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Another infamous commercial is for

October 4, 2004

aero1.jpgAnother infamous commercial is for Pizza Pops... A boy is sitting on a couch spacing out, and we hear his father roll off the roof and grab onto the eaves-trough. Through the picture window behind the boy we can see his fathers legs dangling as he pathetically asks for his sons help. Of course, his son ignores him. But when the boy's stomach growls, he has time for Pizza Pops. He comes back into the room with his Pizza Pops, and the eaves-trough breaks and dad plummets to the ground.

A second commercial in this series is almost identical, although this time we hear the father in the basement using a disc-saw. He slices off an appendage and, in pain, he yells for his son to get mom. Of course, the son ignores him totally, but when his stomach growls, he goes off to get a pizza pop. When he comes back, dad has finally passed out from the pain and/or blood loss. Haha.

It's illuminating to see that there is not just one, but a whole series of commercials based on the premise that dad is really not worth lifting a finger for if his life is in mortal danger.


Thank you for the article on "Food Giant fosters Lesbian Chicks". I will boycott Nestle....

Dr. Makow,
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your article dated 10/3/04. As the father of 3 daughters, ages 20,16,12 and a 6 year old boy, it gives me great concern to know how they are being psychologically assaulted.
Please continue to write such informative and enlightening articles.


There's a Cingular cellphone commercial that features a big, lovable, generous Dad coming in the home to announce to his two teen daughters that he's got them brand new cell phones and new, improved service that will allow them to talk to Mom and Dad anytime while away at college. The two daughters stare blankly at him like he's not even there. The mother, sitting next to them, perks in, "O-Oh, and your FRIENDS, toooo..." The two girls burst into idiotic smiles and spastic giggles and leap on the Mom with hugs while snatching the phones. At the same moment, the Dad extends his arms and says, "Group hug!?" only to be completely ignored, the females leaving the room, with the new phones, together in a bonded cluster. The Dad just stands there, an impotent bag of hopeless American machinery, and says, sheepishly, "...anytime" while his extended arms drop to his sides. He looks miserable, used, confused and damaged, but still expected to just stand there and take it with a shrug and a smile. He has no feelings or worth. He is just a machine to either appease or please the females in his life.

These sort of characterizations are becoming so commonplace in media that to claim they either do not reflect the true state of affairs or will not have an influence is to be wantonly or deliberately intellectually dishonest.

Alton (from

You are one disturbed being. it's so sad; you believe what you say. I feel sorry for you, I really do. I ask you to look in the mirror at night and see what is really there. Look into your soul. I know it's hard to believe, but a someone even as hateful as you must have once have had a soul. Look into that mirror tonight, and see why you wrote such things.

May you see yourself for what you are. Then, may you find peace, and perhaps, what's left of your soul.


We need more people like you, Warren Farrell, and Christina Hoff Sommers to keep the hardline feminists in check. We also need people to do the same with minority and gay activist groups.

I strongly believe in equality, but most of today's "feminists" and "multiculturalists" only pay lipservice to equality. They still want men to register for the draft, and go down with the ship, and act as unpaid bodyguards for women. They want the goverment (read "taxpayers") to pay far more for women's health concerns than men. And one country is even talking about taxing ALL men in the country for domestic violence against women. I"ve had it. That's one of the many reasons I'm not voting for John Kerry.


I find this website to be the funnyest thing i have read in a while. The fact that you put down women saying that feminism is the devils work is outright hilarous. I guess you found out our plan we work for the devil and Margret Thatcher is our leader. Femminism is on the rise. With sperm banks, who needs men they are usless to us. We are all becoming lesbians which leaves all you homophobs afraid that you will have no one. I condem you all to hell. -Danielle

I have been upset lately with the Hardee's commercials that depict a man trying to make a bowl of cereal. You see a man struggling to open the plastic bag, grunting. once the bag bursts open, cereal flies all over the floor, they make a demeaning remark and suggest that men should just fatten up with a nice greasy Hardee's bisquit. it's starting to piss me off, and i'm a woman!


Henry, you are right on about the TV ad's showing us as Idiot's.

No one seems to notice or care about the content of commercials. You are the first one to put to print what I have been
angry over for a long time.

At 66 yrs old now, I thought I had seen everything but I was wrong. What a difference now from back in the 50's when I was
growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I went back to visit the city and could not believe my eyes. Everywhere were
gay men and women. I felt I had lost track of reality. Then add to that the TV coverage of Gay weddings and I gave up
in disgust.

I now live a quiet life in northern British Columbia, away from most of the crazy's of this world. It's so refreshing to go
downtown and see family's together, farmers in the coffee shops talking about the weather and crops. The traditional
lifestyle is still alive and well here and I hope it continues.

Keep up the good work you are doing, This is one Male who supports what you are doing and enjoys reading your thoughts.

Cheers, Gerald

Disgusting... these TV adverts aren't quite as subliminal as they used to be. There's one for some sort of household cleaning product (Lysol? methinks). Hubby's performing chores, cell phone tight to the ear, taking orders from his block wardeness, The Wife.

"Oh, Honey, I've done this... I've also done that... No, I haven't forgotten the bathroom, Honey..." He's shown swabbing the toilet bowl. (On second thought, not that much of a leap, for any trace of masculinity this wretch may have once possessed was flushed down the toilet a long time ago.)

Yet another clever piece: Mr. Ordinary-Joe type, in a retail setting, oggles, then selects scanty underwear. "Oh, it's a gift for my wife." The very-much-in-charge feminist clerk (poised, witty, annoyingly forward) asks whether he wants it gift-wrapped...or, "Would you like to wear it home?"

Seen this one? Wimpy husband is cleaning house with a floor-sweeping device called the "Swiffer". He enters the bathroom and startles his wife who is taking a shower. With childlike enthusiasm he shows her all the debris the "Swiffer" has collected. "Look, Honey! It even picked up parsley flakes!" Etc. A wonderful role model for growing kids-- Dad convincingly portrayed as a servile moron.

The list is endless. You probably get different fare in Canada, but much the same awfulness as we see down in these latitudes.


I agree with your article on Food Giants and lesbianism; and have been revolted by the dannon yogert commercials that are full of 'Butch' hair cut women, no wedding rings, and plenty of suggestive dubblespeak, and have pointed out to others that Dannon must be trying to court the lesbian market--Thanks for all the insightful articles you write--do not give up hope. Louis

Yoplait yogurt ads have, for 10 years, been promoting lesbianism. The short-haired woman in their ads stars in a television series The LWord.

Do a google search on the words Yoplait and Lesbian. You'll find 324 hits, including:

"Hailey looking so cute and so gay in that long-running series of Yoplait yogurt commercials

"Interracial Lesbian Couples who Sell Yogurt"

"the Yoplait girl"

"kd lang's smokin' girlfriend is doing Yoplait commercials"

And who owns Yoplait? None other than family values-friendly General Mills.


Males falling off ladders or getting burned while grilling seem to be the norm lately. I for one am sick of the 'goofy, incompetent father' portrayals

Women will get a backlash of caricature stereotypes as a result when this phase ends. Deservedly so, I am sorry to say.

As for Nestle, knew about their antics as far back as 1983/4 with their baby formula campaign to globally unseat breastmilk as the superior food for newborns. Hence I've bought HERSHEY'S cocoa products ever since (if I buy American based chocolate items at all)

You nailed it solidly.
~ Lori (Australia)

Very good articles. Thank you! Your last sentence in this week's article says it all, but I differ in that we already are a slave planet, and have been for thousands of years. Cheers!


Henry - the book "Sexual Surrender" written in 1959 that you recommended was excellent!

You're on the money with the Nestle ads, and the herbal essence ads have always been disturbing. A woman vocalizing/faking an orgasm while you're relaxing in front of the TV is a psychological disconnect.

Maybe what I can offer is something I've been thinking of this week. It's not original and I think you have said as much already, but it seems that the TV replaces God in our lives. We listen to the TV, talk to it, and let it into our lives. When that's what we should be doing with God.


you must have a small penis to think lesbians are destroying the world.

inferior complex, eh? get a clue dude. lesbians have been around since the dawn of time. it is just as natural as heterosexuality. -bill gorge

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