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Dear Dr. Makow: Yet another

July 4, 2004

Dear Dr. Makow:

Yet another excellent article. Please do Keep up the courageous and noble work, despite the predations, condescensions, and petulance of useless 'air-displacers' such as "Lilian" and "Friendbergstein".

Fact-of-the-matter is that the overwhelming majority of people, at least in America, are very happy with the way things are because they are puerile, selfish, treacherous, diabolically cruel, heartless, merciless, rotten cowards, idiots, hedonists, nihilists, and losers. The few remaining family members that I have left are like this, and so are @ 80% of my "friends", acquaintances, and casual associates.

I -'kid'-you-not ... Nine-out-of-ten people that I have spoken with are still giggling and cheering for the slut-cunt-filthy scum raw-sewerage and the unconscienable assholes who committed, and enjoyed committing, the unspeakable atrocities at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, (just as these same worthless shitheads have been howling with glee at the cinema for the past several years when fucking women kick men in the testicles and otherwise humiliate and destroy men!) Most of those I've had the displeasure to speak with in this regard, males in particular, are especially overjoyed that women took such a big part in the Abu Ghraib horror. Please don't delude yourself that most Americans are any good at all because, in my opinion, they are not. Quite the contrary I'm afraid. Believe me. I'm an American myself, though not proud at all of that fact, and I have to deal with them. I know very well what many of them really are.


The purpose of Abu Graib and the war in general was to make Americans lose faith in themselves. It is a pyche op stunt. Don't fall for it. Henry
Hi Henry,

Dear Dr. Makow,

I want to tell you that I very much appreciate, what I read so far of your articles, starting with antifeminism and about who truly rules the world, and that you are saying things so clearly, and I plan to read all of your articles and load them down on my computer and recommend and forward articles of you to others here in Germany to all who learned English.

Here in Germany is especially much darkness, for the rulers have decided way back in the last century to eliminate Germany. Here I know a family whom the office for youth took away all seven children without just reason. Another familiy about which a magazin reported the office for the youth took away for no just reason 7 children, the smallest right from the hospital where the child was born. Parents who refuse sending their children to the public school where their children are indoctrinated with antichristian and antiparental ideology are suffering hardship from the government, having to fear even to loose their children. To my opinion it is most important that all true believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ should support each other against this persecution of the Godless.

God bless and protect you and your famliy in the name of Jesus Christos.

Sincerely yours,


Hi Henry,

But there IS a solution. It's easier said than done, but it's not as if one didn't exist.

1. Simply stated it's democratizing the issuance of money and removing control over OUR money from the money racketeers. Returning to a true gold standard would help to keep money honest.

2. Exposing the gangsters for the evils they have committed against mankind and putting them on trial. Trial of the millennium. Similar to the trials they love to put their former puppets on. If found guilty, convict and punish them. Seize all their properties, worldwide.

3. Start a new era under laws that hew more closely to nature and the way God made it.

Anything less will only produce a lot of hot air and result in maintaining the status quo. With our money continuing to be under the criminals' control, we'll remain forever slaves to the few money racketeers you call Illuminists. Under this setup no human being will ever be able to live in the wholesome world given to us by nature and God.

The people who went on the Crusades believed in their cause and were willing to die for it. That proves that big things are possible. How likely that is under our today's deadening media and Hollywood-sewage climate is a different question. But it's not impossible.

Regards, Peter

Dear Henry,

thank you for writing these articles about how feminism and homosexuality are being promoted in order to destroy the nuclear family. A special thank for the articles about "How heterosexuality works", sharing your personal experience. Finally someone wrote what I felt, but couldn't put it in words as I didn't know yet, what it was. I am a 24 year old student and by healthy intuition or God-given guidance, prevented myself of entering in a relationship with one of these poor inversed women.

Keep on publishing!

Niels (Denmark)

Ahhh..Dr. Makow..this was your crunchiest of all.. all on one page..perfect! Maybe your next observations would be a comparrison of F9-11 with RTT (Alex Jone's Road To Tyranny, 2002) Some say Jones cut through much deeper two years ago with his 'basically' free video!

You sum it all up..give Moore credit where deserved..and then toss the largest part of the conspiracy right back into his lap . It was a big lap to begin with.. It's bigger now!

Carry on w/best regards,


Dear Henry,

Although, I enjoyed reading your take on Michael Moore in your latest article on Fahrenheit 911, I find myself disagreeing with you on several points. I believe you give Moore far more credit than he deserves in knowing more than he is willing to tell in the movie. I don't believe he knows that much. What he has gleaned from various sources he has used, together with his own biased views.

My opinion is based on Moore's previous movie, "Bowling for Columbine", where he places the blame for school shootings, etc., squarely on the Americam Rifle Association and completely disregards the prominent role that the drug cartel has played with its prosac, paxil and other suicide-inducing, killer drugs. The shooters at Columbine had been on prosac and at least one of them was experiencing the (suicidal) effects of withdrawal. None of this was ever mentioned or even alluded to in the movie. Michael Moore, as I found out from personal experience, is a very thin skinned individual where constructive criticism is concerned. He loves accolades but takes the least amount of criticism very personally. Yes, he's rich, a bleeding heart socialist, publicity hound, operating on the fringes, but obviously wants to continue his career as a film maker.

Even if Moore knew more than he lets on, do you think that by naming those responsible for 911, his movie would have made it into the theatres? Certainly not! As it is, he has had death threats. We know the Washington Administration's track record: People have died for less. The man may have a huge ego, and play the buffoon, but he is not stupid. Anyway, without supporting evidence, I would be hard-pressed, indeed, to believe that Michael Moore is a shill for the Illuminati. Keep up the great writing, Henry. I look forward to each new article.
Kindest regards,

Hi Henry,

Excellent point on Michael Moore's movie. I wonder is this part of the
campaign by George Soros and William Buffett whom have donated $15,000,000 to defeat George Bush? I wonder what it means?


I saw this film and I thought he spoke the truth. As for your saying
the Jewish Neo-conservatives. Isn't Richard Cheney Jewish? I heard he
was and I also saw his wife on television and she looks Jewish. I think
they have hidden the fact that Richard Cheney was Jewish and that's
because we have never had a Jew as president or vice-president.

The Bushes are evil and deserve what Michael Moore showed. I was
formerly a Republican but have been unaffiliated for years. I have
learned a lot about the Bushes and they did not need the Jews to tell
them what to do. The Bushes are greedy and power mad along with the

I also know that the Jews in Israel are fighting. Many Jews in Israel
do not go along with Sharon.



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Is this all you can say?

I've written to you before. I shall be upping the ante soon.

A. Friendbergstein.

Dear Friendbergstein,

I have no vested interest in maligning Illuminati bankers and would generally refrain from needlessly annoying the world's most powerful people. Unfortunately this is the way I see the truth and until I am further enlightened, will call it as I see it.

These bankers have hid behind the charge of anti-Semitism for centuries. No one likes being manipulated and dominated. If they were Zulus, they'd get the same reaction. Jews ought to wake up and realize these people are responsible for sacrificing them in the past, and could do so again. Americans, Jews, etc. we all need to stop being their pawns.


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