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Dear Henry, I have been

July 28, 2004

caldwell.jpgDear Henry,

I have been rereading "Dear and Glorious Physician" by Taylor Caldwell and came across a passage that reminded me of your own struggle to publicize the dangers of feminism. It may not give you heart but perhaps you may find it useful.

"...I know that it was inevitable that Rome become what she is. Republics decay into democracies, and democracies degenerate into dictatorships. That fact is immutable. When there is equality - and democracies always bring equality - the people become faceless, they lose power and initiative, they lose pride and independence, they lose their splendor.

Republics are masculine, and so they beget the sciences and the arts; they are prideful, heroic and virile. They emphasize God, and glorify Him. But Rome has decayed into a confused democracy, and has acquired feminine traits, such as materialism, greed, the lust for power, and expediency.

Masculinity in nations and men is demonstrated by law, idealism, justice and poesy, femininity by materialism, dependency on others, gross emotionalism, and absence of genius.

Masculinity seeks what is right; femininity seeks what is immediately satisfying. Masculinity is vision; femininity ridicules vision. A masculine nation produces philosophers, and has a respect for the individual; a feminine nation has an insensate desire to control and dominate.

Masculinity is aristocratic; femininity has no aristocracy, and is happy only if it finds about it a multitude of faces resembling it exactly, and a multitude of voices echoing its own tiny sentiments and desires and fears and follies. Rome has become feminine, Priscus. And feminine nations and feminine men inevitably die or are destroyed by a masculine people."

pp. 425-426

I am certain that it is not required of you to note the obvious, substituting the name of a great modern nation for that of Rome.

Take care,


Another woman agrees:

Dear Henry,

This is what women want too. Women are attracted to dynamic men whom they cannot control. He must have a wholesome vision of life where she is cherished for her contribution.

The woman's role is to empower a man. He uses this power for her benefit. Together they are a team. Heterosexuality works this way. The above are two of the most beautiful statements regarding women's role in a responsible man's life I have ever heard.

The issue is one of balance. Documented history shows that women's roles were often harsh, difficult, and resulted often in death, whenceforth came the feminist movement, which is now the complete opposite disempowering masculinity and receiving for its due compense men who lack masculine strength and integrity.


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