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Dear Dr. Makow: Your articles

October 16, 2004

irshad.jpgDear Dr. Makow:

Your articles are amazing. I really loved your latest. Oh, true! And, sad, for so many people who are suffering so much under the hidden thumb of the banksters.

You have confirmed many of the thoughts, feelings, and suspicions that I have had for MANY years about what was/has/is going on right under our collective nose.

Keep up the excellent work and digging. May God bless you and yours continually for the brave stance for truth that you and only a few others have taken on the www.

Sincerely, Mr. Draq Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Makow, I follow your articles and find them hair raising and of much interest.

As a South African, I lived through the indoctrination and apartheid and agree that somehow all must be done to inform the world population of the dangers of the New World Order, which was also propogated by former nationalists like Pik Botha, Keep up the work.


Hello! Henry Makow

I want to thank you and express my admiration for your intellegence and courage re: savethemales. For the better part of my life ( I`m 49 yrs. now) I just knew someting was very wrong with this world- this society, but didn`t know what. Only through the internet and writers like yourself did I come to finally understand the truth and realize I`m not alone. God Bless You and keep on writing. We NEED you!! Been meaning to write this for a long, long time. Wish I could have met you, or someone like you when I was young- so many wasted years.


Right on with your latest Henry.

I love to see these sacred cows get gored ; it must drive the metrosexuals and anti- family types up the wall when they get exposed like this .


Hello Henry,

I was stunned when I read your latest article about Irshad Manji. This woman is considered a disgrace/laughingstock in the Muslim community and I had no idea that you knew of her or that you even attended one of her "scripted performances." What is ironic is that she is making millions while pretending to represent "oppressed" Muslim women, yet the vast majority of Muslim women around the world are repulsed by her lifestyle and her message. In fact, even one of the men (Tarek Fatah) which she praises in her acknowledgement section of her book, has formally renounced her and her message. See this link:



"In other words, deprive men of their social role as protectors and providers. The only men resisting the New World Order are Muslims precisely because they haven't been gelded like 'men' in the West."

I have worked in both private industry and government (both State and Fed) and I see everyday the truth in the above statement. Like Irshad Manji women are being advanced through out all levels because they are so conformist and love that false security.

I have come to the conclusion that the most destructive social force, more destructive than drugs, war, disease, economic dislocations is feminism. Yes, men in the West have been gelded and many, like myself, hate Western women.

I suspect this is one reason that the occurrence of homosexuality is so high in the United States. I have many good friends who are gay (I am not!) and report one of the benefits of the gay life style is not having to deal with American women (those women who hang around gay men are called "fag hags" and viewed with contempt by gay men).

My solution was to marry a Mexican woman and I have been happily married for 18 years and have two wonderful children. If I had not married my wife I would have married an South or Central American, Asian (Sino-Chinese/filipina or East Indian), Russian or an African. ANYTHING but an American woman (hell I might even have turned gay rather than get involved with an American feminist).

Most men who marry non-American woman have good happy marriages. In contrast, every man that I know (and I know a lot of people) only a few (a handful -at most three) who married a American woman reported a happy marriage.

Of the foreign men who made the tragic mistake of getting married to an American woman-everyone of them that I know is either divorced or trying to get divorced.

Future generations, when the history of our times are written, will curse America for exporting feminism along with such "wonderful" things as Hollywood and Central Banking.


I found your article very insightful, I have been following Manji's book for a while and when I saw it advertised on former President Bill Clintons "blog" site this raised eye brows.

But more personally I have been attending University here in Canada for a couple of months now and I must say everything you said about rampant feminism and evolution theory is true. I don't recall how many times I have been beratted with 'feminist' ideology or beliefs that evolution is plausible when the evidence speaks volumes to the contrary.

I take an ethics class with a profesor who has frequently devulged that he is jewish, yet he frequently talks about how we need a One World government, seemingly out of nowhere he brings the subject up, confessing that it would solve our global instability.

Alone that is suspicious but then he once said that we should 'limit' the human population to solve resource problems. He frequently preaches evolutionary theory despite this seemingly conflict with his own Judaic beliefs. Do you think he would merely be a pawn or do you think he is conciously trying to insinuate NWO doctrine into the course lectures?



I say again: you need to rid yourself of the false notion you have of the barbairan cult of Islam, once and for all. Remember, the two forces battling for world power are the cartel AND Islam. Islam wants the same thing as the cartel. Read your true history, not the politically correct garbage you're fed by the media about Islam being a peaceful religion. Just ask any southern European about Islam.


I am from Japan.

I am reading your all articles with interest and sympathy.

Your new article of October 16 2004
"A Culture Buster Comes to Town "

I would be thankful to you if you kindly permit me to translate this article in my weekly newsletter. I Ask your kind permission.


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