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I stumbled upon your article

September 28, 2004

journal1.jpgI stumbled upon your article 'When Love is a One Night Stand: What do women want?' on

I got hooked on it and came here to your web site to read some more. You have such an awesome understanding on what is wrong with today's society. I often thought I should blame society for my relationships not working out, then I thought that is just silly, it must have been me, but after reading your articles I realized I was actually right. Women today are so out of sync with being lady like it is impossible to have a meaningful relationship with them. I now know what I should be looking for in a mate, I will leave all those "independent" women to their bitter and lonely life and try to get someone warm and inviting. Please keep writting, I read a lot of your articles and I actually print out multiple copies to give to my friends.

Keep up the great work. Save the populace from Feminism, it is ruining everyone.

You will always have a reader in me.


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