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Dear Henry, I couldn't agree

August 29, 2004

distorted image.jpgDear Henry,

I couldn't agree with you more. There are three implements of control in
any given society: the government, the media and the educational system.

For us, compulsory education was invented by the Illuminati, specifically to
get our kids out of our hands, and into theirs. All the great early
promoters of public education, like Fichte in Germany, Condorcet in France,
and Jefferson in America, were Illuminati.

The actual highjacking of the American university system took place at the
beginning of the twentieth century. This entire process is outlined by
Clyde Barrow's Universities and the Capitalist State. Two boards of
trustees, both at the behest of Rothschild in Europe, the Carnigie
Foundation, and the General Education Board of Rockefeller, set about
completely reorganizing American higher education [or rather, higher

There main goals were to funnel research to serve the ends of their
incipient military-industrial-complex, to conduct social research to
discover ways to manage human beings, and finally, purely to indoctrinate.

The ultimate myth they have set out to inculcate is the myth of "Western
Civilization". That is, that the modern secular state is not a coup d'etat
effected by the Illuminati, but is a great idea that has its origins in
pagan Greece.

They then use this myth of "Western Civilization" to pit Americans and
Europeans against the world of Islam.

I have written a brief article on the subject available here:

Thanks again,
David Livingstone

Hi Henry.. keep up the good work. Your essays / editorials are always a good read. The length is about right.. enough to make substantial points but not so long as to skip over for lack of time.

Some feedback.. at Penn State University where I studied deep calculus-base electromagnetics and wave propagation in the late 70's and into the 80's.. the entire university was one big BEER PARTY. We all could have achieved at least one additional GPA `point'.. but were instead anesthetized with alcohol. Although I didn't do drugs.. they were present as well.

In between severe hangovers, periods of brain dehydration, and general loss of memory function.. I actually got some studying done.. like solving integral calculus problems of field distributions and directivities, etc.

The point is.. we were not fed the liberal arts.. but us SCIENCE majors were curbed with MASS outdoor beer bashes (Briarwood Bash), electric rock performances, and weekly campus-wide keg parties.. all supplied from the `distributor' in town who had a `drive through' keg and case-loading facility!! Who profited?? hmm!!

This same alcoholism ran from high school days until well into my career.. before it was recognized and corrected. Also I've learned to turn OFF TV and do independent research (such as reading Henry). Am aware now of the deliberate dilution and destruction of our cultures.



Read your new article. I enjoyed it and see some truth in what you say. I am a teacher and quite agree that the present line of study is designed to stifle the creative urge and the need to debate, disagree and explore. However, I truly beieve that a genuine study of one's culture and history will serve to revive the flame of exploration that all students must have.

Studying history is exciting, when it is told truthfully, and when it is not turned into a politically correct brainwashing session. Also, not knowing history serves the illuminati. How can a white male in this age stand strong if he doesn't know who his role models are? Looking up to great men is a useful, however, one must know that you can be as great as they and move higher for the good of our people and nation.

The enlightenment does indeed talk of spiritual laws, however, in many areas seem to abandon God. I see your point, but it is not entirely correct. The Enlightenment produced our Constitution which does mention the Creator and sees our laws as an extension of His/Her laws. We need to move more teachers into the schools who feel as you or I, so that we can reignite the flame of Truth.

Thank you, Glenn

Hi Dr. Makow,

I deliberately avoided attending university because of its destructive effects on several mothers I knew. They ended up slaughtering their children in the womb and becoming hostile, destructive harpies. University is a waste of time and money, and if young people really need a college degree, then they ought to challenge for as many courses as possible and study at home for the rest.


Academicians styling themselves as "humanists" have been so confused by commie rhetoric, that not a few "straight" ones will submit to be being "sodomised" (as it were, and were not) just to demonstrate the bona fides of their credentials.

American university system, defined: a trust-funded manufacture for the milling of useful idiots.

Being a recent graduate of a small college in southeast Pennsylvania, I can assure you that the social engineering is not limited to the social sciences. First off, ALL students are subjected to a constant barrage of seminars, talks, lectures, speakers, posters, television monitors, emails, discussions, fund raisers, etc. which are designed to indoctrinate. For instance in the past year the school has paid for among many others: a prominent Drag Queen, a high profile pro-abortion lobbyist, a commitee of psychologists to talk about relationship abuse, and many more in the same vein. Never have I seen the opposite side of the political spectrum presented to students or paid for by the school, save one lone professor. It should be noted as well that many of these speakers and programs recieve thousands even millions of dollars to promote their personal politics. The attacks on the mind, emotions, and spirit of students, staff, and faculty is unceasing outside the classroon.

Inside the classroom, it is not much better, regardless the subject. There are, to be sure, many good professors and good intentioned professors, but most of them consistently support globalist agendas. All majors can look forward to having at least half their professors promote postmodernism, materialism, feminism, and psychologism. Certainly the "hard" science and math professors may not have the time or inclination to consistently support the above, but they are usually onboard nonetheless.

Here are a few of my personal experiences:
A sign stating that if a boyfriend suggests that his girlfriend dress less sexually, he is an abouser.
A sign saying that freshman girls are very likely to be raped, date raped, or abused and should immediately seek out the "womyn's" center to avoid the danger.
A pair of marines recently back from Iraq giving a public talk and using social science to justify randomly breaking into houses, randomly stopping people on the street and searching them , using young Iraqi children as informants and as landmine and bomb removers, among many others.
A feminist student telling me that I am "too rational and well read."
All world politics reduced to marxist materialism and darwinism in almost every classroom.
Professors extolling the virtues of movies like "Frida" and how communism isnt all that bad.
The vagina monologues every year at St. Valentines.
Diversity shoved down your throat every day from every angle, without once ever allowing for the diversity of dissent.

This above list could go on for pages. It should also be noted that this university is supposedly in a conservative county and is steeped in so called Pennsylvania-Dutch traditions.

My point simply is that while you are dead on in your recent article about universities, we must be aware that the social science classes are only the tip of the iceberg, or our warning beacon. The real danger is that larger portion of the iceberg which most students are not even aware is there until they are already sunk.

Thankyou for all your work. Your views and ideas reach and help people.


Well its really simple actually. Most kids
have to go to university to get a half decent job. Thats the reality of
present life. However, students getting caught up in the bullshit of the
phony teachings along with what they may need to achieve their career, well,
there is only one thing that will ensure the future adults are sage enough
to see through the deceit and instruction, that the powers that be would
like them to align to.

The parent must care, and teach the child to think
for themself. Show him or her things in life that make sense and things
that are a trap to aviod. Being a parent is a responsiblility. It is a job
for life. Life is a constant learning experience. And a parent will ensure
their child makes it by raising the child themself, not some daycare or
such. { grandparents are fine :)
No one else. The parents.



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