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Dear Henry, A friend of

June 27, 2004

London.jpgDear Henry,

A friend of mine, who used to be a Security Manager for a large legal firm in the Square Mile of the City of London, once told me a very dark, yet very interesting story about how the 'old boys network' operated after hours at this legal firm. He worked sometimes up to 14 hour shifts for this legal firm. As is usually the case, all the Partners were classic White Anglo Saxon Protestant Englishmen. I guess the perverse and twisted minds of the Windsor Illuminati like this type in their stronghold! The Partners of the legal firm had private Partners Suites on the top floor of the premises and nobody was allowed in there apart from a cleaner once a week who was closely watched on CCTV and had a Security Officer with her at all times. Very late at night fleets of chauffeur driven hire cars would arrive and whisk most of the Partners off to God know where.

One evening however a phonecall was received that went through to the main switchboards divert service and not directly onto the private line of the Partners Suites upstairs. When my friend retrieved the message here's what was left on it. The individuals message was concerning where the Marcus Vitruvius Lodge, or Central Masonic Centre was based. It appeared as if he mistakenly had assumed he was leaving a message on the private phone answer machine service upstairs. Incidently the address of the Marcus Vitruvius Lodge No: 4985 is as follows: Central London Masonic Centre, Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0NA. The website is

It is interesting how the Masonic Lodge has a Roman Latin name. The 'Holy' Roman Empire was a civilisation obsesses with ritualism, occultism, homosexuality and bestiality. Anyway it was also very well known among general administrative staff and associate solicitors that being an active homosexual in this legal firm was classed as a bonus for those looking for rapid progression up the promotional ladder. You see alot of these gay solicitors had no children, wives or girlfriends and so could give total work commitment and work longer hours. It was also alot easier to 'bring them into the Inner Circle'.

It is also interesting to note that the Tavistock Institute is based directly in the heart of the Square Mile as well. If there was ever a totally Luciferian organisation created then the Tavistock Institute is definitely the one. The Windsor Illuminati sure have trauma-based psychotronic mind control down to a fine tee in this place. The CIA, FBI, NSA, DoD and the US Army have all been regular users of the Tavistock Institutes services and functions. It basically creates psychosocial policy by which the British and American governments shape their policies on many, many different issues.

Now in terms of masculine identity, heterosexuality and the Windsor Illuminati homosexuality programming onslaught, the Tavistock Institute would be the ones dictating to legal firms, financial companies, banks and building societies, stockbrokerages, underwriters and insurance companies on all apsects of psychology in the work place and psychosexual and psychosocial interactions, which would of course also concern looking at sexual orientation and homosexuality in the City of London.

The Tavistock Institutes address is as follows: Tavistock Institute, 30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE. The website is There have been many books written about the Tavistock Institutes role in helping to create feminism, homosexuality among young men, capitalist and profiteering programming, war and military action programming and so on and so on. It is also very interesting to note that the Tavistock Institute building is full of symbols and strange geometric shapes on the walls and in framed pictures. These may or may not still be there. There were Magen Davids, Pentagrams, Hexagrams, Pentacles, Inverted Triangles, Squares, Transparent Spheres and the use of Lime Greens, Royal Blues, Lemon Yellows and so were prevalent in these symbols. These were all subliminal programming symbols designed to make any visitor more susceptable to psychotronic mind control.

On a last note i would like to state that homosexual men are individually kind, intelligent and funny people. In this article i am simply exposing how the Luciferian New World Order uses this form of sexual identity to program and control society. The Windsor Illuminati control most of North America and Britain and it is in the City of London which is the Illuminati heartland, where as North America is its arteries, that all this demonic, disturbed, occultic behaviour covertly does go on very, very regularly. Freemasonry, psychotronic mind control and psychosexual programming, the Vatican and the Jesuit Order, paedophilia, Luciferian Ritualism, the CIA, NSA and Mossad are all interlinked.
Its just that we are given close up views and fragments of these situations and therefore see no interconnection.

It is the same interconnection that clearly has been proven to exist between pretty much all terrorist organisations on Planet Earth. The Irish Republican Army, (IRA) worked closely alongside the Columbian Cali and M18 as well as the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, (PLO). All of them were drug running, human trafficking and shipping in and out illegal goods. None of what i have written here is in any part a 'conspiracy theory'. I guarantee if any individual worth his salt does not believe me then go and do the research yourselves. You will become shocked at what you find.


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