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Confessions of a "Crackpot"

February 26, 2005

einsteinBecause of my article "Sexual Liberation is Illuminati Subversion," last week, I was called a "whack job" on several webblogs.

"This man is a lunatic. He seems to be highly anti-feminist, anti-women, anti-Jewish and anti-sex...a pitiable case of self-hatred. When intellectual people go off the rails, it's truly a majestic sight."

Some of my detractors were members of the burgeoning subculture whose genitals define their lives. One, "Vixxie" describes herself as a bisexual who lives with both a husband and a female lover.

Thrill seekers aside, many are quick to label someone "insane" based on the authority of the TV news. They form their identity this way without realizing the mass media is devoted to social engineering and control.

Learning requires humility and a willingness to put the truth before emotional investments. I used to be sympathetic to Communism and a liberal, feminist, socialist and Zionist. I learned that these are all hoaxes used to manipulate people and I changed. It wasn't quick and it wasn't easy.

I can assure my detractors that I am 100% sane. The difference between us is I have research skills, access to suppressed information and a sense of spiritual truth. I am humbly trying to share these gifts.

My vision is very grim so I would gladly be wrong about the world. I would gladly make retractions. In almost five years, I have not had to make one.

My mission is to write truthfully about what is really happening. I have no vested interest and make no money from this. (I make about $100 a month from my book.)


A stench of moral compromise hangs over Western culture. People are dysfunctional, disenchanted and sour. Those in high positions act like they have sold their souls and not just their skills. Art and public discourse are divorced from objective reality. There is a decadent obsession with money and sex. Why is this?

Over the last few centuries, an organized evil force has eroded the Christian foundations of Western civilization and has constructed a spiritual and political tyranny under the aegis of "globalization."

The Christian vision of man, shared by most great religions, is that we are souls made in God's image, a work-in-progress striving for ideals such as justice, love, truth and beauty on earth. These spiritual ideals are real, indeed the only reality, stars without which mankind is lost. Morality is something we intuit rather than invent.

The fatal flaw dooming the human experiment is that private banking interests have usurped the government's right to create money . (They bought or blackmailed the politicians.) They literally print money and naturally have pressed this advantage to "absorb the wealth of the world" (Cecil Rhodes) and control the fate of mankind.

To accomplish this goal, they must divert humanity from its Divine Purpose and redefine truth to fit their own puny priorities. They have organized an alternative religion devoted to Lucifer, symbolizing man's rebellion against God. They have undermined Christianity and "every collective force except our own." (Protocols of Zion)

They have promoted a naturalistic view of man, devoted to appetite and self-aggrandizement, the antithesis of selfless spiritual aspiration.

Consequently we live in a solipsistic society. (Solipsism is a reality that is invented and has little or no objective validity.) Modern Judeo-Masonic culture elevates relative or subjective truth and denies universal truth. It exalts pretence, trivia and nothingness.

Society is being transformed into a docile servant of the rich. The mass media, owned or controlled by the bankers, and the education system create this alternative subjective reality.

The analogy with boiling frogs is apt. You raise the heat very slowly, over decades. As a result, society is transformed into a maleable mush. Diversity, Feminism and multiculturalism are used to destroy heterosexuality and European culture. People who have jumped out of this pot are called "racists" or "insane."

In Communist Russia, political dissidents were deemed "insane" and locked in mental asylums. Ezra Pound, one of the sanest men alive, was incarcerated in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington DC for his criticisms of the bankers.


At least once a week someone calls me a self-hating Jew. If I were, why would I identify myself as a non-observant Jew? I would change my identity.

In fact, I represent the authentic Jewish spirit, which is not exclusive. This is the belief in universal brotherhood, truth and justice, as opposed to solipsistic Talmudic control.

Criticism is an act of love, not hate. I have said Jews have a disproportionate role in the New World Order and this may bite them again. When you hate someone, you don't bother to alert him or her to impending danger.

Self-criticism is necessary both for individuals and societies. The list of people who have criticized Jewish leadership or behaviour includes Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Jesus. Was Isaiah a self-hating Jew? He said:

Ah, sinful nation, people laden with iniquity, offspring who do evil, children who deal corruptly, who have forsaken the Lord, who have despised the Holy One of Israel, who are utterly estranged!...(Isaiah 1-4)

The New World Order, any kind of domination, requires a rejection of objective truth. Opponents who insist on the facts are therefore slandered and intimidated because they can't be answered honestly.

The bankers literally own The New York Times(Goldman Sachs) and Washington Post (Lazard Freres). They control the rest of the media through ownership or advertising. Their lackeys, the Rockefellers, fund the education system.

Naturally they teach that opponents of their credit monopoly or plan for world domination are right-wing conspiracy nuts or anti Semitic hatemongers.

Liberals must stop being so gullible. Being politically correct won't compensate for living in a Zionist NWO hell. They won't be spared because they were tolerant.


While blathering about "human rights" and "democracy," the bankers and their Masonic allies are quietly instituting a system of world government that will rival George Orwell's "1984."

ostrichThis is happening before our eyes. Friday, a CNN report from Sept. 11 was unearthed that confirms that no passenger plane hit the Pentagon. The events of that day were staged to justify a satanic crusade against Islam, spend billions and deprive us of our freedom.

This is just the latest in a string of wars, revolutions and depressions that have destroyed millions of lives and made a lie of millions more. This is all designed to weaken and degrade humanity in advance of tyranny aka "globalization."

The invisible hand behind these events belongs to the banking cartel. For example, World War One began two years after the private US Federal Reserve was born. The US taxpayer funded both Germany and England who otherwise could not afford to fight. The head of the Federal Reserve, banker Paul Warburg, was the brother of Max Warburg, the head of German Intelligence, ostensibly America's enemy.

Humanity is being jerked around in the most egregious manner. The sooner we stop shooting the messenger, the sooner we can begin to redirect our lives.


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