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Wow! What a clear description

September 11, 2004


What a clear description of Male Female Unity and Harmony!!!

How/Where did you come up with the Man is God principle and Woman the
Creation principle? And that God and Creation are in love with each other?

I have a friend who teaches a Bible study for women that address the
Male/Female conflict and the resolution of it in Christ Jesus. It teaches
women exactly what you discuss in your articles, for women to resume their
God given role, which is a help mate to man. As a result the glory of God
indwells them, providing what man needs and longs for, what the woman needs
and longs for, all those things you mention in your article.

I am encouraged to find your site and read the articles.

Blessings to you in Christ Jesus our Lord!



I'm a third year college student (an engineering major, a degree of some use, fortunately) and have always had a slight skepticism about the state of the world. Over the last two days I have read most of the articles on your website, and I came about it searching Google for "feminism" and "entitlment", two things my friends and I have have been disgusted with for quite some time. Over the past year, through the newsletter, we learned many of the answers as to why we we're rather unsuccessful with women, though we are intelligent and ambitious young men.

It soon came to light that our problem was, and has been well documented from past relationships and dealing with females, that we felt compelled to give in to women, to act like "wussies", as it was identified. I had wondered some why that was, but it really is the impact that feminism has had on our society, specifically us young males. We had been mentally and emotionally castrated,
we had no idea how to act as men, even if we had very masculine, devoted fathers (such as I had) that we were devoid of this identity, as males.

At first I was mildly skeptical about some of your articles, but any of this was quickly squelched as I read more about the foundations of feminism, and even more so when I started reading about the manipulation of the world over the last hundred years. I had a real turning point this morning when I read the inscription under the "Great" Seal of our nations most circulated document, our currency. What struck me most is I had never paid much attention to it, I was more reverent of the motto, "In God We Trust", all the while it was being defiled in close pxoximity to a subtle Satanic symbol.


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