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Henry, Your last article shocked

October 22, 2004


Your last article shocked me.

It was absolutely fantastic.

It was so well written there is very little I feel compelled to comment upon. I wish I was there with you exposing her delusive reasoning.

As a Muslim, I felt you truly understood the Islamic world's plight-- better than most muslims. Your observations into the underlying agenda of "NWO" politics are astounding. You connect the dots of the political landscape to make a very coherent picture of the conspiracy. You caught the thief red-handed in regards to feminism, lesbianism, and Islam.

Good work.

Your Brother,



Your write:

"In Muslim society women are cherished and loved for their service to their families. Manji would export the West's family breakdown and plummeting birthrate by "liberating" women from this place of honor. How like a lesbian activist."

This [Manji] is too extreme similar to Hitler and Nazi Germany. They rationalized that because their economy was so bad they needed to take over the entire world to have "control" This is over-compensation that throws the balance off to the other side.

If she doesn't like how women are mistreated in the Muslim religion then help to change it but not by destroying men. This is laughable and a joke.

This is the oldest rule in the book. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Don't throw out the bath with the bathwater. This woman talks about bias but then doesn't want to correct it. It's an evil for an evil.

I don't know where these spoiled brats come from but they must be challenged at every term so us good guys can keep a consistant future.


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