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January 21, 2005

horns<The devil's horns: 1/20/05 and it's authentic

by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright 2005 by

The ancient symbol of the devil's disciple--the devil's horns--publicly
brandished in modern times most notoriously by heavy metal rockers, has
now been displayed by our great "Christian" prez in this
internationally-circulated photograph from his inauguration:

Brazen Presidential Satanism like this (as shown in the Reuters photo at
the preceding URL), is a clear indicator that the System believes it has
the situation so locked down that it can reveal it's true nature,
symbolically, from time to time, in public.

The doses of revelation will increase in the months ahead as the
programming accelerates.

For the game plan, read Arthur C. Clarke's seminal handbook,
"Childhood's End."

It was Clarke who predicted that revelations would become flagrant and
the alchemical control process locked down beginning in 2001.

Admiral John Poindexter's supercharged, "Illuminati"
pyramid/All-Seeing-Eye symbol designed for DARPA in the Pentagon, and
George Bush's Hellfire Club "masquerader's jest" in March 2004 at the
press club dinner (go to and click on the link
under the tiny TV set on the right), prepared the Group Mind for the
Bush hand signal made today before the whole world, at his Second

The reign of Satan has officially commenced -- in the name of Jesus

[The obscure Michael A. Hoffman II is boycotted by Right and Left;
revisionists and religious; New Agers and conservatives. He is seriously
underfunded, militantly hounded, banned from the Establishment media,
blacklisted in the publishing industry, exiled to Idaho and constantly
threatened with death while teetering on the verge of insolvency, even
as he manages to consistently disseminate the most accurate
counter-intelligence on the epistemology of the Cryptocracy available
anywhere. In July of 2001, two months prior to 9/11, Hoffman published
the extended edition of his book, "Secret Societies and Psychological
Warfare" (revised in April of 2001 and printed in July), warning of
Clarke's prediction that 2001 would be the iron gateway to the
Cryptocracy's new aeon of what Antonin Artaud had profiled decades
before as open-air, "civic Satanism"].

Christopher Bollyn comments:

satanicThe Chicago Sun-Times chose to run a photo on today's front page that shows Jenna Bush giving the Satanic Salute over the heads of her mother and father, President George W. Bush.

Of all the possible photos at their disposal, why did the Sun-Times choose to run this photo?

Why is George W. Bush so keen to flash the Satanic Salute? Why does he show this gesture so often and in so many ways? Why is he never asked, "What does that hand gesture mean?"

The book, Satanism in America, (p.42) identifies this gesture as the Horned Hand: "The 'Horned Hand' is the sign of recognition between those who are in the occult. . ."

A website on occult symbols calls it "the universal greeting sign of Satanists."

"This sign is flashed when one or more satanists are identifying themselves to each other," the site says.

"It has been seen displayed at many rock concerts by both the musical artists, and the audience. It does not mean 'I love you,' or 'one more,' or even 'hook em' horns.'

It means 'hail satan.'

hornsItaly's Prime Minister. Another University of Texas Longhorms fan? See Widespread Use of Devil Sign has Nothing to Do with Texas


Hoffmann Responds to Texas Longhorn Fans

By the same token, there is a deeper context for the "Hook 'em" sign. I
reproduce a photo of this University of Texas "Longhorns" hand signal in
my book "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare." In the photo it is
being given ritually at the site of the reopening in 1999, of the
University of Texas tower in Austin, the sniper's perch from which, 33
years before, Charles Whitman shot sixteen people from that very spot.

The horns are indeed long these days, in Texas as well as the District
of Corruption and "Hook 'em" is the watchword of the Cryptocracy for the
American herd. That the herd being hooked would themselves chant the
slogan and make the gesture of their own dispossession and extrusion is
a new twist in the history of bestiality.

Yes, I know, it's "all in fun"; the kind of "harmless clowning" that
transpires in those giant superbowl sports "colosseums" where the herd
goes to "relax" and "forget their troubles" and get photo-scanned by

I realize that some of you are only trying to alert me to a Texas
dimension of this symbol, in case I did not know of its provenance in
the Lone Star State. But the football team shtick is just a cover for
the civic revival of one of the most ancient of all demonic symbols.
There is always a convenient cover story for open-air Satanism, giving
the goyim the opportunity to explain away troubling questions and arcane
symbols with a laugh and a shrug. This has a long tradition in Texas,
starting in 1836 when Freemason Sam Houston let his brother Freemason
Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana off with a reprimand for the slaughter at the

People will believe what they want to believe about the hand signal, at
least consciously. But unconsciously matters are not so libertarian. The
unconscious mind recognizes the primordial archetype of the horned hand
and therein lies its transformative power in the process of human
alchemy. When the sign of the horn is elevated to national prominence by
"the most powerful man in the world," the unconscious mind groks that
the reptilian tail is not far behind. Believe it or not, that's the
"twilight language" message in this case; a message intended to go over
the heads of the cattle on board the truck bound for the abattoir.

If the University of Texas team gesture was the stiff-armed Roman salute
of the Caesars, Bush would never use it in a national setting. His
reasoning would be, "I know what it means in Texas, but the general
public will think it's the Hitler salute and I don't want even the
slightest hint of impropriety in connection with anything bearing even
the faintest whiff of Hitlerism."

But he's not quite so circumspect when it comes to the faintest whiff of
the sulfurous. In the inauguration day photo Bush is seen exactly
replicating the classic, ancient, devil's horns hand signal. When
Americans were not so processed as they are in this era, they would have
questioned the propriety and quite likely recognized the scandal in the
President of the United States, a professed Christian, wielding an ugly
and bizarre gesture at his inauguration. Fifty years ago this act would
have caused the American people to question Bush's judgment, and wonder
about his occult affiliations.

Instead it's dismissed with that universal solvent, "It's just a
coincidence...just a football thing," as if a professional sports
connection absolves the gesture of all sinister connotation, when in
fact it can be argued that "colosseum" big league football is itself a
form of idolatry.

The "super-patriots" defend the debut of yet another jolting, occult
symbol onto a national scene already crowded with pyramids, obelisks and
disembodied eyes, from the dollar-bill icon to the DARPA corridor. Bush
won't wear a crucifix for fear of offending his Judaic constituency, but
he has no problem waving the "long horns" on the day of his
inauguration. What's wrong with this picture? Apparently nothing. Go
back to sleep, you goyim. Pay no attention to Hoffman.

Will you also ignore Cryptocracy honcho Arthur C. Clarke, the
mathematician and physicist who helped perfect radar and orbiting
satellites? The processing of humanity through gradualism--the
incremental introduction of Satanic gestures, symbols, themes and
personalities, culminating in the takeover by Satanic entities without
protest from humanity-- is the basis of Clarke's
Revelation-of-the-Method magnum opus, "Childhood's End," which I suggest
you to take the time and trouble to read.

I read, speak and sign twilight language and what I am telling you about
Bush's gesture is a truth known to all initiates. Whether you can handle
it or not, and what you do with it, is your responsibility.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at