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If all sides of an

May 23, 2004

If all sides of an issue is not looked upon and taken into
consideration. I can only say, that in this case, it gives validity
to feminism.

Also I feel very sorry for the comments from some males, who feel
themselves being victims. Again, if they from the start of a
relationship had been up front and honest , this would not have
happened. Pretending is a way of life in Northamerica, but as one man
wrote, after a while the "mask" falls off. What I am saying is this.
Why have a mask on in the first place and dissapoint your partner,
when the pretending cannot be sustanied and that is without question?
Some of these "pretenders" end up hating each other and some get
divorced and some keep going on the pretending all their lives in
public, but within their own 4 walls, they also take to hating each
other. In all cases, the children become the hardest hit victims.

And no Henry, I do not hate anyone. I can only be very sad, that when
people don't get an overall perspective of things, they keep living
an illusion and you are not helping any by ignoring my input,

Have a nice day

Dear Henry,

I hesitate to write feedback to articles I read on the internet because it seems to me that feedback is generally not well-recieved and rarely well-written (which is not to say that this is an exception to those rules). However, I feel the need to point out that feminism and "frigidity" do not always, or even often, go hand-in-hand. There are a lot of factors that go into an individual and their approach to sex and sexual satisfaction, and it is not helpful to place blame on, or see salvation in, one social construct or behaviour. Many frigid women are also mothers, Christians or are also smokers, but when viewed through this article, it would seem as though there is only one main reason that some women have issues with their sexuality. Many people that were sexually abused as children enjoy sex as adults but virtually no one would state that a child should be subjected to that form of torture so that they can have a fulfilling sex life later on. Again, a lot of factors go into making a person, and while there are most likely unsatisfied women that identify themselves as feminists, I'm sure there is also a large percentage of unsatisfied women that identify themselves as born-again Christians, anti-feminists, new agers, Pro-Bush, Anti-Bush, etc.

When I read your opinions of feminism, it seems to me that you are viewing an older model, one to which most younger feminists no longer subscribe. The days where Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan are seen as the final word on topics are long gone and many young women and feminists cringe at the mention of some of the ideas that came out of the mid-20th century. While there is still fertile ground in some of the concepts the last wave of feminists introduced, the world and our culture has changed so much, so quickly, that it would be foolish to expect feminism not to change as well. There are other facts and ideas that are not being shown by your basing your some of your ideas and this article on a single book written in the 1950's.

While I occasionally disagree with your ideas, I always find your articles interesting and thought-provoking. As a fellow "Conspiracy Theorist" and Winnipegger (albeit, temporarily displaced), I appreciate your writings and ideas.

Lara (a happily-married, sexually-satisfied-young-feminist)


The article states that Robinson finds many reasons for frigidity other than feminism, but that these women usually are also feminists. It does not state that all feminists are frigid. I disagree that feminism has reformed. If anything it is more lesbian and anti male than ever and young women are more confused about their femininity than ever. I believe your intentions are good but you are in denial.

Thanks for your feedback. I will post it under your first name.

Best wishes,


Yes, this has effected women. I am a victim of this age. I don't now have a partner but am still looked down on for devoting myself to my two sons instead of working & leaving them alone to then get accused of them running riot on the streets.

What gets me is how many women seem to be drifting from marriage to lesbian relationships then dressing & acting like males whom they claim to be inferior & dispise. And I live outside of a small rural town!

I had a bad start with a violent & abusive father & think you are correct re the male /female relationship ideal. Trouble is I'm now viewed as too independent or a threat to other women cause I've had to do it on my own & speak out on the NWO, so its difficult to find that partner to love & nurture as I would wish & worry how my sons will find their caring & protecting role in a world of these controlling women

yours Helen Australia

Hello Henry,

It is important to note that many women have difficulty achieving sexual satisfaction. Some have never had an orgasm and others rarely have one. Many women do not experience orgasm vaginally. Some are only capable of clitoral orgasms either with a vibrator or tongue stimulating the area around the clitoris. Most women either fear to ask for or don't know what they have never experienced.

Culturally this is a topic that is often difficult to approach for the woman and the man is accustomed to thinking that vaginal sex is all that is necessary to achieve an orgasm and a woman's sexual satisfaction. This is a mistaken notion although each woman is different in her physical responses or likes and dislikes.

My thoughts are that the physical sexual dissatisfaction may lead to "frigidity" due to a psychological giving up of the desire to engage in sex. This then could very well lead to the incorporation of feminist ideology or even lesbianism because the male relationship is incomplete. The question then becomes how much of these physical incompatibilities are cultural such as stemming from religious mores. It is probably likely that in years past, women tolerated physical incompatibilities more than they do today. Now it is easier and more accepted to divorce when expectations are unmet.

Henry, I am not making a case that physical incompatibilities are the most important aspect of a relationship, just that when using the term "frigidity", it is all important that this be investigated and dealt with....something our culture is still repressed about.


Hi there Henry. I thought it was a good idea to e-mail you because i just wanted to thank you for giving me great insight into the real reality and not the Illuminati driven illusion the mainstream media try to pump into our heads everyday. It is the work people like you, David Icke, Stewart Swerdlow, Janet Swerdlow, Jonathan Rappoport, Alex Jones, Paul Watson and Jeff Rense carry out everyday to expose the truth of the Luciferian constructs of our world and how the NWO Illuminati Elites wish to centralise eveeything into one universal system of control under a Global Fascist Police State. Keep up the good work and God Bless!


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