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Too Soon to Give Up On Democracy

June 6, 2004

larouche.jpg People often ask, "What should we do?"

I have replied that I don't know, that democracy is a charade and we shouldn't waste time with it.

Perhaps this reaction is premature.

I am checking out the Lyndon LaRouche movement. The media has conditioned us to feel revulsion at the name, but think about it. That is actually an endorsement. This man has been vilified because he may represent the most serious opposition the bankers face.

I was attracted to LaRouche because of the paradigm-shifting history his followers write. I highly recommend the books "Treason in America," and "Dope Inc." which are rare but can be found through . "The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" (Sr.) is the authentic history of our time and it is on line.

What follows is not an endorsement of LaRouche but my progress report. We are desperate for leadership but I urge you to be sceptical.

LaRouche has learned to take advantage of our two-faced political system. You see the bankers must keep up the appearance of constitutional government while they infiltrate and subvert it by placing their puppets in power.

Their problem is that puppets do not hold all positions of power, and even then, they can show independence. The LaRouche method is to provide these people with the intelligence they need to resist the bankers' plans.

Apparently LaRouche is in touch with many world leaders and may be partly responsible for the resistance the bankers are facing in places like Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia and the Middle East.

Similarly LaRouche claims to be feeding a network of Americans within the US military and government who believe in the American democratic tradition.

"My course of action is to provide an element of cohesion and leadership among these circles in the United States, especially among the Executive Branch...The circles are capable of recognizing that the existence of civilization depends upon acting, to get rid of what [Dick] Cheney represents..."

"We couldn't act immediately, because you can't raise a coup against your own government! But we moved to influence, to expose, to expose, to expose, and to make clear. And we have so far succeeded...we have today a force inside the United States which is fighting against this nonsense..."

LaRouche, 82, is an economist who has been giving the criminal bankers headaches for almost 30 years. They imprisoned him in the 1980's and threatened his life many times.

LaRouche understands world history and culture. He understands the conundrum we are facing.

"Reality is what happens when civilizations themselves are threatened with collapse. We are now at a breaking point, of potential collapse of world civilization," he said recently.

"The basic problem we have, as far back as we know, mankind has been engaged in a struggle to free us from a condition, in which some people, a relative few, hold the rest of the people in a condition of virtual or actual slaves, as human cattle: either herded cattle of the type that 80% of the people of the United States are today; or as hunted cattle, as we treat the people of Southern Africa."


The LaRouche movement is primarily an intelligence operation. You will find a treasure trove of information on how the world really works on their web sites.

"Dope Czar Bids to Buy Up Democratic Party" for example reveals that Rothschild agent George Soros helped finance the candidacies of Howard Dean, John Kerry and Wesley Clark and is behind the virulent anti Bush advertising of Yet Soros has had a long-term business relationship with George W. Bush and bailed him out on many occasions.

The article reveals that Soros is behind the marijuana legalization movement. The world banking cabal is intimately involved in illegal drugs and money laundering and has been for more than a century. (This article is in their Electronic Intelligence Weekly (EIW), which requires a $1 a day subscription.)

The main LaRouche web site is (See links for LaRouche Writings and Other Writings in left side-column.) You can speak to someone at 1-888-347-3258. But be forewarned. These people are intellectuals and can be longwinded. Also, don't expect to agree with everything you hear. I still don't buy their fondness for FDR. Finally, they foresee an imminent financial meltdown. I think the bankers may keep things afloat until Iraq, Syria and Iran are pacified.


We need to exercise our democratic powers while we still have some. The fact that society is innocent of the danger it is in should inspire us to awaken it, rather than to surrender. We should approach our friends, politicians and media with the truth. The key always is to gain credibility by behaving in a calm, measured and civil way.

Fighting the bankers can be a lonely affair. Conspiracy types have never been able to form an organization. The LaRouche Movement represents a nucleus of very smart people who understand what is going on and what to do about it. Some of us may be looking for this.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at