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The modern oppression of

June 2, 2004

men.jpg The modern oppression of men and families stretches much further than just our own shores. Its the result of an ideology born in the old communistregime of the USSR, exported to America and which from there, spread throughout the western civilised world.

This spread has always been on the back of left wing governments and the modern Labour Party became infected in the early 1970`s. Ironically, it was the fall of McCarthyism and its paranoid anti communist stance that led, in the late 1960`s, to the influx of ideas bred in the boiling atmosphere of the communist hatred of the west, to infiltrate and take over the mainstream feminist movement.

For these ideas to take root in the west it was vital that they find a platform on
which to "appear" reasonable. Feminism provided the platform. After all, who
in their right mind could object to equal rights for women? Unfortunately,
the ideology to which we now refer has nothing to do with equal rights and
everything to do with undermining that great stabilising bedrock of all
western civilisation.....the family.


If you wish to foster a revolution in a country there is no more effective
way than disempowering those who would fight you first. Those who will fight
you the hardest, and are therefore, the most dangerous to your ambitions,
are the men.... However, if the destabilising of a country is your immediate aim, you are forced to take a much longer term view and subtlety becomes vital if the population are to remain unaware of what you are trying to do. To achieve this, you must first have a political platform that your targets will find difficult to oppose. Such a platform was admirably provided by the feminist movement.

Many people observing the shocking and brutal treatment of men in the Abu
Ghraib prison in Iraq are astonished by the sexual nature of some of that
abuse. They should not be so shocked. These abuses are techniques imported
from Soviet Russia and have been practised on political prisoners and
society as a whole for many years.

People also fail to make the connection of the sexual abuse of men in western societies through false rape and child molestation allegations and high profile domestic violence campaigns, as a direct link to the horrors of Abu Ghraib, yet there is a connection. Let me show you a paragraph from an old communist brainwashing manual that speaks of using sexual abuse to obtain compliance from "targets."

Chapter V11.

"Exercises in sexual attack on patients should be practiced by the
psychopolitical operative to demonstrate the inability of the pain-drug
hypnosis to recall the attack, while indoctrinating a lust for further
sexual activity on the part of the patient. Sex, in all animals, is a
powerful motivator, and is no less so in the animal Man, and the occasioning
of sexual liaison between females of a target family and indicated males,
under the control of the psychopolitical operative, must be demonstrated to
be possible with complete security for the psychopolitical operative, thus
giving into his hands and excellent weapon for the breaking down of familial
relations and consequent public disgraces for the psychopolitical target.
Just as a dog can be trained, so can a man be trained. Just as a horse can
be trained, so can a man be trained. Sexual lust, masochism, and any other
desirable perversion can be induced by pain-drug hypnosis and the benefit of
the Psychopolitics.

The changes of loyalties, allegiances, and sources of command can be
occasioned easily by psychopolitical technologies, and these should be
practiced and understood by the psychopolitical operative before he begins
to tamper with psychopolitical targets of magnitude.

The actual simplicity of the subject of pain-drug hypnosis, the use of
electric shock, drugs, insanity-producing injections, and other material,
should be masked entirely by technical nomenclature, the protest of benefit
to the patient, by an authoritarian pose and position, and by carefully
cultivating governmental positions in the country to be conquered.

Although the psychopolitical operative working in universities where he can
direct the curricula of psychology classes is often tempted to teach some of
the principles of Psychopolitics to the susceptible students in the
psychology classes, he must be thoroughly enjoined to limit his information
in psychology classes to the transmittal of the tenets of Communism under
the guise of psychology, and must limit his activities in bringing about a
state of mind on the part of the students where they will accept Communist
enets as those of their own action and as modern scientific principles.

[Consider feminist "Womens Studies" courses in universities. ED] A full transcript of this manual can be downloaded here:


To undermine a whole society and its political belief system (such as
democracy) it is vital to first undermine those who would dare stand against
you. This means attacking men using psychological techniques to shame them
into compliance, while at the same time, removing them from their power base
in that society. For this reason, the feminist movement was an ideal
platform on which to launch such attacks against men. These attacks began in
earnest in the 1970`s and the women's movement, many of them unwittingly,
provided the means, money and platform those with darker motives needed. A
profound hatred of men was sown into women under cover of an idea of male
patriarchy ruining their lives. Men suddenly and unexpectedly found
themselves reeling from attacks on all sides. Attacks like those reproduced
below became common place and engendered in the men who read them a sense of profoundly deep shock and shame.

"I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which
a man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have
it. He's just incapable of it." -- Former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

"All men are rapists and that's all they are" -- Marilyn French, Author,
"The Women's Room"

"I feel that 'man-hating' is an honorable and viable political act, that the
oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing
them." -- Robin Morgan, MS. Magazine Editor

"Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for
women's bodies." -- Andrea Dworkin

"And if the professional rapist is to be separated from the average dominant
heterosexual [male ED], it may be mainly a quantitative difference." --
Susan Griffin "Rape: The All-American Crime"

"The institution of sexual intercourse is anti-feminist" [For anti feminist
lead anti revolutionary. ED] -- Ti-Grace Atkinson "Amazon Odyssey" (p. 86)

By endless statements such as these many men were taught to hate themselves
and many women were taught to hate men. Homosexuality became something to be promoted and heterosexuality became something to be afraid of. Single
motherhood was elevated to the status of desirability. Fathers were
systematically removed from contact with their children. Divorce was made so
easy it could be entered into for the most minor of family disagreements.
Religious values were undermined. Pornography was pumped into millions of
homes through the mediums of television and film. False statistics on rape,
sexual abuse, domestic violence and countless other anti male issues were
force fed to a blind media hungry for sensationalistic stories. [See the
great Super bowl Sunday Scam. ED. Here is the link: or here in PDF format: ]

The result of this brainwashing of western nations has been to destroy the
very fabric that has held it together...., the family. Also, it has so
demoralised the male populations of those countries that few men feel able
to fight back and many more feel it would be "anti woman" to resist.

Chapter V11 of the communist brainwashing manual referred to above begins
with these chilling words:

Degradation and conquest are companions.

"In order to be conquered, a nation must be degraded, either by acts of war,
by being overrun, by being forced into humiliating treaties of peace, or by
the treatment of her populace under the armies of the conqueror. However,
degradation can be accomplished much more insidiously and much more
effectively by consistent and continual defamation."

Men have been the target of this "defamation" for forty years and very
effective it has been too! It is time for men to shake off the false guilt
laid upon them and to remember that without our efforts, our genius, our
organisational skills, our sweat and our blood there would be no
civilisation at all. As men we have much to be proud of. As men, very few of
us have woken in the morning with the intention of oppressing anyone, let
alone women. As men, we have laid down our lives in countless wars to
protect what the communist inspired radical feminist movement claim we have
oppressed. As men we have raised our sons to take care of women and not
brutalise them. As men we have sacrificed our lives by remaining on sinking
vessels at sea so that women and children could flee to safety in the
lifeboats. As men, we are a noble, proud, and fierce defender of the family
and all we love and hold dear. Yet, as men, we are seeing our families
destroyed by left wing politicians and radical feminist propaganda that is
twisting our values, self beliefs and those of our female wives and partners
into a parody of the truth. Our children are suffering terrible agonies as a
result. It is time to remember those positive attributes of our manhood,
shake off the guilt of 40 years of brainwashing, stand up and cry out...


"The realm of defamation and degradation, of the psychopolitician, is Man
himself. By attacking the character and morals of Man himself, and by
bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling,
command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree." Communist
brainwashing manual.

Now you know why the men's movement across the world are so angry. Why
politicians who support the destruction of our families have had condoms
filled with flour thrown at them. Don't just accept everything the
government controlled press say to you. Think for yourself and research all
we are saying.

Join us and help us fight for those ideals on which we built our nations.

George Rolph

No More Silence

May 2004

[email protected]

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