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I'm glad you liked this.

October 4, 2004

divorce.jpgI'm glad you liked this. [Food Giant..] I think a lot of females tend to knee-jerk reject Makow's work and not hear what he has to say. The mass public really has been brainwashed. Many people lack the ability to be neutral and objective, and most people, males as well as females, are not willing to take any sort of objective criticism. And let's face it, Makow is doling out criticism.

I'll be the first to admit that what he describes in his articles matches my situation to a T. I'm the epitome result of feminism. I'm a 29 year old female who is not married, has no plans to have kids, (I don't dislike children, I just feel that this world is no place to be having babies) I'm tough and independent and fiesty. I can take of myself, and have, since I was out on my own before graduating highschool.

In my situation I had no choice though, I was thrown out there prematurely, sink or swim. So, I'll give myself that, anyway. I come from the cliche divorced broken home, helped raise my troubled younger brother, my mom resented both of us and told me often that she regretted having children and should have just stayed with her amazing job on Wall Street instead of getting married and having babies. My mom wore the pants in the family and dominated my dad, and by the end of their 17 year marriage of hell, he was a broken man.

I mean, it's a Henry Makow article down to the last detail. It's quite pathetic actually! So when I read his articles, I can relate. But unlike many females, I don't get defensive. He's absolutely right. I cannot look at my life and not see that he's right....He's right on the money about EVERYTHING that's happening with the American family, American society, feminism, the NWO, all of it.

I think the criticizers of Makow either are brainwashed and refuse to take objective criticism, or they're only selectively hearing what they want to hear, through filtered ears. In this case, they're probably hearing that females should be opressed, shouldn't have any rights, and should be sent back to the Victorian ages. And that's not what he's saying. Makow is saying that males and females have certain in-born traits and this new NWO agenda is trying to undermine that, and flat out reverse it.

Men have an ingrained need to be the strong, in-control providers. Women have an ingrained need to nurture, and that biological drive to have babies. "The Agenda" is trying to stamp this out. Plain and simple. The Agenda is trying to keep women from reproducing, ... and keep women focused on their Power Careers, conditioning them that they will get fullfillment there, not with a family.

And it's trying to make our men a bunch of passive wimps. And people might want to argue this, but I SEE this happening out there! I've seen women in public berating their men like little children, as their men just stood there, taking it, humiliated. I've seen what the media is trying to do, like Makow points out in his numerous article. And throughout my 20's I saw SO many troubled, dysfunctional females around me in life whose past times were playing headgames with their men...picking fights because it "gave them something to do", being manipulative, psycho, immature and troublesome in general.

They worked their asses off at jobs they hated to support their kids from a father that had long since bailed out of the picture, then came home to their (sometimes unemployed) live-in boyfriend of the moment to drink, fight, and perpetuate the nonsense. They didn't know how to function in a healthy relationship, and sought out the most dysfunctional man-boys they could find.

A living, breathing, Henry Makow article, come to life!

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