it?

Why are the three nightly network TV newscasts practically identical?

The answer is mind control.

The Iraq war is like the Korean and Vietnam wars. It is designed to be lost. It will cause a lot of suffering and make its perpetrators rich. But the hidden agenda is to further undermine American pride and power and increase anti-Americanism around the world.

Let's not fall into that trap by becoming anti-American. There is nothing inherently wrong with the United States. The problem is the traitors who run it. The U.S. has been subverted.

The mass media serves the world bankers. CBS, which broadcast these reports, was started by William Paley, a veteran of the OSS, which spawned the CIA. Both were creations of British Intelligence, which is nothing but the Bank of England's (i.e. Rothschild's) secret service. The same clique started ABC and NBC.

The media and Lefties like Noam Chomsky want you to think American imperialism (and capitalism) is the evil here. But American (and British) imperialism doesn't express the national will. They represent the predatory tentacles of these world bankers and the cartels they control. They sponsor the Lefties to deflect blame from themselves, undermine free enterprise, and foster big government which they control through debt.

Another example of programmed disillusionment is the latest Adbusters, an anti-corporation magazine for self-righteous tree huggers. This edition is devoted to a history of evil "American" imperialism. It's enough to disillusion anyone.

Look at the back cover of this yuppie rag. There is the Masonic symbol (pyramid and evil eye.) This means one thing to me. These sanctimonious Lefties are part of the One-World-Conspiracy.

The ultimate agenda is to elect Bush's "Skull and Bones'" frat brother John Kerry whose answer to the Iraqi debacle is to involve the United Nations. (As if the Iraqis will accept UN occupation!) Apparently the U.S. is cast as a rogue state while Banker World Government (the UN) is the knight in shining armour. Either way the bankers get the oil.


At the same newsstand I picked up a conspiracy magazine deftly named "Paranoia" and read an interesting item by Al Hidell: "Jews Behind Dean's Fall?"

Apparently Howard Dean wasn't pro-Israel enough. It all began with a statement in Sept. 2003 that the U.S. should not "take sides" in the Middle East conflict. Then on Dec. 1 he told Chris Mathews on Hardball, "We're going to break up the giant media conglomerates."

According to Hidell, "This was a direct threat to the Jewish-controlled media conglomerates, which then began to portray Dean as "unelectable" in a flood of negative coverage."

I'd like to think Dean was a fallen hero but I recall his campaign manager was a former official of AIPAC, the Israeli Lobby. But Hidell's item would certainly explain Dean's sudden demolition and illustrate the power of the "free" press.


Feminism is one of the many blessings the US is bringing to Iraq.

A largely female sociology class at the University of Utah included my book "A Long Way to Go for a Date" in their syllabus. The course was on women in developing countries and the instructor wanted to show how men like me exploited these women.

A student interviewed me by phone and later emailed her class essay. It was a rude reminder of the lesbian indoctrination taking place in the nation's universities.

The student parroted the feminist line and got an "A." The essay was entitled; "The Female Body: The Fight for Control."

The thesis was that "the female body is currently the object everyone wants to control."

According to the essay, men have used religion, culture and force to exercise control. The first methods can be seen in restrictions on female dress and behaviour and in genital mutilation.

The latter can be seen in rape. "Every 90 seconds, somewhere in America, a woman is assaulted...a rape occurs once every four minutes."

Women "fight back" by choosing not to bear children; by becoming lesbians ("there is no risk of accidental pregnancy in a homosexual relationship"); and postponing having children. As a result, the birth rate is "the lowest it has been in 100 years."

This is typical of how feminists portray love, marriage and family in terms of gender war. They teach impressionable young women that males are violent sexual predators who want to enslave them.

"I don't intend to be stuck at home changing diapers," another girl recently wrote me. What if her mother had felt that way?

Marxists invented second- wave feminism. Marxism is satanism posing as social justice. Feminism is biological warfare. There will be no future for the West if young women do not have children and raise them to be moral and productive citizens.

Nor will the millions of victims of this sinister hoax have any future. Do these girls want to live alone? Society makes young women think they have Fort Knox between their thighs.

But time is cruel. Female life expectancy is 75 years. What will their life be like if they do not have the love and support of husbands and children? Will they be loved because they are successful executives?

Impostors now control western universities and society as a whole.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at