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Feminism Deprives Girls of Father's Love

June 10, 2014


A father's love and nurturing is essential to a girl's

healthy development as a woman. 

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

As we celebrate Father's day tomorrow, let's remember that the financial elite is redefining the family to exclude or downplay the role of father. Feminist family law and state ideology treat men as violent oppressors and promote families led by single mothers or homosexuals.

Most girls receive too little love from their fathers and grow up to be insecure, distrustful of men and frigid, says Victoria Secunda, author of Women and their Fathers: The Sexual and Romantic Impact of the First Man in Your Life (1992). The result is failed marriages, broken families and a vicious circle of fatherlessness.

Secunda's conclusions are based on interviews with 150 daughters, 75 fathers, and dozens of authorities.

Because she is not an academic, Ms. Secunda has written an honest and useful book. Because she is a feminist, it slipped through the feminist censors and was well received. This is ironic because feminism is largely responsible for the symptoms she describes.


Girls model their male romantic ideal on their relationship with their father, according to Secunda.

One woman said: "When I grow up, will I ever find a man as sweet and good and kind as my daddy." (p.105)

Women's attachments are "mirror images" of how they related to their fathers. "They instinctively repeat what they experienced in childhood, even if it was the worst thing in the world. It's what they know. They are trying to have one more shot at childhood, one more chance to rewrite their emotional histories." (224)

A three-year-old girl wants to marry Daddy and have mother out of the way. A good father helps her to understand that he is spoken for and prepares her for another man. But if he leaves, her idealization of her father can be frozen in time. (197)

Girls must have their father's approval and love. This is like sun and water to a flower.

One woman said: "Whenever I'd worry about ever getting a boyfriend, he'd laugh and say, 'Are you kidding? I'll have to beat them off with a stick. You'll see.' His whole approach was to make me feel good about myself.... I think if fathers do nothing else, that's a great thing." (221)

Another woman said: "It's my dad who made me believe in myself. I remember my mom once telling me, 'Don't act too smart; boys won't like you." To which my father responded, 'Hogwash! She'll get smarter boys." (225)

These women naturally feel positively about themselves and are able to find partners who mirror the devoted father of their childhood.


If a woman does not have a loving dependable father, due to his arrested development or divorce, she may actually seek men who deny her needs or reject her. She may always be haunted by the thought that she is essentially unlovable. (224)

To compensate, these women may become sexually active prematurely. They may fear intimacy. The common theme is "an inability to trust, to believe that a man won't go away."

Secunda says that women who have trouble achieving orgasm mostly had fathers who were emotionally or physically absent during their childhood. (31)

Understandably, a woman needs to trust in order to "let go." (See also my "The Power of Sexual Surrender.")

Women with absent fathers feel rootless and aren't sure they belong anywhere. They close up emotionally and tend to have rocky relationships. "Most of these daughters tended to test the men in their lives, starting fights, finding flaws, expecting to be abandoned, or looking for excuses to walk out themselves." (214)

Another pattern is anxiety about being financially dependent on men. This is where feminism comes in.

"It seems that the less masculine attention they got in childhood, the more they seem to identify with and imitate men, keeping their feelings hidden, preferring casual teasing and unemotional banter to the intimacies of feminine soul bearing." (212)

Denied their fathers, women become more masculine. This is a way of bringing daddy back. They become the thing they are missing. (212)

In other words, a good father affirms his daughter's innate femininity. But if he is absent, she compensates by becoming masculine. This of course undermines her future relationships with men.

Many leaders of second-wave feminism are themselves products of broken homes. "My father didn't ever exist as a presence in my life.... He didn't care about us," said Marilyn French, author of The War Against Women.

"My father was living in California," said Gloria Steinem. "He didn't ring up but I would get letters from him and saw him maybe once or twice a year."

Germaine Greer: "My father had decided pretty early on that life at home was pretty gave my mother an opportunity to tyrannize the children and enlist their aid to disenfranchise my father completely." (From Susan Mitchell. Icons, Saints and Divas: Intimate Conversations with Women who Changed the World, New York: Harper Collins, 1997.)

Feminism is a self-perpetuating form of compensating for father-loss. Its goal is to "overthrow the patriarchy." The word originates in the Latin "pater" or father.


Since the onslaught of second-wave feminism in the 1960's the divorce rate has tripled. Almost 50% of white women who married then have divorced. In contrast, a single generation earlier (1940's), only 14% eventually divorced. Between 1970 and 1992, the proportion of babies born outside of marriage leapt from 11% to 30%. Now it's around 40%.

Three times as many children (per capita) are now living in single parent households. In 2000, 22.4% of all children under 18 (16,162,000 children) lived in mother-only households. In 1960, the figure was 8%.

A study which tracked 1000 children of divorced parents from 1976 until 1987 found that nearly half of these children had not seen their fathers in the previous year. (203) The situation would appear to foster homosexuality, as males compensate for father-loss by becoming more feminine, and females by becoming masculine, as noted above.

As far as women's psychological development and happiness, feminism clearly is a virulent disease.


In my lifetime the popular image of the father has been transformed from the dignified Robert Young in Fathers Knows Best to the bumbling fool Homer Simpson. This is not a coincidence or a "sign of the times." It reflects a sophisticated psychological warfare program designed by the Illuminist elite to emasculate men, depopulate, degrade and destabilize society.

The people who own and run the planet do not want us to become mature beings that can perceive the true order of things. Their main instrument is the mass media, which makes trends like feminism appear spontaneous.

Women have an equal claim to dignity and self-fulfillment, and can have careers if they wish, preferably after their children are in school. But second-wave feminism is not really about equality or choice. It's hidden agenda is to spread a lesbian developmental disorder that attacks the basic social unit, the heterosexual family.

The dysfunction created by the destruction of the family has spawned a parasitic class of feminist professionals: politicians, educators, writers, law enforcers, lawyers, counsellors and social workers. This class becomes the elite's political constituency.

Thus mankind is kept in a state of arrested development, the retarded family in the cosmos.

It's time for men to step up to the plate. In the human life cycle, the boy becomes the father. The son carries on the vision of the father. As someone said, "you're not a success until you have a successor!"

Males also suffer from father loss. But there is a father that we can know. I am talking about God. We are made in God's image and His image is in our soul. Man in Latin, "vir", has the same root as virtue. It's as simple as always doing the right thing.

In this context, the right thing for a man means creating a healthy happy family based on sound values and a wholesome vision of life.

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Comments for "Feminism Deprives Girls of Father's Love"

Robin said (June 21, 2005):

Henry, Honey,
Please get some help! Go see a good kind, loving therapist and get over what ever rage you are dealing with regarding the female role model who you feel let you down. Equality amongst the sexes benefits both genders. Women wanting to be equally important is not toxic or aberrant. Stop being a "Promise Keeper" and let your sisters enjoy the equal time in the sunshine.

Rachel said (June 20, 2005):

Dear Henry:
I am a regular reader of your items on Jeff rense. I want to let you know that this father's day piece was extremely useful-I called my dad right away. Growing up, I had a better relationship with him than with my mother. Today, I'm very glad to have both but I don't let them know often enough. After having three boys, I don't think my dad knew quite how to handle a little girl and I became "one of the guys." My mom tried, Lord knows she tried hard, to teach me the virtues of womanhood. I spent about ten years subscribing to the feminist constitution, wasted time at college not for a career, but looking for Mr. Right. I haven't found him yet, but thanks to your writing I realize what is missing. I should say rather, it cemented what I already suspected. I'm still young enough, (the feminists didn't ruin me) but my clock is ticking.... At 26, I am just beginning to make sense of everything and I think I turned out . Tick tock,thanks for writing and keep the good words coming.
I hope this was useful feedback, I don't generally share things about my family with people I don't know... I thought it would be encouraging for you to hear a "success story" of a young lady's struggle against encroaching feminism.

Gretchen said (June 20, 2005):

One of the biggest feminists on the afternoon radio hours in many large cities in
America is a host named Tom Leykis. This guy has to be a plant because I just can
not believe there is a person out there that would preach the ideas that he does and actually
truly believe what he says it truth. This is a brief quote from his website :

>>"Equally provocative is his "Leykis 101." An unapologetic primer to help men get laid with minimum effort, its "rules" - a retort to the women's self-help guide - include Never spend a lot of money impressing her on the first date, Stop seeing her if you don't get laid by the third date, and Never date single mothers."

He continues to tell men that women 40 and over are has beens. Women at this age either are single
moms wanting to latch on to a man to pay their and their children's way or if they are single they are
just trying to get pregnant because the hear their biological clock ticking. Essentially someone like me
is no longer a value in his warped world because I am 40.

A few points he firmly states about women and children are: (taken from his site)
--women are a receptacle for semen
--children are crumbs and rugrats

What is most amazing is that men actually think that he is empowering them by treating
women as throw away objects! He twists his talk around to be perceived as a mysoginist,
but actually all he is doing is creating a sexually perverse environment and messing with
men's minds, making them act in unnatural ways. Essentially, exacty what feminists have
been doing for decades.

These men are falling victim to a man who is as much a feminist as Gloria Steinem, yet they are
being programmed to think they are actually empowering themselves.

These chemtrails in society are becoming more blatant day after day. I just hope people save themselves
and open their eyes to what is happening in our world.

You are an amazing man, and I want to thank you for your candid views. I have learned
a tremendous amount about myself from your articles. I only wish I knew then what I know now.

JJ said (June 19, 2005):

Dear Henry you make me laugh so hard ...Your articles are a Joke?? If not you have many issues about women in general ...which by the way has nothing to do with Feminism but all to do with you ...and the way you feel about mom. That's right ...Turn the table around and put Mother where you have Dad and put your name (a Man) where you have women in general marked... "Get it??" Righttttt .....

Your latest article ...Well I got news for you ...both my Mom and Dad were not good parents and they were not bad parents even though I couldn't wait to get away from both of them I went my own way ...and found Truth ...Forgave both parents and live on my own ...fen for myself and happy about it !! And I am not a feminist but a realist ...I am on my own happily by myself ...don't have to make dinner for anyone but myself. The Best part of Being me is not having to be someone elses Maid! It was never meant to be that way between women and men. All men and women were created equal ...Now the Balance is coming full cycle around ... the New Evolutionary Human is here ...Well balanced in both femine and masculine energies ...I prefer sex with men ...don't have any desire for women ...But I find Sex- I can take it or leave it turning off the T.V. ..It is a pastime of feeling good in the moment ...feeling good about myself and the person I am sharing the experience with ...has nothing to do with wanting to spend the rest of my life with that person ...doing his laudry his meals and him being a meal ticket ...for crying out loud get real!

Blessings to ya!

Len said (June 19, 2005):

I got to see the Future of America when I visited Russia; After 4 generations of Communism the "men" in general are total cultural outcasts [like "me" here!]. The women can`t find a husband because the males all soak their brains with vodka to cope with this terrible reality [Zionist Communism]. Since the culture excluded the men, they are just a bunch of tuned -out degenerate drunks. [Their "life expectancy" has dropped below age 60!!!] Unfortunately, the young Russian gal I married was short on brains and "character" to - I`ll be much more careful next time - if there is a "next time". As for American women, their expectations are so unreal today, their brainwashed confusion so great, that I wouldn`t even be able to communicate with them! But I will say the "Father - Daughter" relationship is strong medicine - I experienced it with my young Russian wife, when it was working right.

Tony said (June 18, 2005):

I disagree that women are equal to men in the career area. And I strongly disagree that they should have careers "after starting their
families." That is the most crucial time for them to be home, when raising their children.

What we call "one parent families," for instance, are usually no parent families as the one parent usually works now and the children are
shunted to "day care." Same with married "career women" Unless the
husband takes the woman's role and stays home with the kids, here, too, the kids are raised by "day care" strangers in lieu of their absent
parents. One job is enough for a family and that role, by nature, goes to the father just as tending the kids, by nature, goes to the mother.

Women think very unlike men and are NOT suited for careers. Period. Putting a women under such work place pressure turns her into an
irresponsible whiner or an over responsible bitch. Few "career minded" women ever find the necessary work place middle ground which is natural to men. Women bring into being petty upheaval and back biting vengefulness causing unwarranted problems for everyone employed.

There is no "equality" in marriage, either. There are the male and female roles but it is impossible to make them "equal." Equality is a
much misused word these days. It is really one of communism's (and the other isms) most useful words for creating havoc in normal life,
nullifying long established (Godly) right order in pursuit of false ideals, as easily seen in the feminist movement and in idiotic "minority
rights" (actually minority privilege) laws. Probably the worst misuse of the term "equality" is the insanity of "children's rights." Children
have not the ability to handle rights - if they did, why be protective of them? - by true law, and by nature, their rights are vested in their
parents until they reach their majority.

The fact that courts and police continuously tear families asunder under
inter-family "equality" assumptions not thought through shows the cankerous inroads made into western thinking by the clever misuse of
words and terms, the real ongoing war for the minds of men.

A Friend said (June 18, 2005):

Dr. Makow,

Let me start off by stating that your website has been the most informative, life-changing source for me in my search for the truth. I respect what you have done with getting the word out on the subject of the elite and their "plans for us." I hope this sums it up: thank you.

The Illuminati Agenda is so apparent to me since all of the signs are there within our culture of rampant sex, rape, violence, atheism and materialism, but the most obvious sign is how our media depicts men in general. My own 'hatred' of men is so strong it's almost instinct, and waking up and realizing that it was due to years of subliminal and overt messages through media and commercialism has helped me become a better person and an even better father to my 2 year old daughter.

An example of that message is how the elite tool Oprah Winfrey decided to honor Father's Day with a special show on Fri 6/17 - fathers who raped their daughters. From the commercial for the show I saw right through this assault, knowing that it was more 'programming.' I wasn't shocked by that at all, I just thought they'd be just a little less obvious.

The way I see it, this 'holiday' brings a lot of people a little closer to their fathers, and it was in this sensitive and loving time that they decided to air this horrible subject is nothing short of a psychological operation. MK Ultra used this same method of showing children cute animals and in that moment of wonder the handler would then torture, disembowel and kill the animal to traumatize the victim. Imagine the millions of women at home thinking of calling their fathers on Saturday or Sunday to forgive the past only to be reprogrammed with the feminist mantra of all males are predatory beasts.

I will fight this agenda in the best way possible - by continuing to be the best father to my little girl.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at