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Dear Dr. Makow, You

October 27, 2004

emptiness.jpg Dear Dr. Makow,

You may or may not be aware that sections of the American city underclass regard going to prison as a rite of passage. We are all aware that prisons everywhere are rife with forced homosexual activity, which awareness is mostly passed over in silence.

Indeed, a Corrections Officer told me that one who loudly proclaims not being afraid of going to jail probably nurtures secret, even unconscious, homosexual desires -- for which he wants to deny responsibility, on a theory that a rape victim is not responsible for participation, even if that participation is enjoyable.

It would seem to be the case that the code of prison mores stigmatizes only the receptacle as the actually homosexual one, the "manhood" of the intromittor not being compromised...

One can wonder how many females have acquired A.I.D.S. because their ex-convict boyfriends were other convicts' "girlfriends" behind bars?

I invite you to circulate this among your regular informants, for whatever response they might give.

I wish you well.

Dr. Makow:

I read your article and was astounded by your conclusions.

If I go to Google and type in "Caucasian" I get 1,310,000 hits, when I type in "Hispanic" I get 5,980,000 hits, when I type in "African American" I get 8,600,000. 13.7 percent of the US population is Hispanic and 12% of the population is African American. Using your Google logic I would have to conclude that this indicates a covert cultural racial bias that is attempting to overthrow Caucasian values and culture in this country and that we're all being brain washed into submission.

Dr. Makow, when I watch Prime time TV almost everything I see is oriented toward young heterosexuals. There are a few TV characters who are gay, but not many. Some movies espouse themes of acceptance for homosexuals, but not many. This cultural shift that you try so desperately to convince the reader in your article "The Heterosexual Closet" simply does not exist.

Dr. Makow, the entire world spins at the command of heterosexual cultural influences. If your hatred or repulsion or loathing of gay people has made you blind to that fact then you should go Google the word "hate" where you will find 13,400,000 hits, then Google "Love" and you'll get 117,000,000 hits.

It's a small planet Dr. Makow and it is much easier to share when you Google "love".




Believe it or not I believe in love too, and I am writing to wake people like you up to the fact that you are being used. Read my section on homosexuality, and feminism. Heterosexuality is not male-female sex solely, it is monogamy, and family. Now tell me that the media reflects heterosexual values.

And yes, there is also a "covert racial bias" against Caucasians as you so ably demonstrate. The stated goal of the Illuminati is to abolish race,religion, nation and family, and they abolish race by fostering minority races. Google "Love" refers mostly to sex, I expect.

Thanks for your intelligent response. (I'm serious)

best wishes,


In light of your recent articles I would also bring to your attention the role of drugs in Gay culture. Drugs are rife all through it and explain the extremely risky sex practices that go on. The use of amphetamine and ecstacy by "straight" people is tipping them over the edge into homosexual behaviour.

I've seen this happen with my own eyes, particularly in the up and coming 16-25 year age group. The media is certainly pushing this scene quite deliberately. Whether it's part of a total package designed by the rulers of the planet or simply a grouping of similar behaviours I do not know. I sense in it all a total loss of bounderies...if it feels good, do it.

All the best and thanks for the articles. They provide me with endless humour as I drop printed versions on certain feminist desks and then watch the sparks fly!...if i could hook them up to a generator at the same time it could solve the energy crisis :)

B (Australia)

Part 2

"Carolyn" believes 'gays' dont have any influence on the running of the planet. I take it she is not mixing in the right circles. I will tell you as 'fact', based on my direct experience, that the centers of power are "crammed" with overt and covert homosexuals.

I cannot speak for the U.S but I am reliably informed the same is true in Canada. Europe leads the way.

One 'scene' which largely goes unnoticed is the HUGE percentage of males who are married to a female and rear children in a happy little family. These males often work late at night; in parks, public toilets and car parks. It is a dirty little secret. These individuals are often in positions of great power. The judicial system is RIFE with these characters (also note a significant percentage are 'freemasons'). It is spread right throughout the demographic of upper middle class and beyond. Many of these 'scenes' dip down into the world of paedophillia. There is a dark underworld that the average Joe and Jill have not the slightest idea.

Here in Oz we have just had the breaking up of a large paedophile ring involving people from all walks of life and all professions. Amazingly, it has been reported that due to a 'bureaucratic error" some may get off. This is a small indication of the Judiciary "looking after their own". The elite club of the "purple circle" ALWAYS look after it's own.

Warmest Regards,


When you wrote that the homosexual agenda is a political tool to "divide
and conquer, putting their minority agents in power." I totally agree!

The lies and contradictions of the homosexual agenda have always led me to
the same conclusion. Consider:

The occupied establishment says homosexuals are oppressed, but the truth is
the opposite. Homosexuals are the ones who oppress and discriminate.
Homosexuals have a whole range of businesses that discriminate in hiring.
Businesses like gay bars, restaurants, country clubs, banks, bed and
breakfasts - all of these businesses discriminate and will not hire people
who don't agree with their views.

Also, homosexuals on average earn more money!

For most people sex is a semi-taboo topic that is not appropriate in most
public situations. Not so for homosexuals! They get parades and have
their sex life discussed in public forums all the time!

Most people have cultural norms between men and women. Cultural norms like
separate bathrooms and locker rooms. Cultural norms to ensure that women
are not put in threatening and intimidating situations where they are lusted
after by strange men. Not so for homosexuals! When young people have to
share locker rooms with homosexuals, they naturally are uncomfortable. They
are uncomfortable because of the threatening and intimidating situation of
being lusted after by homosexuals. The establishment then labels the
victims as "homophobic!"

Most laws have aggravating circumstances that lessen the punishment of the
crime. For example an assault charge against a women who strikes a man will
be lessened. The charge will be lessened if it can be shown that the man
violated a social norm like following her into a women's shower room. Not
so for homosexuals! For example there was a case where a young man went
with a women to have sex. When the young man found out that she had
misrepresented herself and she was really a man, he struck him/her. The
law should have recognized it as an aggravating circumstance but the law did
the opposite. The law increased his punishment instead of lessening it!

Most people pay more for health insurance if they have high risk factors
like smoking. Not so for homosexuals! Homosexuality is definitely a high
risk factor. A high risk factor for much higher rates of disease and death
but the insurance companies don't make homosexuals pay more!

The government usually stays out of divisive religious issues. Not so for
homosexuals! Government recognition of homosexual marriage is advocated by many politicians. I suppose their logic is this - "the government
recognizes regular marriage so it should recognize homosexual marriage too."
But that is not logical. That is like saying "my dog needs a license so my
gold fish does too." The government recognizes normal marriage to
protect dependents. The government recognizes normal marriage to define
duties and obligations towards dependents. In contrast, homosexual
relations do not create a dependency relationship. Without a dependent to
protect, the government has no reason to get involved in homosexual

The lies, contradictions, and hypocrisy in the homosexual movement have
convinced me that it is a fake political movement to purge Christians out of
the intelligencia.

I enjoy reading your work!


I don't like faggots (they are an affront to nature), I'll never like faggots and all the faggots I know keep it to themselves around me - and they damned well better! What people do in private is their business but when it comes to queers they'd damned well better KEEP IT in private. If they don't like my attitude that's tough.

Same with feminists - more so actually. That's because there is scarcely a "western" woman left who is not to some degree a feminist. Western women, poorly educated at best, are the worst unthinking suckers for fancy sounding but totally flawed "logic" - as long as they see a personal advantage in it.

The "fair" sex is anything but fair, has never been fair and never will be fair. That is one of the main reasons they must be kept in a subservient position in society for right order, as all the wiser societies before us happily set things up and maintained them. Women will bitch until they get what they want, then they will bitch because they got it. It is societal suicide to give them positions of authority or power of any kind. Just look around. Interesting that the Muslims know this and the "West" is trying to genocide them. Do you suppose there may be a connection?


Reply: Tony

You represent the freedom not to like something, the most precious freedom we have. I don't like certain homosexual behavior either. Some gays don't like heterosexual behavior and call women "breeders." In A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams calls Stanley Kowalski, the symbol of the straight male "sub human." This hate literature against males and the family is taught in every university and considered a classic. See my essay "A Streetcar Named Straight Bashing." I don't agree that women must be kept in a "subservient" position. I do believe in male leadership and trusteeship and that all human beings have an equal right to fair treatment, fulfillment and dignity.



I think how communistic we are as women in this society. I want to tell people but of course they would think I was old fashioned and insane. They think communism died.

I live in Mississippi. This place is conservative. And yet, women work and send their kids to public institutions that seem to be forced to using some kind of communist control forms to be able to teach anything. We might not think we are communists but I think the kids are turning out with all kinds of communist thought patterns. We were watching a quick show on the new generation college graduates who all said it was important to work as a group and to keep their private opinions and lives quiet. They were all little communists and don't know it.

I wonder if my outspoken home schooled eldest son is going to be able to speak his mind or will he turn out like my home schooled step daughter who has quickly learnt to accept the norm in university. She changed her opinions and life style. She listens to her peers now.

My family thinks I am a freak because I home school and am with-holding so much from my eldest boy who is smart. I just want to say "But you are all so Communist! You go to work and let the State raise your kids!" And they have to dope up the behaviour deviants with drugs! (And the drugs stunt the kids growth!)

Anyway, I read your article not realising it was you, and I should have known better because it was so smart!!


You truly are a sick fuck.

Christianity has most certainly broken you. How sad. Although I see a global conspiracy to enslave humanity, it is not the gays you should be worrying about, but our fascist GOP regime.

3%??? I guess no one wants to tell you they are gay or bi-sexual with an attitude like yours. There are much more than 3% gays and always have been dumbass. Wishing you luck in waking up from your dellusion.

Peter O'Boyle

Peter, Are you too brainwashed to comprehend what you read? I am not blaming gays for anything. The majority of gays are victims of abuse as youth or fathers who abdicated to controlling mothers. Why would I want to victimize them further? I am saying that the people the Rockfeller Foundation represents want to spread this developmental disorder to heterosexuals. Kapishe? Henry

Hey, Dr. Makow:

Its"capisci" (pronounced "ka-pee-shee"), not "Kapishe(?)". Looks as though we'll have to get you over for a couple of long vacations in Monteal or Toronto, eh?"

Also, you're wayyyyyy, way too soft on that jerky dick-smoker who referred to you as a "sick fuck". Who the hell does that foul cock-sucker think he is!!!!!!!!!*Maybe we'd better also get you down for a vacation in Jersey City or in downtown Newark, New Jersey (USA). *You can see how the boyz in the 'hoods and also in what's left of the old ethnic neighborhoods would respond to this piece-of-vile-crap. Good thinking! You can also speak at one of NJ's 50-or-so really fucked-up "colleges" and "universities" , if they'd let you do so. Maybe you could "knock" some sense into somebody's otherwise stupid, selfish, evil, feminized head!
Outside of some small city neighborhoods, Jersey is one of the most vehemently, and violently, ANTI-MALE STATES in THE MOST EVIL AND VICIOUSLY ANTI-MALE "nation" on earth. Even many of the "men" here, especially in the judiciary- which employs over 80% women - and in the government service in general, seem to hate men...all joking aside. It's an absolute nightmare...

...Keep up the good work,


Hello, Henry:

I was impressed by your article 'The Heterosexual Closet'. The nature of emphasis on homosexuality is definitely noteworthy. I firmly agree that the NWO elite is determined to subjugate Western civilization in every manner they can, and destroying the family on a social and moral level is definitely part of the agenda.

I experience it on a day to day basis. I am a single heterosexual professional, 32 y/o, residing in the Bay Area of Calif. in search of a soulmate, which is turning out to be the biggest nightmare of a task I could ever conceive. I'm virturally convinced it's impossible in this day and age to have a successful long-term heterosexual relationship, at least in America. I consider myself assertive and outgoing, and have been told numerous complements about my appearance and how I conduct myself. However, I experience the same disappointing ending: women nowadays are either too busy or too distracted about something to even think about as little as a dating relationship. It is most frustrating. I realize not everyone is going to like me, but the results I experience are far too consistent to be of chance. The Rockefellers certainly come to mind in the design and implementation of such a disastrous system. I don't see any chance of me finding a soulmate locally, much less have a happy marriage. I am considering moving to a foreign country, but that will require extensive planning. If you could offer any comments or advice I'd welcome it.

Aside, my best friend is a homosexual.

Somehow to me the real culprit is the obsession with sexual habits in general whether they be gay or straight. Sexuality of both sorts is used by the elite to create consumption and control. Human values of compassion, communication, understanding, honesty ect ect are the most important thing to be promoted rather than "family" or "alternative" values . . .

Enjoy most of your observations,

Aloha, Stephen

Do we really need to encourage procreation?
With over 6 Billion on the planet it seems there
is no problem procreating. Your values are
seriously jeopardizing future survival on the planet.
Lucifer is laughing at you, my friend.
Religion is a developmental disorder!

Living in the Real World,

Thanks, I'll post. The interest in pop control is not selfless. The elite wants to eliminate people of no use to them. You may be one.


I am a wife and mother who is devoted to her family. I live in Canada. As you know, many parents here spend less on childcare than they do on lunch. Strangely, I am afraid to publicly point out the (obvious?) unfairness of this arrangement. I am afraid I would be ostracized and avoided. Just like I'd be afraid to say I'm pro-life. Your articles remind me that it is the world, and not me, who has gone mad. Thank you.

I love the Irshad Manji article where you wrote:"Globalists hate nothing more than a woman devoted to her husband and family. She is dangerous. They can't control her. She might have a healthy happy family with independent values. This could spread!"

I wish your message could reach high-school girls, to give them something to think about, so they don't listen to the feminists and wake up at 45 and wonder why they're on Prozac. The time to start looking seriously for a husband (not a "fling") is around 18-20, I think. Hearing your side of the story might save them from the feminazis in university.


The last two decades, we have seen a strong increasing in pedophilia, rape and even sexual torture/murder. Many psychologists (as myself) think this is highly related to the continual "sexual bombing" from the media (TV, cinema, press, literature and internet).

Pornography became an everyday`s consumption product in movies, literature and publicity. Not only is sex made banal but it`s also presented as an end in itself rather than a way to express/strenghten/magnify love between a woman and a man.

In parallel with the progress of globalization -certainly not a coincidence- sex became a cultural norm which the media are constantly highlighting. Logically, this means also the banalization and normalisation of homosexuality, lesbianism and, since a few years, even pedophilia.

Yes Mr Makow, you are probably right. The stake is to "decrease population, destroy the family and destabilize society." But the mainstream media will of course not admit and do their best to stamp this as a "conspiracy theory".


Dear Henry,

This week's article again demonstrates your brilliance and courage.It is not surprising that the feminists at your university did you in. At my university, the feminists were successful in denying tenure to a male professor because he put too much emphasis on Shakespeare!!! God bless you.

PR (A Professor)

When I was a stay-at-home mom, and I went to parties with my architect
husband. I had experiences that confirm that mothers are not valued. When
people asked me where I worked and I said I was a stay-at-home mom, they
lost interest and drifted away. So I started saying that I, too, was an
architect, like my husband. When they asked where I worked, I would say I
work from home..and eventually, I would reveal to them that I was an
architect of society...then I had their attention and interest. This was
very useful for me and them in that I was able to get the respect the
'position' deserved, and they were educated to think differently using their
own profession.

Henry, as usual, your article is right on. We are so focused on not
offending others that we limit our own truth - as was the case with
smoking - some people put up with cigarette smoke to accommodate their
smoking friends, not acknowledging that their smoking friends were not
returning the courtesy. Being gay is 'sexy' for older folks (not teenagers)
and I have heard the following: "Well we are all going to be gay eventually
as society, so why fight it." A also, it seems to me that the majority of
gay kids are initiated into the 'system' by an older gay person...what does
that tell us?


(From Liberty Forum .org)

Heterosexual culture is thriving throughout the world. Just turn on your TV. What a stupid article. Should win favor with the 'black helicopter' crowd though. Makow is a kook.

Makow Reply: Anyone who says heterosexual culture is thriving is a fool. He doesn't know anything about the birth, marriage and divorce rate, and the increase in single parent families. Heterosexual culture refers to more than male-female sex.

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