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June 23, 2004


If you want to induce some vomiting or outraged laughter, go to this site: Save the Males Yes, would somebody please think of the men. Who will cook their meals and press their shirts if the little woman is off having a life. The author is not a fundy, just a fundy sympathiser.

He is non-practicing Jewish, who thinks Christianity is getting too soft and that Islam is the last frontier of the traditional family. He thinks that feminism and homosexuality are communist conspiracies. His article on the Vagina Monologues is particularly funny. He insights that women spending too much time focusing on female genitalia is pure lesbianism.

Of course we never hear about the age old male fascination with their dicks and the potential ramifications. His article Burkas and Bikinis is another must read. He leans towards burkas because they make a woman's body the private property of her husband. Yipee. Nothing like wearing a head to toe sack when you live in the desert.

---another ex Christian

YHE: Yikes! These patriarchal guys are kooks. They think public schools are teaching the "religion of humanism". The site is also rife with misspellings.
MM: This Henry Makow fellow of "Save the Males" is just another illuminati- and communist-fearing paranoiac. Plus, he deplores the fact that some women don't marry their first lover. He probably has an undersized dinkie and fears comparisons.

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