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Hi Henry, We have corresponded

May 15, 2004

Hi Henry,

We have corresponded before.

Regarding your recent article about the young woman at the college campus and the spread of feminism as a biological weapon. I recently resigned from the UNC system, sick and tired of the liberal and dumbed down agendas at that institution. Women's issues are no longer even realistic at this level..the Illuminati propaganda machine takes full advantage of the susceptible and fragile young minds of the female. If they(women) could truthfully see the ultimate demise they are helping to usher in, they would weep as a whole, but they cannot. They are fueled, just as you write, by utter emotion. It is their nature, to fear and seek refuge in something larger than themselves, and when that is not in a relationship with a man/protectorate, then it seems it is in unison with a movement that pretends to have their interests at heart. I correspond regularly with women from foreign countries, and they have a great disdain for American women, and culture in general. It is truthfully funny that young women in the Western world feel as if they have a superior understanding of feminity and virtue, when they are truthfully looked at as inferior/neutered by women in other cultures.

However, I do believe that the feminist propaganda machine that has launched itself into places like Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq/Iran will do similar damage to those cultures. This is a 'spiritual war' that does not exclude any culture. Women are by far the most impressionable and more easily dissuaded gender, as it would have been virtually inconceiveable to launch a "masculinist" plot and convince men to avoid and and fear women, as our minds are not trained from youth to be so gullible and fragile.

I do feel that men, such as myself, and yourself, however, can stand in the face of these young and fragile and disillusioned females, railing at a world full of men they despise, simply because they cannot comprehend a sinister plot that is really manipulating and using them, and help to educate them.

Surely if these young girls can learn to recite such malarchy as "every 90 seconds" and run 5K races for breast cancer cures, they can learn and educate themselves about who these powerful Illumists are, who the Rockefellers serve when they enlist young women in their ranks and pay to train them like stupid pets in their Illuminist "Women's Studies Programs"...Surely these young girls can spell the word R O C K E F E L L E R ??

It is up to good, intelligent, kind and compassionate men to help win back the hearts of the fragile "sheeple" and enlist them in our ranks. Keeping them on the sidelines will do no good.

The hard core feminists are walking wounded in need of therapy, but the majority are simply swept up in the current....throw them a lifeline.

God made woman. Women are fair and were not meant to lead. We can see how far they get when left to lead themselves. Most women are more than willing to find a strong man to help them. But I hope that you do start using your intellect to educate these young girls with gentle care for their fragile egos. They can be turned around with love and compassion.

I have seen it.

I'm also waiting for you to expose Dan Brown and the Illumist's plots to declare Jesus Christ a complete hoax. I have laughed at the diabolical methods these people employ.

They are working hard on so many fronts, and now that feminism has grown like a wildfire or viral infection, they have created the perfect bridge to the greatest deceipt yet to come...the destruction of Christianity. It all starts with the seed...the giant Oak tree begins with a seed. The seed they have planted is that Magdalene was an "equal", a "disciple", a "wife". How cleverly they have devised a way to take down Christians and reintroduce Pagan Goddess worship. They have enlisted their feminist/lesbian friends, and now they have wonderful storytellers like Dan Brown.

You have more work to do...

Best wishes,


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