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Dear Mr. Makow: I enjoy

May 30, 2004

Dear Mr. Makow: I enjoy reading your contributions. I'm curious as to your opinion regarding how long until the nw odor brings about the economic collapse? I'm trying to get my business together now. I'm trying to decide whether to invest in a business developing a property, which can provide a return within 6 months. Or should I invest in gold and be ready to get away from the major cities? Also what are the chances that the nw odor will conduct any 'activities' before the election as stated in numerous press releases? Your comments are appreciated.


I don't think the Odor will bring in a police state while it is busy in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Also I think they want to transition to Kerry. I don't know what they'd gain by having an event this summer. They have their hands full and there is no major difference between Bush and Kerry.

Remember they have been running things for more than 100 years. Don't assume the apolocalyse is around the corner. I think they'll wait 20 years until sentient human life (i.e. the last vestiges of western civilization) has died off, and the clueless new generation has taken its place. Henry

Good article. I had concluded that the anti-christ could come from one of three lines: the royal family of England, the Hapsburgs, or Juan Carlos of Spain. One thing we do know is that the anti-christ will be accepted by Israel as their Messiah and that he will be a king, so the line has to be from both the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Judah, because it is the line from which the kings come, and Benjamin because they owned the land on which the temple set. Mike
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A concise and well written synopsis of who is behind the problems of the world

- including 911.

The good doctor is right on the money. There are many who would like to blame the ills of the world on a particular ethnic group, for example Jews. But in
doing so they blind themselves to the real culprits.

911 is a perfect example of the doctor's analysis. The company that supervised
the renovation of the Pentagon and the clean up at the World Trade Center was
one of Britain's largest companies: AMEC (Assets Management and Engineering

This company supervised the largest criminal destruction of evidence in
history. The steel from the WTC was quickly chopped up and sent far away to be melted down. It was sent to Shanhai, Korea, India, etc.

Amazingly NONE of it went to Pennsylvania or Indiana. Why not? Because if it
had done so investigators could have checked into it and found the evidence of
explosives that must have marked much of the steel at key junction points.

AMEC, and the other British firm that was involved in the clean up, are both
headed by Knights of the British Empire.

Mayor Giuliani and Tommy Franks have both receieved that honor for their
services done for the British Empire.

Are people hearing this? Services rendered for the British Empire?

Aren't these the same guys who burned down Washington, D.C. in 1812? What kind of special relationship do Americans have with their former colonial masters?

Are we indulging in masochism, or is it sado-masochism?

My analysis of 911 has found three major groups at the architectural level:
elements of the U.S. military, political, and intelligence communities,
Knights of the British Empire and the companies they control, and Israeli
intelligence agents.

The U.S. component is heavily laden with Yale graduates (or in the case of
Dick Cheney, Yale flunkies) most of whom are members of senior-year secret
societies, most notably Skull and Bones.

Then there are the 2nd tier Yale society members who spin the truth for us.
This includes people like Bob Woodward and Gary Trudeau (S&B), who are also
secret society members.

Yale is a British colonial school and indoctrinates its students with a
certain sense of empire, especially of the British sort.

The Israelis are a weird lot of their own, but one must remember that Israel
was created with British support and the Mossad was built by British
intelligence agents.

Lastly, Israelis find themselves in the unenviable position of being a
minority government surrounded by Arabs and Moslems. This is a classic British
colonial strategy. Put a minority government in place for perpetual conflict.

Americans need to wake up and realize who their real enemies are. Our special
friends, Britain and Israel are really our WORST ENEMIES !


Dear Dr. Henry M:

Ive been enjoying your articles for some time now, and actually I have to agree with what you say. I came through my conclusions in a different manner. I went to an Orthodox Christian seminary and took up the study of occult science for the sake of apologetics. Let me add, my seminary didn't believe in any of this 'conspiracy' but actually blindly supported it.... anyway in my personal studies, I saw how occult groups have infiltrated politics and how these ideas of theirs has entered into the modern world, i.e. education, gov. policy, feminism, metro-sexualism, homo-ism, culture, media, religious ecumenism ext.. .. and my mouth just seemed to drop as I kept connecting the pieces. Ive been on the trail of this occult dragon for some time now...anyway, I am awed that people do not see what is going on. I must admit it is a shocker at first, but one adapts and sees that life and reality makes more sense when viewing it from the ...for lack of a better word.. from the 'conspiracy' view point.

Do you see a time frame in any of the events? It would seem to me that things are rushing along quite fast right now. I have noticed all these disaster films coming out, and I noticed all these 'terrorist' die hard sort of movies coming out also.. I cant help but view this as social engineering, thus training the people in mass as to how to react when these tragedy occur..basiclly run to big gov... I wonder if something is under way?

From my studies of the occult, I believe that around 2011- to a focal point. Im only guessing and putting pieces together. I come to this knowledge by studying their numerology, and other writing I have come across, Do you have any input here? Have you crossed these ideas before.??

At the heart of it, I see it as a spiritual malady, and from my perspective find that we would not fall as a people if we hung on to the Living God, to truth, honesty, integrity, .. Instead of degenerating into a nation fed on violence, greed, and licentiousness. Im just rambling some what, but would be interested in any feed back,

Thank you, take care, John

Dear Henry,

I have been enjoying your work for a couple of years now. I find it thoughtful and penetrating. Most of all, I enjoy your yearning to seek and hold God higher than man. God is glorious and loving, and man is depraved and wicked. That God chooses to open the eyes of some and allow others to remain shut is still an enigma to me, but somehow this will all be used to His glory. No man can be made righteous by his own works. Only the man who depends solely upon God for his righteousness will understand holiness. Faith is a gift, and I pray you grow in understanding, for you will herald it.


Hello Mr. Makow

Money is the root of all evil whether it be controlled by Jews, illuminati, governments or whoever. Money is simply the tool but there is really ONE common master behind it all.

Once someone accepts the idea that "principalities and powers" (satan) are the real enemies, not flesh; the world makes a lot more sense. The vast majority of humans are weak willed and become easy prey for any malevolent spiritual influence.

I hope the people who tune into your website are starting to get that.


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